11 Easy Classes At ASU: GPA Boosters At Arizona State University

Need a boost to your GPA this semester? Here are some easy classes at ASU that you can take if you want to earn college credits without a heavy workload.

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easy classes at ASU

Looking to give your GPA a little boost this semester? We get it, sometimes you just need that one extra A to lift your grade point average.

That’s where a strategic choice of classes comes in. Opting for a class that’s not only easier, but also in a topic that interests you, can be the secret to getting an A.

So if you’re an ASU student on the hunt for classes that you can likely get a good grade in, you’re in the right place.

Here’s a roundup of the best easy classes at ASU that can help boost your GPA.

Easy Classes At ASU

1. JMC 102: Coding For Journalists

In “JMC 102: Coding For Journalists,” you’ll dive into the basics of the internet, JavaScript, and web page creation.

It’s a bit tech-heavy, but the learning material is actually pretty easy to grasp. You’ll get step-by-step instructions for each task, making it hard to mess up.

Your grade depends on quizzes, assignments, and a final project, and many students have described this course as an easy A.

Curious about the course layout? Here’s a syllabus from a previous session.

2. MUS 354: History Of Popular Music

This music class is one of the easiest online courses offered by ASU. Throughout the semester, you’ll learn about a specific topic in the history of popular music.

Some of the topics offered for this course are:

  • The Beatles
  • Classic Rock: 1950-1975
  • Rock Since 1975
  • Women Who Rock
  • Jazz Giants
  • And a few others

We’ve even heard of students finishing the entire course’s content within five hours. Talk about an easy A!

3. SWU 349: Stress Management

A college class that also doubles as self-care? Count us in! This class teaches students how to manage their stress levels.

Throughout the semester, you’ll develop an understanding of how to create healthy balance in your life by studying the bio/psycho/social aspects of wellness.

If you take the course online you’ll just be expected to complete writing prompts and stay active in discussion boards according to a reddit user who took this class.

And because this is a 300 level course, it counts as upper division credits.

You can check out a past syllabus for this course here.

4. PUP 200: Cities In Cinema

Want to earn college credit by watching movies? In this class, you’ll learn about the factors influencing global cities seen through films around the world.

Each quiz for this course is divided into three sections – movie question, lecture video question, and reading material question.

There are also ample opportunities for extra credit throughout the semester.

One former student described this class as “literally the easiest class ever. I wish I could keep taking it for the GPA boost.”

5. PSY 394: Dog Behavior

Are you an animal lover? If so, you’ll pick up some interesting tips in this class on dog behavior.

There is no textbook for this class, and you’ll be graded mainly off of discussion posts and your two exams. Weekly practice quizzes are optional and don’t count towards your final grade.

You can check out a past syllabus for this course here.

6. ABS 360: Southwest Home Gardening

This course goes over contemporary topics in Southwest home horticulture.

You’ll learn about landscaping, flower and vegetable gardening, citriculture, interiorscaping, and other relevant topics.

The course is entirely self-paced and there are no scheduled meeting times with the instructor. However, you are required to submit your quizzes before the module deadline.

Your final grade will be based on 12 quizzes throughout the course of the semester.

You can check out a past syllabus for this course here.

7. SES 141: Energy In Everyday Life

Easy A’s are not very common within the science field. SES 141 (previously SES 194) is an exception to that rule.

One Reddit user said “I put in maybe 2-3 hours per week at max for the class and got an easy A”.

Prepare to have 2-3 assignments per week that can be taken multiple times. You will also have exams with no time limits.

You may have a lab project during the semester, but it can be completed in a very short amount of time. It doesn’t get much easier than that to get science credits!

8. PRM 120: Leisure And Quality Of Life

Are you curious about the history of play, recreation, and leisure? Then this easy class at ASU is perfect for you!

One former student said, “just show up to class and talk about what you do for fun, and how it relates to what people in the past did. Free A.”

You’ll be graded on quizzes, discussion boards, and written assignments. There is an optional final exam that counts as extra credit.

Check out a past syllabus for PRM 120 here.

9. WST 313: Women and Sexuality

If you’re interested in gender and public policy, this class would be really interesting for you!

The course teaches students how women’s sexuality is portrayed in popular media, medicine, and education, and how public policies address women’s sexuality.

One former student said that in addition to the course material being interesting, it was also a super “easy A” with the coursework only taking an hour per week.

10. ABS 300: Food And Culture

According to this Reddit user, ABS 300, specifically with Dr. Wiessner, is a very easy A.

They said, “90% of your grade is attending and we would just watch food documentaries most of the time.”

The course combines anthropology and food, using it as a means to understand human culture.

Check out a recent syllabus from this class here.

11. IEE 320: Extreme Excel

If you’re familiar with using Excel, you’ll breeze through this 1-credit class.

All of the recorded lectures and assignments are available on the first day, which means you can work ahead in the course. One Reddit user even reported finishing all of the work in one week.

There are also no exams for this course, according to a recent syllabus.

This post was all about easy classes at ASU that you can take to boost your GPA.

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