What to Wear to a College Class: Tips & Outfit Ideas

Not sure what to wear to your college classes? Here are the cutest ideas for what to wear to a college class.

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what to wear to college class

College can be a huge adjustment for most freshmen.

At the beginning of the school year, you’re still figuring out how to get around, what all of the buildings are, and how to spend your time.

With all of that going on, it can be difficult to plan your outfits and figure out what you’re supposed to wear to college classes.

Today I’m going to give you some tips and tricks on dressing for college classes.

Tips For What to Wear to College Classes

Keep it Comfy

Most students dress in super casual and comfy clothes for college classes.

Being comfortable in class is so important because it allows you to focus on what’s going on in class – not on the fact that your jeans are digging into your stomach.

Make sure that your clothes are not too tight fitting or too loose for maximum comfort.

Just make sure that you don’t confuse comfy with sloppy. Dressing up in cute (but comfortable) outfits can help you feel like you’re more productive and professional.

This doesn’t mean that you have to wear a full pantsuit to class every morning. An outfit like leggings and a denim jacket is the perfect example of cute but comfy clothes to wear to class.

If it’s the first day of class, you may want to dress up a little bit so that you can make good first impressions on your professor and classmates.

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Don’t Forget About Shoes

When you’re getting dressed in the morning, make sure you consider what shoes you’re going to wear to class. Wear shoes that are comfortable and easy to put on and take off.

My favorite shoes for college are white sneakers. They go with pretty much any outfit and they’re super comfy for walking around campus all day.

If there’s any rain in the forecast, it’s a good idea to wear waterproof shoes like rain boots. I love these rain boots from Hunter because they’re cute and amazing quality.

Wear Neutral Colors

If you want to look classy and put together, I would stick with neutral colors that go well with your skin tone.

It’s really easy to put together a cute outfit if you have a lot of neutral colored clothes in your dorm closet.

I try to buy most of my clothing in a few different colors and build my wardrobe around them. It’s so much easier to pair together clothing items when you don’t have a million different clashing colors.

This concept is called a capsule wardrobe and it’s super popular with the minimalist community!

Check The Weather

College students do a lot of walking outside. Make sure you’re always wearing clothing that is appropriate for the weather.

In cold weather, layering is so important. You don’t want to wear heavy clothing because your lecture halls might be hot.

The best thing to do is layer with lightweight clothing items like long sleeve tshirts and cardigans. That way you can take them off if it warms up outside or if your professor is blasting the heat in class.

A great rainy day outfit for female students is a rain jacket, rain boots, and leggings.

Accessorize Your Outfits

Accessories can turn a plain outfit into something that fits your personal sense of style. I like pairing a basic outfit with some cute gold jewelry to elevate the look a bit.

Some accessories that are really on-trend right now are gold hoops, claw clips, and layered necklaces.

The most important accessory that you’ll need for class is a bag or backpack. Make sure that the bag you bring is big enough to fit everything you’ll need for the day.

You don’t want to have to run back to your dorm room because you didn’t have room for all of your textbooks.

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Outfit Ideas for College Girls: What to Wear to Class

Outfit #1: Dressed Up Sweatpants

This outfit is perfect for anyone who is tempted to wear pajamas to class.

It’s still insanely comfy but it looks like you actually put a little bit of effort into it.

Sweatpants have been totally on-trend over the past few years, and hopefully that trend sticks around for awhile longer!

Outfit #2: Cozy Rainy Day

rainy day outfit for college classes
Source: Pinterest

If you have to walk to class on a rainy day, this outfit is a great way to look cute while also staying warm and dry.

If you don’t want to lug around an umbrella all day, you could replace with the leather jacket with a raincoat for walking between classes.

Outfit #3: First Day of Class

outfit ideas for college class

On the first day of class, you’ll want to put your best foot forward when it comes to fashion.

If you look nice, you’ll make a good first impression on your professor and your classmates. This neutral-chic look is a perfect outfit for college girls to wear to class.

Frequently Asked Questions About College Outfits:

Do Colleges Have a Dress Code?

Most colleges in the US don’t have a formal dress code. However, it is definitely still expected that students dress appropriately.

You can’t show up to class in your underwear and your teacher may ask you to leave if you show up with an extremely graphic or violent T-shirt.

In other countries, colleges have much stricter dress codes. Some schools require formalwear like button up shirts, blazers, and dress pants.

Check your student handbook before your first day of class to be sure.

Do You Need to Dress Up For College Classes?

Because there are no formal dress codes in university, you don’t need to dress up for college classes.

However, I highly recommend at least looking presentable for your college classes.

Dressing up a little bit helps you feel productive, make a good impression on your professors, and will get you up and moving in the morning.

If you stay in your pajamas all day, it can be really hard to motivate yourself to get up and get to class. Having a routine of waking up, washing your face, brushing your teeth, and getting ready will help you feel like you’re all set to tackle the day.

What to Wear to a College Interview?

Typical outfits for a job interview or internship in college include a button up shirt, dress pants, and a tie for college guys. You may even want to wear full suits if the setting is extremely formal.

Female students should wear a pantsuit or skirt suit with a blouse. For girls, it’s typically considered inappropriate to wear clothing like short skirts or crop tops in professional settings. Make sure that your skirt hits below the knee.

What to Wear on Game Days in College?

College game days don’t have a strict dress code. A lot of students will dress up in school colors to support their team on game day.

A great outfit for college girls on game day is a tennis skirt, cute top, and a comfortable pair of shoes like white sneakers.

Guys usually wear a sweatshirt in their college colors, a pair of pants, and sneakers.

This post was all about what to wear to college class.

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