100+ Creative Borg Names For A College Party

Looking for unique Borg name ideas that no one else will have? Here are our top picks for funny Borg names to use for a college party.

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If you’ve been around the college party scene lately, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of the infamous Borg.

This party drink is carried around in a plastic gallon jug and is common at college parties.

But the most fun part about it is that everyone comes up with a name for their drink and writes it on their jug.

People get really creative with their Borg names, so you don’t want to show up to a party without a good name in mind. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of unique Borg names that you can copy.

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The Best Borg Names For College Parties

The most common names usually involve some play on the word Borg, whether it’s a pun or just incorporating it into a popular pop culture reference.

Here are some of the most iconic Borg name ideas that you’ll want to copy:

1. The Incredible BORG

2. BORG appetit

3. Home DepBORG

4. All A-BORG

5. SpongeBORG Squarepants

clever borg name

6. Woke Up In A New BORGatti

7. BORG Me I’m Irish

8. Hailey BieBORG

9. BORGasm

10. It’s BORG O’clock Somewhere

11. Plan BORG

12. Don’t Blame Me The BORG Made Me Crazy

13. BORG To Be Wild

14. Save A BORG Ride A Cowboy

Borg name
Source: TikTok (@hannahguerra6)

15. BORGaritaville

16. B*tch I’m A BORG

17. Our BORG and Savior

18. BORGan Freeman

19. Captain BORGan

20. BORGan failure

21. BORG (Taylor’s Version)

22. Pablo EscoBORG

23. Lightning McBORG

24. Curious BORG

25. Justin BieBORG

borg name ideas

26. CheeseBORGer

27. Certified LoverBORG

28. Merry BORGmas

29. BORGalicious

30. BORGtega Veneta

31. IceBORG Lettuce

31. BORGrack Obama

32. Doofenshmirtz Evil InBORGorated

33. BORGanic Chemistry

34. ABORGtion Clinic

35. Top O’ The BORGin’

36. The Magic School BORG

37. Breaking BORG

Breaking Borg Drink
Source: TikTok (@hanley.resnick)

38. BORGzilla

39. BORGs to Men

40. The BORG Who Lived

41. Ruth Bader GinsBORG

42. Notorious B.O.R.G.

43. Baby Got BORG

44. Queen ElizaBORG

45. BORG Farquaad

46. BORG This Way

47. Count BORGula

48. I Like Big BORGS and I Cannot Lie

49. BORG Washington

50. Armed BORGery

52. Failed aBORGtion

53. Everybody Wants To Rule The BORG

54. Lord BORGquaad

funny BORG names

55. Netflix and BORG

56. BORG Ross

57. Legally BORG

58. Modern BORGfare

59. Fall Out BORG


61. All Too Borg (10 Minute Version)

62. SnapBORG

63. All Of The BORGS You Loved Before

64. BORGer Patrol

65. DinkleBORG

66. Soulja Borg

soulja borg borg name
Source: TikTok (@stasiapacc04)

67. Let’s Have A BORGy

68. Wet A$$ BORGy

69. BORG In The USA

70. BORGan Donor

71. Ice BORG Ahead

72. Bob’s BORGers

73. Battle Of GettysBORG

74. Early BORG Catches The Worm

75. Saturdays Are For The BORGS

76. Mr. Borgside

77. I Faked My BORGasm

78. BORGanic Chemistry

79. Rick and BORGy

80. Brown vs. The BORG of Education

81. I’m a BORGbie Girl

82. Barnacle BORG

83. BORG Hub

84. Tim TeBORG

85. The Doctor Took My BORGskin

86. BORGie Wit Da Hoodie

87. SmorgasBORG

88. DumbleBORG

Source: TikTok (@elly_lapp)

89. LeBORG James

90. BORGan Wallen

91. BORGs, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

92. 2 Girls, 1 BORG

93. Little BORG Peep

94. The BORGyardigans

95. Born With A BORG In My Hand

96. Bust It Down BORGiana

97. Hi BORGbie!

98. SaltBORG

99. Pursuit of BORGiness

100. BORGS A Make Her Dance

101. BORG On The 4th Of July

102. Me So BORG-y

What Is A Borg?

Is the concept of a Borg new to you? This college drink trend has been around for awhile, but has exploded in popularity recently on TikTok and Snapchat.

According to college partygoers, Borg actually stands for “blackout rage gallon”.

These drinks became popularized in 2021 when students returned to college campuses after shutdowns and wanted a way to refrain from sharing drinks.

Essentially, each person just fills up a gallon jug with their own drink recipe, writes their Borg name on it, and brings it around with them at parties.

What Should You Put In A Borg?

A Borg can technically be made with anything you want, but there are some standard recipes that people like to use.

Most recipes for Borg call for some type of alcohol, juice, and a hydration drink like Liquid I.V. or Pedialyte. This combination allows you to stay more hydrated throughout the party.

Another beneficial function of the Borg is to keep your drink safe and secure for the duration of the party. The ability to close the top of your gallon jug can help prevent spiking incidents at parties.

Of course, even with the positive aspects of Borg, make sure you’re drinking responsibly!

This post was all about the most hilarious Borg name ideas for a college party.

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