Minimalist Neutral Wallpaper For iPhone: 50 FREE Wallpapers

Looking to give your iPhone an aesthetic makeover? Here are 50 of the most beautiful minimalist neutral wallpaper designs you can download for free.

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If you’re anything like me, you always want your iPhone wallpaper to represent your vibe. After all, you look at it so many times throughout the day!

If your vibe is minimal and neutral, you’re going to go crazy over these wallpaper designs.

Here are 50 minimalist neutral wallpaper backgrounds that are totally free to download.

How To Download And Use These Minimalist Neutral Wallpapers

These neutral backgrounds are SUPER easy to use on your iPhone (or any phone really). To save these wallpapers:

On your phone: Hold down on the picture and save to your camera roll. Or just take a screenshot and crop it.

On Desktop: Right click and press “save image”. Open your downloads folder and send the image to your phone using Airdrop, email, or messages.

Once the wallpapers are in your camera roll, you can just go into your settings and change the wallpaper. Set them as your lock screen, home screen, or both.

If you find that the images are a little bit too bright or busy for your phone, bring the image into Canva and add a muted overlay on top.

If you’re not familiar with Canva, you can also try decreasing the contrast or playing around with brightness right on your phone’s photo app.

Minimalist Neutral Wallpaper Designs (FREE To Download)

Looking for the most aesthetically pleasing wallpapers to add to your iPhone? We’ve put together this list of 50 super trendy wallpapers that will match your vibe:

1. Abstract Minimalist Background

abstract minimalist neutral wallpaper for iphone

2. Neutral Texture With Gold Leaf

gold leaf minimalist neutral wallpaper for iphone

3. Neutral Lines

neutral striped design

4. Aesthetic Neutral Bookshelf

books on a shelf

5. Light Pink Abstract Background

pink brush strokes

6. Textured Fabric Background

layered neutral fabric

7. Neutral Flowers Wallpaper

white flowers

8. Minimalist Brush Strokes

tan brush strokes

9. Aesthetic Beach Background For iPhone

white waves

10. Neutral Watercolor Wallpaper

neutral watercolor paint

11. Minimalist Neutral Vases

minimalist neutral wallpaper for iphone

12. Dried Palm Leaves Wallpaper

dried palm leaves

13. Neutral Circles iPhone Background

neutral paint circles

14. Dried Grasses Wallpaper

dried grasses in a vase

15. Neutral Swirls

neutral paint brush strokes

16. Beach Minimalist Neutral Wallpaper

foggy beach

17. Minimalist Envelopes Background

tan envelopes

18. Neutral Watercolor Wallpaper

neutral color watercolor paint

19. Minimalist Coffee Flatlay

coffee on top of books

20. Textured Shadows

shadows on a textured wall

21. Neutral Watercolor Paint Background

minimalist neutral wallpaper for iphone

22. Painted Pampas Grass

painting of pampas grass

23. Neutral Paint Swirl

tan paint swirl

24. Dried Florals Background

dried florals

25. Groovy Neutral Swirls

swirls of neutral colors

26. Neutral Dried Flowers Wallpaper

dried flowers

27. Minimalist Shadow Background

shadow on a white wall

28. Neutral Arches Wallpaper

white archway

29. Minimalist Sand Dune Background

sand dunes

30. Textured Minimalist Background

white textured paint minimalist neutral wallpaper for iphone

31. Lines In The Sand

lines in sand

32. Bunched White Sheets

crinkled white fabric

33. Neutral Gradient

pink gradient painting

34. Minimalist Shadow On Textured Fabric

textured fabric with shadow

35. Sparkly Sand Background

close-up of white sand

36. Neutral Smiley Face Background

melting white smiley face graphic

37. Neutral Coffee Print Background

various coffee making tools

38. Minimalist Landscape Wallpaper

minimalist neutral wallpaper for iphone

39. Neutral Waves Phone Background


40. Disco Ball Background For iPhone

disco ball graphic

41. Neutral Vase Wallpaper

vase with dried grasses

42. Crinkled Neutral Minimalist Wallpaper

crinkled paper

43. Sand Dunes Wallpaper

sand dunes

44. Fine Lines Minimalist Phone Background

line drawing of woman with butterflies

45. Neutral Leaves Design

leaf drawing

46. Good Things Are Coming iPhone Wallpaper

graphic with the words good things are coming

47. Neutral Faces Wallpaper

line drawing of two faces on a neutral background

48. Cute Neutral Flower Print

graphic of a flower

49. Warm Toned Layers Background

layers of warm colors on a neutral background

50. Translucent Leaves Wallpaper

translucent leaves on a white background

This post was all about the cutest minimalist neutral wallpaper ideas for iPhone.

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