40 Genius Ideas For A 2000s Themed Party (Fun Y2K Party Ideas)

Throwing a Y2k Party this year? Here are 40 of the absolute best ideas for a 2000s themed party.

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It seems like everyone is nostalgic for the early 2000’s lately. Y2k styles are coming back in full force and people are throwing parties with an early 2000’s theme.

And while it’s hard to believe that y2k was TWO DECADES ago (?!), it is fun to re-live some of those trends.

So pull out your low-waisted jeans, throw on a slap bracelet, and get ready to party. Here are the best ideas for throwing a 2000s themed party.

The Best Y2k Party Ideas

There are tons of ways to throw a fun 2000’s themed party. After all, there were definitely lots of different styles and genres of the early 2000’s.

So whether you were blasting 2000’s hip hop or watching Lizzie McGuire on Disney Channel at the turn of the century, we have some party ideas for you.

1. Blast 2000’s Music

What’s a 2000’s themed party without some classic 2000’s music??

There were so many iconic pop and hip hop artists in the late 90s and early 2000s – Britney Spears, Eminem, Gwen Stefani, Usher, Missy Elliott, Backstreet Boys, etc.

Put together your own playlist with hits from that time period, or grab one that’s already been made on Spotify. This “Bring Back The 2000’s” playlist will give you all sorts of nostalgia.

2. Play TV Shows From The Early 2000s

Want to give people and instant hit of nostalgia? Have some early 2000’s TV shows playing in the background of your party.

Some of the best shows from the early 2000s include:

  • Gilmore Girls
  • The Office
  • Lizzie McGuire
  • Degrassi
  • The Simple Life
  • That’s So Raven
  • The Amanda Show

3. Play 2000s Trivia

Want to test your guests’ knowledge of the 2000’s? Play some trivia!

This trivia card game has hundreds of trivia questions relating to early 2000’s pop culture.

You could even just scatter these cards around your party if you want to keep guests entertained without doing a structured activity.

4. Dress Up As Early 2000s Celebrities

A collage of early 2000s fashion trends with celebrities wearing iconic outfits. Featuring denim-on-denim ensembles, tie-dye and low-rise jeans, cropped tops, and accessories like chunky belts, layered necklaces, and newsboy caps, showcasing the distinctive Y2K fashion era.

One of the best parts about throwing a 2000s themed party is dressing up!

Fashion from the early 2000’s was SO iconic, so it’s fun to recreate those nostalgic styles.

If you want to add another layer to the theme, have everyone dress up as early 2000’s celebrities! Think Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Hilary Duff, Paris Hilton, etc.

5. Put Out Disposable Cameras

Want a fun and nostalgic way to capture memories throughout the night? Hand out disposable cameras to your guests!

They’re a great reminder of the early 2000’s, before everyone had a smartphone with a camera.

Plus, you’ll have tons of fun film pictures to look through after the party.

6. Sing Karaoke

How fun would it be to belt out some early 2000’s songs with your friends?

Karaoke is such a fun and nostalgic party activity. And you don’t need a karaoke machine to do it anymore!

The free karaoke website Karafun has SO many early 2000s songs to choose from. And it’s free to use it on a web browser or to download the app.

7. Set Up A Video Game Area

The early 2000’s had some of the best video game releases of all time.

The Sims, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Super Smash Bros – all super iconic video games that were popular to play in the Y2K era.

If you have the space for it, set up a little video game corner in your party. Your guests will have a ton of fun playing the nostalgic video games from their childhood.

8. Make A DIY Photo Booth

A joyful woman at a Y2K-themed party, wearing a pink bandana, white tank top, and pink cargo pants, stands in front of a shiny, multicolored tinsel backdrop. Above her, balloons spell 'Y2K' and nostalgic decorations like a 'Juicy' logo and retro icons adorn the scene.
Source: Pinterest

A DIY photo booth is one of our favorite ideas for a themed party. It gives your guest something to do AND it helps you capture memories at your party.

Just set up a photo backdrop and put some props out for your guests to use.

Set up a shared album so that people can take pictures on their own phones and upload them for everyone to see.

What To Wear To A 2000s Themed Party

A group of young women dressed in 2000s-inspired fashion, posing playfully for a photo. They're wearing crop tops, low-rise jeans, bandanas, and sunglasses, evoking the distinctive style trends of the early 2000s.
Source: Pinterest

Not sure what to wear to an early 2000s party? The good news is that y2k fashion is back in style, so it should be super easy to shop for outfits for this themed party!

Here are some outfits that you can recreate for the perfect y2k vibe.

9. Velour Tracksuit

Velour tracksuits were one of the most iconic outfit choices in the early 2000’s. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Paris Hilton could be spotted walking around town in one of these tracksuits.

The most popular ones were from Juicy Couture, but these dupes from Amazon look the same for a fraction of the price!

10. Lace Bra Under A Tank Top

Two women dressed in early 2000s fashion with crop tops, low-rise bottoms, and oversized sunglasses, are focused on their bedazzled flip phones. One is holding a small toy dog, contributing to the retro theme.

For some reason it was SO cool to show the straps of your lace bra in the early 2000’s. Girls would pair lace bras with super thick straps with little spaghetti strap tops.

It’s a strange fashion phenomenon, but it’s also super easy to recreate. Just grab any lace bra with thick straps and pair it with a tank top.

I’m pretty sure I had this exact bralette top in the early 2000’s:

Signature Lace Deep V Bralette
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03/05/2024 06:28 pm GMT

11. Tank Top Over T-Shirt

Two young women stand outside, showcasing their Y2K-themed outfits. One wears a pink crop top, high-waisted jeans, and blue-tinted sunglasses, while the other sports a white tee under a pink patterned crop top with matching pink sunglasses and high ponytails. Both accessorize with chunky belts and are engaged with a phone and making hand gestures.
Source: Pinterest

The early 2000’s were allllll about layering. Whether it was layering a million camis under your shirts, layering a skirt over jeans, or putting a tank top on over a t-shirt.

This outfit idea is super easy to recreate with any tight t-shirt and tank top!

12. Ribbed Tank Top And Chain

A group of six friends dressed in Y2K fashion posing at a themed party. The men are wearing oversized sunglasses, bandanas, and vintage sports apparel, while the women sport metallic and white clothing with bold accessories.

Here’s a good Y2k party outfit idea for guys. Just throw on a tight ribbed tank top, a gold chain, and some baggy athletic shorts.

Tie a bandana around your head if you want to accessorize even more! This is a super easy way to stay on-theme with clothes that you may already have in your closet.

13. Denim Skirt And Baby Tee

A woman channels early 2000s fashion at an arcade, posing with a hand on her red heart-shaped sunglasses. She wears a pink crop top, a high-waisted denim mini skirt with a chain belt, and a sparkling silver shoulder bag.
Image Source: @maddiecidlik

Jean skirts were definitely all the rage in this time period. Pair one with a babydoll t-shirt or cropped cardigan for serious y2k vibes.

Want to accessorize like a true early 2000s teen? Add a sparkly shoulder bag and a cute metallic belt to the look.

14. Butterfly Clips And Waist Chains

A woman at a party wearing a vibrant pink crop top with glittery text, colorful butterfly clips, and a sequined silver handbag. She pairs her top with classic blue jeans adorned with a chain belt, capturing the iconic Y2K fashion aesthetic.

Accessories were HUGE in the early 2000s. Especially ones that were fun shapes like butterflies, hearts, and stars.

One cute way to make your outfit feel more Y2k is to add a waist chain and some cute hair accessories like butterfly clips.

Here’s what you’ll need:

50Pcs Butterfly Hair Clips Multi-Color
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Multilayer Metal Waist Chain

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15. Sequin Butterfly Top

Close-up of a woman's torso wearing a Y2K-inspired butterfly crop top adorned with multicolored rhinestones, creating a dazzling effect. She holds a flip phone with a matching bedazzled case, and her belly button is accentuated with a drop pendant.
Source: Pinterest

This sequin butterfly top gives off such strong y2k vibes!

Pair it with some low rise jeans and a belly button ring (real or fake) and you’ll feel like you’re right back in 2001!

Here’s what you’ll need to recreate this look:

Sequin Butterfly Crop Top
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03/05/2024 07:05 pm GMT

16. Bold Colors And Patterns

A young woman stands in a thrift store, striking a pose with a shopping cart. She sports a Y2K fashion ensemble featuring a purple leopard print crop top, a chunky choker necklace, and a cozy, purple cardigan with fun pom-pom details.

The early 2000s fashion was all about bright colors and bold prints. Pair a bold patterned top with a colored cardigan for a perfect y2k fit.

Accessorize with some chunky necklaces, colored sunglasses, and a little purse.

Y2K Party Decorations

The Y2K theme is one of the best party themes to decorate for. Decor from that time period was SO colorful, bold, and exciting.

Here are some of the best decor ideas for an early 2000s themed party.

17. Y2K Swirl Streamers

How cute would these streamers look at an early 2000s party?

The set comes with streamers with some of the most iconic 00’s elements – flip phones, trucker hats, mixtapes, iPods, playboy bunnies, etc.

These would look perfect hanging from the ceiling or in the doorway of your party room.

18. Back To The 2000s Tablecloths

If you’re serving food at your party, you definitely need these 2000s themed tablecloths.

3 PCS Y2k Party Table Covers
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They come with a pack of three, so it’s the perfect set for covering the food, dessert, and gift table with some Y2k flair.

19. Early 2000s Party Decoration Kit

This set makes decorating your 2000s party super easy! It comes with pretty much everything you need to deck out your Y2k party.

78 Pcs Y2k Party Decorations
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03/05/2024 08:23 pm GMT

You’ll get balloons, fringe curtains, banners, cake toppers, and all of the supplies you need to put everything together. All with a super cute y2k style!

20. All-In-One Decor Set

Here’s another really great party decor set. It comes with pretty much everything you’d need to decorate your party and food tables!

You’ll get balloons, a cake topper, a banner, stickers, and cupcake toppers.

21. Y2K Hip Hop Banner

Throwing a 2000s hip hop themed party? This is the perfect birthday banner to hang up!

And it comes pre-strung, which makes setup super easy.

22. 2000s Photo Booth Props

What’s more fun than a photo booth at a themed party?

With these props, you’ll have everything you need to take some seriously funny early 2000s pictures.

Just add a metallic fringe backdrop like the one linked below and you’ll have a perfect DIY photo booth.

23. Fringe Photo Backdrop

This metallic backdrop looks seriously cool in photos! Pair it with the photo booth props above for a super affordable party photo booth!

24. Y2k Themed Straws

Who else remembers drinking EVERYTHING out of these curly straws in the early 2000s?

Add some nostalgia to your party with these y2k themed crazy straws.

25. Nostalgic Balloon Arch

A balloon arch is one of our favorite choices for party decorations. It’s affordable, easy to set up, and makes a big visual impact.

This pink and purple arch with metallic stars looks totally y2k to us. It would be such a cute background to take pictures in front of!

But honestly, pretty much any balloon arch will work! There are tons of options to choose from on Amazon.

2000s Themed Party Food And Drinks

26. Pizza Rolls

bag of totinos pizza rolls

Is there anything more 2000’s than pizza rolls? This was definitely my snack of choice when I was growing up in the early 2000s.

This is also a super easy party snack to serve because you can buy really big bags of pizza rolls at most grocery stores.

27. Candy From The 2000s

Some of the most iconic candy came from the late 90s and early 2000s. Try to get your hands on some of the popular types like:

  • Baby Bottle Pops
  • Candy Necklaces
  • Air Heads
  • Pixy Stix
  • Pop Rocks
  • Ring Pops
  • Bottle Caps

28. Lunchables

Ham and cheddar lunchables kit

Who else would beg their parents for lunchables at the grocery store when they were younger?

As an early 2000’s kid, a lunchable was probably the coolest thing you could eat. Serve these up at your party if you want your guests to get a taste of that y2k feeling.

29. Gogurts

Another classic snack from the early 2000’s was tubes of Gogurt. These are still really popular, so they should be easy to find in grocery stores.

Just make sure you store these in a cooler at your party. No one wants warm yogurt lol.

30. Jello Shots

Are you throwing a party for a 21+ crowd? Jello shots are one of the most nostalgic party treats to serve.

If you’ve never made them before, here’s a great recipe.

31. Kool Aid

variety pack of Kool-Aid jammers

Kool Aid was a classic drink in the early 2000’s. This would be a great nonalcoholic option to serve at your party.

32. Mountain Dew

Another drink that was insanely popular during this era was Mountain Dew. Specifically, all of the different flavor variations of Mountain Dew.

Try to get your hands on some code red, baja blast, or Mountain Dew voltage if you want to increase the nostalgia.

33. Cosmic Brownies

box of cosmic brownies

You knew it was going to be a good day when your mom packed you a cosmic brownie with your lunch in the early 2000s.

Recreate that magic by serving up these colorful brownies at your early 2000’s themed party.

34. Sliders

For whatever reason, people in the early 2000’s were all about sliders.

These mini burgers can be made from scratch or bought frozen if you want convenience.

35. Push Up Popsicles

variety box of push up popsicles

Did anyone else practically live off of these sorbet-filled cardboard tubes in the summertime?

Now that you’re old enough to actually push it up on your own, these would be much more enjoyable.

You can still find these at some stores, so make sure to grab some for your 2000s theme party!

Invitations For A 2000s Themed Party

36. Ugh! As If! Invitation

The image depicts a Y2K-themed digital party invitation process. On the top right, a printed invitation with bold, colorful 90s graphics says 'UGH, AS IF! MADISON IS TURNING 20!' and includes party details.

How cute would this invitation be for a 2000s themed birthday party?

It includes all of our favorite things from the early 2000s. Plus, you can print it out or text it as a digital invitation!

37. 2000s Mixtape Invitation

A nostalgic early-2000s themed birthday party invitation lies on a rustic white wooden surface. The invitation, with a pink and white checkered border and playful doodles, reads 'THROWING IT BACK TO THE 2000s' in bold lettering.

I’m obsessed with this mixtape invitation for a 2000s themed party!

It’s fully customizable in Canva, so you can add in your own party information. Print it out or just send it as a digital invite. So easy!

38. Y2K Collage Invitation

A vibrant collage serves as an invitation to 'Taylor's Y2K Party', capturing the essence of early 2000s pop culture. The montage features iconic images like a pink flip phone, fashion trends, and notable figures from the era, all set against a nostalgic mixtape graphic background.

Want a party invitation that shows off some of the most classic 90s styles? This collage invitation from Etsy would be absolutely perfect.

This invite idea is genius because it gives your guests some inspiration for how to dress for the party too!

39. 2000s Instant Messenger Invitation

A creative party invitation designed to resemble a classic 2000s computer interface, with a chat box window titled 'Y2K Party' against a psychedelic purple background.

Anyone who grew up in the early 2000s will remember the thrill of chatting with your friends on AOL instant messenger.

This Y2K party invitation will take you back to that simpler time. You can customize it with a free Canva profile and print it out or send it as a digital invitation.

40. Cute Y2K Party Invite

A vibrant early-2000s themed digital party invitation featuring a pink background on the left with the words 'INSTANT DOWNLOAD' and 'EDIT IN CANVA.' The right side displays a playful collage of iconic 2000s elements like a Barbie doll and a HitClips player, set against a pastel psychedelic swirl. Party details such as date, time, address, and RSVP instructions are neatly laid out in a bubble-themed text box, inviting guests to 'Allie's Y2K Party' and reminding them to dress up for the theme.

Etsy has so many cute options when it comes to early 2000s themed party invitations!

This is one of our favorites because it combines so many Y2k-inspired elements. The early internet font, 2000s collage, and chatroom bubbles make us feel like we’re back in the early 2000s!

This post was all about the cutest ideas for an early 2000s themed party. These party ideas would work for a Y2k themed birthday party, bachelorette party, or college party!

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