10 Cute Dorm Room Ideas We’re Obsessing Over This Year

This post is all about cute dorm room ideas for your dorm this year.

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Decorating your dorm room is one of the most exciting parts about moving in to your dorm.

It’s so important to make sure your dorm room is comfortable and homey because you’ll be spending so much time in there.

There are so many different ways to decorate your dorm room so hopefully this post gives you some inspiration and ideas for how you want yours to look!

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Cute Dorm Room Ideas

Fun Flower Wall

A flower wall is such an easy and cheap way to add some color to your boring dorm room walls. Grab some faux flower stems from the dollar store or a craft store and either string them together or tape each one directly to the wall!

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Symmetrical Fairy Lights

A great way to have the cutest dorm room on campus? Go all out and coordinate with your roommate! A symmetrical room will look so much more luxurious and put-together.

I love the matching faux fur poufs and the icicle string lights above the beds.

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Beachy Blues

Bring the beach to your dorm room with a fun wave tapestry and plenty of blue decor. Such a fun and chill decor idea!

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Gold & Gray Minimal

The minimal look is so on trend right now. Stick to a few cute decor items and one or two pops of color and keep the rest neutral. This will make your room feel so much cleaner and less cluttered.

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Dreamy Blue & Gray

Sleep on a cloud every night with this dreamy pale blue color scheme. I love that this room has plenty of different patterns and textures but they’re all baby blue or light gray. It makes the whole room look so put together!

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Clean Florals

cute dorm room ideas

This is one of my favorite cute dorm room ideas. Attach some fairy lights to garland, hang a floral tapestry, and add a big chunky throw blanket for a super cozy floral dream!

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Cozy & Funky

Adding temporary wall paper can completely transform a boring dorm room. I love the neutral color scheme in this room with a few pops of mustard yellow. So trendy and funky!

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Polaroid Wall

This is one of my favorite cute dorm room ideas! Adding pictures of your friends and family makes your dorm room feel so much more like home. I love the idea of creating a polaroid wall and hanging some cute garland and lights over it.

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Boho Gray

Doesn’t this dorm room just look SO cozy? I love all of the textures and muted pinks and grays. Layer a ton of textured blankets and pillows on your bed to get this cozy look.

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Pink & Girly

If you’re looking for some girly and fun decor, you can’t go wrong with tons of pink and preppy patterns! I love the idea of adding leafy garland to your headboard too.

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This post was all about cute dorm room ideas we’re loving for 2020.

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