Where To Buy Dorm Stuff: 10 Best Places To Buy Dorm Essentials

Are you getting ready to do some dorm shopping? This post is all about where to buy dorm stuff in 2022.

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where to buy dorm stuff

Shopping for dorm stuff can be SO overwhelming if you don’t know where to look. This may be the first time you’re living on your own, which means you have to pretty much start from scratch.

You want your dorm to be the cutest room on campus, but you don’t want to spend hours and hours searching for the best places to go dorm room shopping.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! In this post, I’ve rounded up the 10 best places to buy dorm stuff – including decor, furniture, bathroom, and closet essentials!

Here are the top stores to shop at for cute, affordable, and functional dorm stuff.

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Where To Shop For Dorm Stuff

1. Amazon

Amazon is one of my all-time favorite places to buy dorm stuff because they have SO many items for every price range.

You can find a ton of cute and affordable dorm decor, furniture, kitchen essentials, cleaning supplies, etc. Basically everything you could think of! And the free shipping is a huge plus.

Don’t forget to take advantage of Amazon’s student prime deal. You’ll get Amazon Prime for 50% off just for being a student! Sign up here.

Some of my favorite college dorm items to shop for on Amazon:

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2. Target

Target is one of my go-to stores for just about anything — including dorm stuff! They have a whole section on their website dedicated to dorm essentials.

I highly recommend getting bed sheets from Target. They have great prices and a lot of them come in Twin XL, which is the standard dorm bed size.

Target is also really great for storage items. They have tons of cute and functional containers, bins, and baskets that will make organizing your dorm room a breeze!

Here are some of my favorite college dorm essentials from Target:

3. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is THE place to shop for trendy decor items like tapestries, bedding, and wall decor. While they don’t have a section specifically dedicated to dorm decor, a lot of their bedding does come in a Twin XL size.

The style is usually very boho-chic which is very on trend for 2022. Their stuff is also very unique so your dorm room won’t look the same as anyone else’s!

My favorite dorm decor items from Urban Outfitters:

  • This super trendy hammered metal moon cycle banner. Such a cute decor piece to hang above your bed or on a blank wall.
  • Faux hanging vine garland is SO popular right now for dorm rooms. It adds a pop of greenery to your walls and there’s so many ways to hang it.
  • Urban Outfitters is one of the best places to get unique tapestries for your dorm room. This stardust tapestry is adorable and fits in with a lot of decor styles.
  • Another great dorm item to buy at Urban Outfitters is bedding. They have so many unique bedding styles that are perfectly on-trend right now.

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4. Dormify

Dormify is one of the top places to buy college dorm stuff because all of their stuff is made specifically for dorm rooms.

Unexpected items like extra tall beside tables for your lofted bed, Twin XL sheet sets, and damage-free decor are super easy to shop for on Dormify.

It is a little bit more expensive so you probably won’t want to get every single item on your list here.

Here are some of my favorite dorm items on Dormify:

  • A super tall nightstand that is perfect for raised up beds. I love that it has built in charging for your phone.
  • This bedside caddy that takes up zero space in your dorm room. It’s the perfect place to store your phone, TV remote, glasses, and other items while you’re sleeping.
  • A bed skirt for your dorm bed. It’s longer than traditional bed skirts to account for bed raisers or a partially lofted bed. This will hide all of your ugly storage shelves underneath.

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5. Walmart

Walmart is a great place to go for inexpensive essentials like rugs, mirrors, and lamps. It’s also one of my favorite places to buy dorm stuff because pretty much everyone has access to a Walmart.

Some of their dorm room decor stuff isn’t the absolute cutest but it’s the perfect spot to shop for basic items that don’t really need to be cute.

Some of my favorite dorm room items to buy at Walmart:

6. The Container Store

If you want to have the most organized dorm room on campus, you’ll need to take a trip to The Container Store (or shop online — it’s 2022!). They offer tons of storage solutions for your closet, desk, and under the bed. You can even create a dorm registry online.

The best dorm items on The Container Store:

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7. Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond is one of the best places to shop for dorm stuff because they have a whole section dedicated to college essentials and decor!

They have a ton of affordable options for things like towels, bedding, and other essential items. Honestly, you could probably furnish your entire dorm just at Bed Bath & Beyond!

You can also shop online and pick up later near your school! This will make move in day SO much easier because you’ll have less to pack up.

My favorite dorm items at Bed Bath & Beyond:

  • These USB Bed Risers are great for your dorm bed if you’re not planning on lofting it. They’ll give you a little extra storage space and a few extra USB ports.
  • This pack of 6 Command Hooks will come in handy for hanging string lights or other dorm decor.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond has tons of storage and organization products. One of my favorites for dorm rooms is this 4-Drawer Storage Cart with Wheels.
  • One random product that’s actually so genius is this DampRid hanging moisture absorber. It absorbs moisture and odors in the air which is so helpful for nasty dorm room smells.

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8. World Market

World Market is such an underrated place to shop for dorm decor. If you’re into the boho or global aesthetic, World Market carries tons of unique pieces. It’s one of my favorite places to buy throw pillows, rugs, lighting, and bedding.

Some of my favorite dorm decor items from World Market:

  • These round velvet throw pillows come in so many different colors and they’re super affordable.
  • World Market is a great place to shop for faux succulents. I love faux plants for a dorm room because they require zero maintenance but they still brighten up your room.
  • This modular storage ottoman is awesome for dorms because it’s extra seating, has built-in storage, and even comes with a tray for food and drinks.

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9. TJ Maxx/ Home Goods

Unfortunately you can’t shop online at TJ Maxx or Home Goods yet, but if you have one near you I definitely recommend checking it out! I got a ton of stuff for my dorm room at TJ Maxx and it was all much cheaper than it would have been at other stores.

Some of my favorite TJ Maxx/Home Goods finds? Storage baskets, towels, and throw pillows!

10. Ikea

Ikea is like my holy grail for cute AND affordable dorm items. Their prices are some of the best around if you’re looking for basic pieces and more solid colors. Check out their online selection where you can actually shop by the theme you’re going for!

My favorite dorm room items from Ikea:

  • This handy desk organizer would have been SO helpful to have in my college dorm room.
  • Ikea has the BEST bedding for the lowest prices. This comforter is under $20 and is the perfect simple bedding to go with your dorm decor.
  • These mini faux succulents are so adorable and they’re perfect for dorms because you never have to water them.

This post was all about where to shop for dorm stuff.

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