How To Hang A Hammock In A Dorm Room (3 Easy Ways)

Want to hang a hammock in your dorm room? Here are 3 easy ways to do it that won’t cause any damage to your college dorm!

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Are you trying to hang a hammock in your dorm room?

I hung a hammock in my dorm my freshman year and it was the perfect spot to relax, read a book, and watch TV from. Plus, it was just a lot of fun!

Dorms can be very strict about hanging anything from the walls or ceilings because it can cause damage.

If you want to hang a hammock in your dorm room without causing any damage, here are 3 easy ways to do it.

How To Hang A Hammock In A Dorm Room

If you want to hang a hammock in your dorm room without causing damage, there are pretty much three ways to do this.

You can either hang it under a lofted bed, hang it from the doorways, or hang it up with a stand.

Let’s go over each method:

1. Hang A Hammock Under Your Lofted Bed

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

The easiest way to hang a hammock in your dorm room is to attach it underneath your lofted bed.

If you’re able to loft your bed in your dorm room, you should be able to fit a hammock underneath.

If you buy a nylon camping hammock, they often come with straps that allow you to attach them to trees or poles.

You can use these straps to tie them to the ladder rungs or beams under your lofted bed.

If your hammock doesn’t come with straps, you can buy heavy duty straps on Amazon. Just tie the straps tight around your bed frame, and hang the hammock on the top loops.

Make sure you test this out carefully, as I have heard of people breaking their bed frames by hanging hammocks underneath.

If your dorm bed frame is made of solid wood or metal, it should be able to support a hammock pretty easily.

Set Up A Hammock Stand

The safest way to hang a hammock in a dorm room is to use a hammock stand.

If you use a stand, you won’t have to worry about causing any damage to your walls or your dorm bed frame.

The only drawback to using a hammock stand is that it takes up a lot of space. Dorm rooms are already pretty cramped for space, so your roommate may not appreciate you taking up half the room with a hammock stand.

Hang Your Hammock From The Doors

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This method only works for dorms that have multiple doorways.

For this method, you can loop your hammock straps around the doors above where the door hinges are.

As long as the doors stay closed, this method is actually pretty sturdy.

Keep in mind that this may be against your dorm’s policies, so be sure to check with your RA before attempting this (or just take it down before room inspections).

This method also may not be the most convenient, because you’ll have to take it down every time you go in or out the door of your dorm.

The Best Hammocks For Dorm Rooms

There are some hammocks that work better for dorm rooms than others. In general, you’ll want a shorter hammock that isn’t too heavy.

It’s also a good idea to pick a hammock that folds up small to store away.

Here are my top 5 choices for hammocks for dorm rooms:

1. ENO SingleNest Camping Hammock

ENO is the most popular brand of camping hammock on the market.

They’re insanely durable, well-made, and they fold up into a super small carrying bag.

The ENO SingleNest is a great choice if you only need a hammock that supports one person at a time.

If you want to be able to fit two people in the hammock, you’ll want to get a DoubleNest.

2. ENO DoubleNest Hammock

This is the two-person version of the first hammock on the list. I have this exact hammock and it’s the best.

It packs up super small, is sturdy enough for at least two people, and it comes in a bunch of different fun colors.

If you’re looking for a cheaper version of the ENO hammocks, this nylon camping hammock from Wise Owl has amazing reviews and is around half the price of the ENO.

3. Macrame Hammock

This hammock would look amazing in a boho themed dorm room.

The reviews of this hammock are really good, and most reviewers say that it’s very well-made and sturdy.

It’s large enough for up to two adults to lay on it, but still packs up small into a carrying bag.

The kit includes S-Hooks and nylon straps, so it would be super easy to hang this hammock under your lofted dorm bed.

4. Colorful Woven Cotton Hammock

Despite the low price, this colorful cotton hammock has really good reviews and seems to be very sturdy and well made.

It comes with two carabiners and a set of nylon straps, so you have plenty of options for hanging it up in your dorm room. Plus, it even includes a matching carrying case.

5. Hammock Chairs

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A hammock chair is a great alternative to a regular hammock for a dorm room.

It takes up less space and you can sit in it upright for studying or watching TV in your room.

Now that you know the best methods for hanging a hammock in a dorm room, it’s time to hang up your hammock, lay back, and relax!

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