33 Gorgeous Dorm Room Color Schemes You’ll Want To Copy

This post is all about the best dorm room color schemes.

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the best dorm room color schemes

Picking out decor for your dorm room can be overwhelming if you’re not sure what colors you’re going to decorate with. A color scheme makes it super easy to shop for dorm decor because you have an idea in mind of what you want it to look like!

When it comes to deciding on a color scheme, the choices are pretty much endless. There are SO many combinations of colors out there that would look amazing in a dorm.

In this post I’ll show you 33 cute examples of dorm room color schemes. I’ll also give my top tips for choosing a color palette for your dorm.

How To Choose A Dorm Color Scheme

Are you stumped on what color scheme to choose for your dorm? Here are my top tips for picking a dorm color scheme.

1. Use What You Have

If you already have a large decor item (like a rug or bedding) that you’re planning on taking to college, you’ll want to base the rest of your dorm room around the colors in that item. Do you have a comforter with a lot of cooler colors? Go for blues and greens when you’re picking out the rest of your decor.

If you’re buying everything new for your dorm room, you may not have any colors to work off of. That’s okay! We’ll go over choosing a color palette from scratch in the next few tips.

2. Remember The Color Wheel

color wheel

If you’ve ever taken an art class, you’re probably familiar with the color wheel. In general, you’ll want to stick with colors next to each other on the color wheel. Picking colors that are near each other on the color wheel will make your room look more cohesive and relaxing.

If you’re going for bold and colorful, you generally want to stick with colors directly across from each other on the wheel. Those colors are complementary, which means they look good with one another.

3. Look At What You Wear

If you’re really stuck on what colors to choose, it’s time to head to your closet. People tend to wear clothes in colors that they like and are pleasing to them.

If you wear a ton of bright and bold colors, you’ll want your room to reflect that. Are you always rocking neutrals? Maybe you’ll want to stick to whites and grays.

Best Dorm Color Scheme Examples:

Pink Dorm Color Schemes

If you’re looking for a pretty and feminine color scheme for your dorm room, you’re definitely going to want to incorporate some pink.

I love pink dorm rooms because there are so many things you can do with the color! You can go bold with a bright bubblegum pink or stick with a soft and subtle dusty rose.

Here are my favorite pink dorm decor items:

1. Pink And Yellow Color Scheme

There’s something so bright and cheery about a pink and yellow a dorm room! I absolutely love the soft pink bedding with a bright pop of yellow in the throw blanket.

Plus, can we talk about how gorgeous those string lights are? Big bulb string lights just look so magical to me, especially strung from a ceiling like that. You can achieve the same look in your dorm room with command hooks in the corners of your room.

Recreate this pink and yellow dorm room:

2. Dusty Rose Dorm Room Color Scheme

If you want to add some pink to your dorm room without going over the top, you can’t go wrong with dusty rose. It’s a lot more subtle than other shades of pink and it goes with just about any other color!

I love this combination of dusty rose, gray, and white for a dorm room. It’s super cute but also looks more grown up than other dorms I’ve seen.

Recreate this dusty rose dorm room:

3. Light Pink And White

Who said pink can’t be a neutral? I love how minimal and clean this light pink and white dorm room looks.

You can recreate this look with clean white bedding, plenty of textured pillows, string lights, light pink curtains, and a fluffy white rug.

Copy this dorm room color scheme:

4. Hot Pink Color Scheme

neon pink dorm room decor
Source: Pinterest

How fun and girly is this hot pink dorm room?? I absolutely love the bright collage kit, colorful pink rug, and hot pink lip pillows.

This is a very bold dorm room color scheme, so just make sure your roommate is on board with this before you buy all your decor. Hot pink can be SO fun and modern, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

Recreate this bold pink dorm room:

Blue Color Schemes

Blue is a great color for dorm rooms if you need a little bit of calm in your life. Blue is a very soothing color and it can help calm a stressed out mind.

Here are my favorite blue dorm decorations:

5. Blue And Gray Dorm Color Scheme

This blue and gray dorm room color scheme just looks so cozy and relaxing to me! I love all of the fun textures and patterns that were used in the decor.

Recreate this blue and gray dorm room:

6. Beachy Blue Theme

I’m obsessed with this turquoise blue beachy themed dorm. This is the perfect color scheme if you go to college near the ocean, or if you just want to bring the ocean to you.

You can easily recreate this look with a water-themed tapestry, plenty of textured blankets and pillows, and some beachy prints.

Copy this blue dorm room idea:

7. Turquoise And White Dorm

I love how the turquoise accents add so much color and life to this otherwise all white dorm room. Adding an accent color is a great way to make your dorm room look put together without spending too much money.

Recreate this turquoise dorm room:

8. Blue And Pink Dorm Decor

I am absolutely in love with the combination of blue and light pink for a dorm color scheme. It feels fun, fresh, and youthful.

Recreate this look with a blue throw pillow, collage kit, and light pink throw blanket.

Copy this dorm:

Green Dorm Rooms

Green is one of my favorite colors because it feels very fresh and calm. I love green because it reminds me of plants and natural landscapes.

My favorite way to bring some green into your dorm room is with plants. Real plants are great because they purify the air, but fake plants look good in dorm rooms as well.

Here are my favorite green dorm decor items:

9. Tropical Green Dorm Decor

How fresh and bright is this tropical green dorm room color scheme? The green adds such a fun pop of color to an otherwise neutral dorm room.

Recreate this tropical dorm:

10. Green Checkered Print

This green and white dorm room just looks so clean and trendy! I love the combination of white linens with the green checkered duvet cover.

The faux vines hanging from the ceiling add even more life to the room and are SO trendy right now in dorm decor.

Recreate this dorm room:

11. Dark Green Dorm Color Scheme

Dark forest green is one of my favorite shades of green. It’s muted enough that it almost looks gray, but it still adds a little bit of color and life to your room.

Forest green goes really well with neutrals like white, tan, and brown. It works really well in boho themed dorm rooms too!

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Recreate this dark green dorm:

12. Green And Mustard Yellow Dorm Decor

I love how simple this green and mustard yellow dorm room looks. The decorations are minimal, but they still make a big impact.

Bold colors like green and mustard yellow will brighten even the darkest dorm rooms. Add pops of green and yellow in the throw pillows, blankets, and tapestries.

Recreate this green and yellow dorm:

Yellow Dorm Room Color Schemes

Yellow is such a fun and bright color scheme for dorm rooms. It’s one of my favorite colors for decor because it instantly makes any space look happier.

Here are a few of my favorite yellow dorm decor items:

13. Yellow And White Dorm Room

I absolutely love how bright and cheerful this yellow dorm room looks. It would be hard to be sad in a dorm that looks like this!

Go all out with your yellow decor with the bedspread, pillows, throw blanket, posters, wall hangings, and whatever else you want.

Copy this yellow dorm room:

14. Pops Of Yellow

If you don’t want to go all out, you can still brighten up your dorm room with some pops of yellow in your decor.

Add some yellow throw pillows, wall art, and maybe a gold throw blanket to round out the look.

Recreate this yellow room:

15. Gold Glam Dorm Decor

If you want something a bit more subtle than bright yellow, you could go for a more muted gold. This color is also a lot more glam, so you can combine it with more luxurious decor styles.

A super glamorous combination is gold, gray, and white. It looks super chic and sophisticated without looking too stuffy.

Recreate this glam gold dorm room:

16. Pale Yellow Dorm

One of my absolute favorite color schemes for dorm rooms is pale yellow and white. It’s bright and cheery but still very modern looking.

Recreate this look with white bedding, pale yellow accents, and lots of string lights.

Copy this dorm room color palette idea:

Gray Color Schemes

Gray is a great color for dorm rooms because it’s so easy to find gray dorm decor. It’s also a very relaxing color that goes well with almost every other color.

Here are my favorite gray dorm decor items:

17. Gray And Pink Dorm Color Scheme

This gray and pink dorm room just looks so luxurious and cozy. There are so many different colors, patterns, and decorations that make it super interesting to look at.

I love hanging huge tapestries in dorm rooms because they cover up a ton of blank wall space and are super affordable!

This marble and pink tapestry works perfectly with the rest of the decor. I couldn’t find an exact replica, but this one is super similar and would look great with this dorm color scheme.

Recreate this pink and gray dorm:

18. Gray And Black Dorm Room

Not into bright colors? This black and gray color scheme would be perfect for your dorm room. Black and gray dorm decor are super easy to find, so this is one of the easiest color schemes to recreate on this list.

Copy this dorm room color scheme idea:

19. Gray And White Dorm Room

I love this gray and white dorm room. It looks so cozy but still super clean and crisp.

If you’re going to be using two main colors for your dorm, it’s such a cute idea to decorate each side of the room with each color.

Recreate this gray and white dorm room:

20. Faux Brick Gray Dorm

One of my favorite decor hacks for dorm rooms is to use peel and stick wallpaper. You can completely transform your room without causing any damage to your walls.

This gray faux brick wallpaper would look perfect in a gray dorm room. It’s also great for girls or boys dorm rooms!

Recreate this dorm room idea:

Neutral Color Schemes

Do colors and patterns just stress you out? I feel you! I absolutely love neutral color schemes because they’re calming, easy to decorate, and look very clean and natural.

Here are my favorite neutral dorm decor items:

21. Cozy Neutrals

I am OBSESSED with this neutral dorm room decor. It looks so clean, cozy, and minimal.

You can achieve this same look with a neutral headboard, all white bedding, macrame plant holders, and a chunky neutral throw blanket.

Recreate this neutral dorm room:

22. White And Tan Neutral Dorm Room

Doesn’t this white and tan color scheme make this dorm room look so chic and put-together? I’m absolutely obsessed with the neutral throw pillows, mini coffee table, and decorated console table next to the bed.

Recreate this dorm room decor:

23. Neutral Boho

Neutral colors are perfect for boho dorm room styles. Colors like tan, beige, and white add to the earthy and natural vibes that are super popular right now in the boho decor space.

Add plenty of textured macrame wall hangings, throw blankets, and pillows to make a perfectly neutral boho dorm room.

Recreate this neutral boho dorm:

24. All White Dorm Color Scheme

When in doubt, just go for all white and cream colored decor! Your dorm room will look clean and cozy with this color palette.

Make sure to add in a lot of texture since you’re not adding any color to your dorm decor.

Recreate this all white dorm room:

Black Dorm Color Schemes

Black is a great color to base your dorm room around because it’s easy to match, goes with a lot of different design styles, and there are tons of black dorm items available.

I love black for both edgy style dorm rooms and chic dorm room decor. You can get a totally different look depending on what other colors you incorporate.

Here are some of my top picks for black dorm decor items:

25. Black And White Dorm

I love this black and white dorm room because it looks clean, chic, and not too busy. They’ve incorporated a lot of black without making the room look too dark or heavy.

Copy this black and white dorm room:

26. Black Glam Dorm

If you want a super high-fashion dorm room, stick to black and white with some luxury touches. Designer prints, peel and stick wallpaper, and faux leather croc pillows really elevate this space and make it look insanely chic for a dorm.

Copy this glam black and white dorm room:

27. Black And Pink

Pink and black is a perfect color combination for a girly but glam dorm room. I love the idea of using black as the base and then adding in plenty of pretty pink accents.

Copy this dorm room:

Red And Orange Dorm Color Schemes

Red and orange are bold and fun colors to decorate with. They’re the perfect color scheme if you want a super colorful dorm room.

Here are my favorite red and orange dorm decor items:

28. Hints Of Red

Red is such a bold color and sometimes it’s better to just add it in little doses. I love the idea of getting bedding with red outlines for a little pop of color. Also how cute are those vintage vogue prints?

Copy this dorm room:

29. Pops Of Orange

The bursts of orange in this boho dorm room make everything look so bright and happy.

Copy this boho orange room:

30. Orange And Teal Dorm Room

For a SUPER bright and colorful dorm room, try a combination of orange and teal. It’s fun, fresh, and super bold.

P.s. does this room give anyone else Zoey 101 vibes??

Recreate this bold dorm room:

31. Orange And Gray

I love this orange and gray color scheme for a dorm room. The orange is bold enough to brighten the room, but the gray mellows it out a bit so it’s not too overpowering.

By the way, the tufted dorm headboard from Dormify looks perfect with this color scheme, doesn’t it??

Recreate this dorm room:

32. Red And White Dorm Room

If you want a SUPER bold dorm color scheme, you’ll definitely want to go with red and white. It packs a huge punch and looks amazing when done right.

I love how they covered up an entire wall with a giant collage. You can get the same effect with this red collage kit from Amazon.

Recreate this red dorm room:

33. Red And Pink Dorm Color Scheme

I love how fun and girly pink and red look in a dorm room. The butterfly decals, pink string lights, and bold bedding work really well together in this room.

Recreate this pink and red dorm:

This post was all about the best dorm room color schemes.

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