Claire’s Love List

Hey, Claire here!

As the founder of the College Savvy blog, here are my top recommended products and services.

These are items I personally owned in college and would buy over and over again!

Essential Dorm Products

Here are the products you absolutely can not live without if you’re moving into a college dorm!

lock box or safe

Dorm theft is much more common that you may think. A lock box that tethers to your bed or desk is the safest place to store your valuable items in your dorm.

Extra Long Power Strip

Most dorm rooms don’t have many outlets. Make sure you can plug in all of your electronics with this extra long power strip.

prime student

If you’re a college student, you can get 6 months of Amazon Prime completely free! I used Amazon Prime ALL THE TIME in college, especially when I lived in a dorm.

Storage ottoman

I love multipurpose dorm room items like this storage ottoman. It’s the perfect spot to stash items like shoes, school supplies, or snacks. And it can be used as seating for friends

Looking for more of our top dorm room product recommendations? Here are 21 absolute must-have dorm room essentials.

Dorm Bedding

I’m SO passionate about my dorm bedding recommendations. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s not getting a good night of sleep.

Dorm mattresses tend to be thin and hard, so it’s crucial that you get the right bedding. Here are the must-have items to turn your dorm room bed from feeling like plywood to feeling like a luxury hotel bed.

mattress topper

One thing that I recommend to ALL college students is a mattress topper. This one from Amazon legit makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud!

bedside shelf

If you’re planning on lofting your bed, you NEED one of these shelves for your phone, water bottle, book, etc.

super soft sheets

These are literally the only sheets I buy. They’re SO affordable but feel luxurious. Plus, they come in Twin XL for dorm beds.

throw blanket

As a girl who always gets chilly at night, a throw blanket is a MUST! This one is so soft and cute. I have it on the end of my bed right now.

Looking for more dorm room bedding recommendations? We have a whole guide for how to make your dorm bed more comfortable without spending a ton.

College Resources

College is a HUGE adjustment period. You go from living with your parents to figuring everything out on your own.

From managing your schedule, to buying your own groceries, to trying to get ahead in your classes, there’s a LOT to deal with in college. To make the transition a little bit easier, here are some of our favorite resources and services for college students.

Rate My Professors

I used this website ALL the time in college when I was picking out classes. You can see each professor’s rating based on reviews by actual students.


Grammarly helps you fix any spelling or grammatical errors in your papers, emails, text messages. You can use it on your phone and laptop!


This mobile planner helps you keep track of all of your assigments. The app will send you reminders about due dates and syncs your notifications across your devices.


This is a must-have safety app for college students. If you’re ever feeling unsafe, just open Noonlight and hold the button. If you release the button without entering your PIN, Noonlight will send your location to authorities.

Need more productivity or lifestyle tools? We have a full guide to the best apps for college students.

College Backpack Essentials

Packing your backpack for the first day of school? Here are the most important items that every college student needs.

laptop and charger

A laptop is absolutely essential for taking notes, researching, and completing assignments. I used my trusty MacBook Air all through college. And don’t forget to pack a charger!

portable charger

With the amount of devices students rely on daily, a portable charger is an absolute must-have. I’ve had this exact charger for over 2 years and it’s been perfect for working, traveling, and day-to-day use.


A paper planner was SO essential for me in college. It ensured I stayed organized, managed my time effectively, and didn’t miss any assignments. I prefer planners with time blocking because I’m super type A.

writing tools

Having a variety of writing tools in your backpack ensures you’re always prepared. I like keeping everything in a really organized pouch like this one.

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