16 Thoughtful Gifts For Roommates That Won’t Break The Bank

Want to surprise your roomie with something special? Here are 16 cute and budget-friendly gifts for roommates.

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Finding the perfect gift for roommates can be tricky.

You want something thoughtful and practical, but you don’t want to empty out your bank account in the process.

Don’t worry – we have you covered! We’ve put together the absolute best gift ideas for a roommate that are budget-friendly but still look expensive!

The Best Gifts For Roommates

1. Shower Steamers

Shower steamers are one of our favorite budget-friendly gift ideas.

If you don’t know what these are, they’re basically bath bombs for your shower.

These tablets dissolve while you shower, releasing a super calming scent. So luxurious and relaxing!

2. Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Looking for a gift that looks luxurious but won’t break the bank?

This electric wine opener feels so much more expensive than it actually is!

If your roomie drinks wine, this is definitely the gift for them.

3. Party Games

Looking for a gift idea that you guys can enjoy together? Why not get your roommate a party game!

You guys can play the game when you have guests over.

Tell Me Without Telling Me is a really popular party game right now.

4. Cute Coaster Set

A cute coaster set is something your roommate may not buy themselves, but will still be super useful!

Amazon has a really great selection of coaster sets, and we’re really obsessed with these beaded cocktail coasters.

5. Personalized Jewelry Case

Personalized gifts always look more thoughtful and expensive!

But this one is actually super affordable.

It’s perfect for a roommate who travels a lot and wants to bring their jewelry with them.

6. Fuzzy Slippers

Slippers are one of our favorite gifts to give AND to receive.

There’s something so cozy about a fresh pair of fuzzy slippers – especially around the holidays!

These slippers look like UGGs but they’re way more affordable.

7. Fun Reusable Straws

One of the most affordable gifts for roommates is a cute set of reusable straws.

These glass straws come in a set of 10 and would look SO cute on a bar cart.

They also come with cleaning brushes which is a must!

8. Unique Coffee Mug

Looking for a creative gift for your roommate?

This cloud mug is SO unique and gorgeous. It honestly looks handmade.

Plus, it comes with a matching saucer! So cute.

9. Charging Station

If your roommate has a lot of gadgets, they’ll really appreciate getting a sleek-looking charging station.

It can go on their desk or nightstand so they can charge all of their devices in one spot!

10. Scented Candles

Scented candles are always our go-to crowd-pleaser gift idea.

If your landlord allows candles in your unit, you should definitely get a nice one for your roommate.

Get one in a scent that you’ll love too, since you’ll probably be smelling it all the time!

11. Cute Match Holder

If your roommate already has a lot of candles, get them a cute match holder!

It’s one of those little things that people don’t normally buy themselves, but would still love to have.

This cute cowboy boot match holder has a built-in striker.

12. Pretty Taper Candles

We promise we’ll move on from the candle-themed gifts soon.

But how could we not include these stunning taper candles?

These would look incredible just about anywhere in your apartment.

13. Acrylic Book Vase

We’ve been seeing these unique vases all over Pinterest and TikTok lately!

They’re absolutely gorgeous and would be a perfect gift idea for a book lover (or a flower lover!)

14. Sunrise Alarm Clock

This is a really thoughtful gift for roommates who have a hard time waking up.

These alarm clocks mimic the sunrise, making it easier and more natural-feeling to wake up in the mornings.

They’re seriously a game-changer – especially in winter!

15. Cozy Throw Blanket

Apartments can get super chilly sometimes!

Keep your roommate cozy with a nice throw blanket.

This one is really similar to the famous Barefoot Dreams blanket, but WAY more affordable.

16. Quilted Toiletry Bag

This has to be one of the cutest toiletry bags we’ve ever seen!

If your roommate travels or gets ready at the gym, they’ll really appreciate a cute new toiletry bag.

And this one is SO budget-friendly.

Hopefully this post gave you some good inspiration for what to give your roommate for Christmas or their birthday this year!

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