16 Must-Have Apps For College Students (iPhone & Android)

Looking for apps that well help you stay productive and organized in college? Here are 16 absolute must-have apps for college students.

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Trying to keep your life together when you’re a full-time college student can be HARD.

Luckily, there are tons of apps and websites out there that help to save you a little bit of time and frustration.

As a college student, you likely use your phone for everything from homework, to note taking, to fitness, and even transportation.

Here are a list of our top 16 recommendations for apps for college students.

Productivity And Organization Apps For College

1. Quizlet

Download: iPhone | Android

Quizlet is an absolute lifesaver for studying. The app lets you build online flashcards, play memorization games, and create practice quizzes for anything that you need to memorize.

You can upgrade the app to add images or diagrams to your flashcards which I think would be super helpful for science classes.

2. Rate My Professor

Download: iPhone | Android

Rate my professor is an absolute necessity for when you’re picking out your classes.

You can enter in your college name and potential professor’s name and you get real ratings from former students.

They rate the professor based on things like helpfulness, clarity, easiness of the class, and even textbook usage. So helpful when you want to find out if you’ll even need to buy the textbook for the class or not!

3. EasyBib

I absolutely HATE writing citations. It takes forever and I always forget which format to make them in. EasyBib is a website that helps you create citations super quickly.

You can use the website in any browser or install it as an add-on to Google Docs!

4. Evernote

Download: iPhone | Android

Need to jot some notes down when you’re on the go? Evernote is basically an online note pad that you can use to organize all of your notes and photos in one place.

You can organize your notes by different “notebooks” for different classes, create checklists, save articles for research papers, and so much more!

5. Grammarly

Download: iPhone | Android

Grammarly helps you fix any spelling or grammatical errors in your papers, emails, text messages, etc.

You can use Grammarly on your phone and on your laptop so you’ll never send out an embarrassing email ever again!

6. Mathway

Download: iPhone | Android

Mathway is one of the best apps for college students who are in math classes.

The app allows you to enter any math problem and it solves it for you. It even offers a step-by-step solution for most problems so you can learn the process of solving it.

This is great for learning step-by-step solutions and then applying those processes to other problems!

7. Google Drive

Download: iPhone | Android

Google Drive is an awesome app for storing all of your papers, presentations, and photos.

It’s also so important to have for group projects. Google Drive lets multiple people edit a document at the same time so you can work on things with your group members completely virtually!

You can also leave little notes and comments on the documents for your team members to see when they log in.

8. myHomework

Download: iPhone | Android

I love writing in a paper planner, but this app is the next best thing! Keep track of all of your assignments on this mobile planner.

The app will send you reminders about due dates and syncs your notifications across your devices.

This is seriously one of the best apps for college students for staying organized.

9. Self Control App

Download: Mac OS X | Chrome

The Self Control App is so helpful for focusing on your class work because it basically forces you to be productive!

The app will block any website for an allotted amount of time so that you don’t get distracted with sites like Twitter or Pinterest.

This is a great hack for staying more productive while studying. Need more studying hacks? We have a full post with our top study hacks for college!

The Best Apps For College Life

Aside from the apps you’ll need for your classes, there are some other apps that all students should have on their phones!

These must-have apps will make your life easier while you’re in college.

10. Venmo

Download: iPhone | Android

Venmo is one of the best apps for college students because there are so many times in college that you’ll need to send money to your friends.

If you’ve never used Venmo, basically it’s just an app that allows you to send money to other people instantly.

It’s used all the time for splitting bills with friends or paying someone back for something.

11. Lyft

Download: iPhone | Android

Lyft is a rideshare app just like Uber but tends to be more affordable!

Lyft has a ton of different options for rides, and you can even pay less to share a ride with other people heading in the same direction.

You’ll likely use rideshare apps a lot if you’re not bringing a car to college. I used Lyft and Uber for grocery shopping, getting to and from parties, and running errands.

12. DoorDash

Download: iPhone | Android

Sometimes your food hall meals just don’t cut it.

Food delivery services are everywhere right now and it’s so easy to order your favorite meal right to your dorm or apartment.

If your campus doesn’t have DoorDash available, you can also use services like Uber Eats, GrubHub, and Eat Street.

13. Spotify

Download: iPhone | Android

Spotify is one of the best apps for college students because you get an amazing deal when you sign up with your .edu email address!

Valid students even get Hulu included in their monthly Spotify Premium membership. That means you can get music and TV for just $5.99 a month!

14. Amazon Prime

Download: iPhone | Android

If you don’t already have an Amazon Prime student membership, you need one!

It’s free for the first 6 months, and then half off for the rest of the time that you’re enrolled as a student.

With this subscription, you get super fast delivery from Amazon, Prime Video, Amazon Music, Amazon Photos, and a ton more!

It’s probably one of the most valuable college student deals out there right now.

15. FitOn

Download: iPhone | Android

Not only do we all want to avoid the freshman 15, but exercise is also so important for mental health!

FitOn is one of my favorite workout program apps. There are a ton of different workout videos you can do and it’s totally free.

You could also find free workouts by just searching for workout videos on YouTube!

16. Noonlight

Download: iPhone | Android

Stay safe walking home late at night with Noonlight.

If you’re feeling unsafe, you can open up Noonlight and hold the button within the app. If you release the button without entering your 4-digit PIN, Noonlight will send your location to the local authorities.

I highly recommend this app for all college students, but especially for the ladies!

This post was all about the best apps for college students.

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