15 Trendy Dorm Room Color Schemes For 2024

Trying to decide on what colors to use when decorating your dorm room? Here are the absolute cutest dorm room color schemes you’ll want to copy.

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Picking out decor for your dorm room can be overwhelming if you’re not sure what colors you’re going to decorate with.

A color scheme makes it super easy to shop for dorm decor because you have an idea in mind of what you want it to look like!

When it comes to deciding on a color scheme, the choices are pretty much endless. There are SO many combinations of colors out there that would look amazing in a dorm.

In this post we’ll share our top tips for choosing a dorm color palette. We’ll also share some examples of trendy dorm color schemes.

How To Choose A Dorm Color Scheme

Are you stumped on what color scheme to choose for your dorm? Here are our top tips for picking a dorm color scheme.

A collage of three dorm room scenes: 1) A bed draped with a green comforter under a canopy of ivy and fairy lights, 2) A lofted bed with blue patterned bedding and a wall art collage, 3) A bed with gray linens beneath vinyl records and a monochrome wall art piece.

1. Use What You Have

If you already have a large decor item (like a rug or bedding) that you’re planning on taking to college, it’s smart to base the rest of your dorm around the colors in that item.

For example, if you have a large blue rug, you’ll want to incorporate blue into your color scheme.

2. Look At What You Wear

If you’re stuck on what colors to choose, it’s time to head to your closet.

People tend to wear clothes in colors that they like and are pleasing to them. So that’s a great place to start when deciding on a color scheme for your dorm!

If you wear a ton of bright and bold colors, you’ll want your room to reflect that. Always rocking neutrals? Maybe you’ll want to stick to whites and browns.

3. Go For One Or Two Accent Colors

One foolproof way to ensure that your dorm room looks cohesive and aesthetic is to stick to neutrals and add an accent color.

Your bigger items should be neutral-colored and then you can add in pops of your accent color.

This method is also great for indecisive people or people who like to redecorate a lot. It’s a lot easier to change out your accent decor than it is to swap out the big stuff!

Trendy Dorm Room Color Schemes

Now that you know how to pick out your color scheme, let’s take a look at some real-life examples of trendy dorm color palettes.

You can use these as inspiration for how you’ll decorate your dorm room with your chosen colors!

1. Bright Neutral Color Scheme

A cozy dorm room with a warm ambiance, featuring a bed covered with a chunky knit blanket and a laptop on a small wooden tray, flanked by fairy lights and hanging plants on the wall.
Source: Pinterest

Do lots of colors and patterns just stress you out? You may want to stick to neutrals for your dorm decor!

We absolutely love neutral color schemes because they’re calming, easy to decorate, and look very clean and natural.

Bright neutrals like white or beige will make a small space feel bigger. And you can add in lots of textures to keep things interesting.

2. Calming Blue & Gray

A well-organized dorm room with a bed dressed in blue and white linens, a side table with a lamp, and a wall adorned with a collection of framed personal photographs, beside a sunlit window with blinds.
Source: Pinterest

If you’re on the hunt for a calming color scheme you’ll want to go with blue and gray.

Not only are these colors very soothing, but they’re also incredibly easy to find in dorm decor!

Pretty much every item you can think of comes in blue or gray, so shopping for this dorm room color scheme will be a breeze.

3. Hot Pink Dorm Color Scheme

A vibrant dorm room with two beds covered in white and pink bedding, neon pink accents, a collage of assorted prints on the wall, and a colorful area rug.
Source: Pinterest

Are you a fan of super bold and girly decor? Then you’ll absolutely love living in a hot pink dorm room.

This color scheme is so fun with the bright collage kit, colorful pink rug, and hot pink lip pillows.

Just make sure your roommate is on board with this before you buy all of your decor. Hot pink can look so good in a dorm room, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

4. Pastel Green And Pink

A cozy dorm room corner with a plush green blanket on a bed, adorned with cute stuffed animals and framed by fairy lights and ivy. The wall features a pastel-themed gallery of art prints and a digital clock.
Image Source: Pinterest

Pastel greens and pinks tend to be really easy on the eyes. So this dorm color palette is great for someone who likes to live in a calming environment.

This color scheme also gives you a lot of freedom to add personality to your dorm room.

Add in some fun decorations like flower-shaped throw pillows, faux vines, and a pastel colored collage kit.

5. Blue And Coral Color Scheme

A neatly made dorm bed with a light blue comforter and coral colored throw, under a wall decorated with framed art prints, hanging planters, and a wooden sign.
Image Source: Pinterest

If you want to have a bright and colorful dorm room, go for blue and coral decorations!

These two colors pair so well together and just make everything look so fun and fresh.

6. Gray And Black Dorm Room

A dorm room with a comfortable bed draped in gray bedding, decorated with fairy lights and vinyl records on the wall, featuring a large print of 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa' and a minimalist calendar.
Image Source: Pinterest

Who said gray and black decor had to be boring?

This neutral dorm room keeps things interesting without color by including plenty of different textures and designs.

7. Light Blue And Cream

A raised dormitory bed with a blue polka-dot comforter and a plush white throw, storage drawers and organizers underneath, complemented by a wall adorned with blue patterned art prints and personal photos
Image Source: Pinterest

Blue is such a versatile color to decorate your dorm with. It pairs well with just about any other color.

We love how simple and clean this light blue and cream dorm room color scheme looks.

You can recreate this gorgeous dorm room decor with a fluffy cream-colored blanket, blue dotted sheets, and some simple blue and white prints.

8. Bright Pink And Orange

A dorm room with a bed adorned with a pink throw and fluffy pillows against a wall collage of pink and white motivational prints, with storage cubes and a laundry basket beneath the bed.
Image Source: Pinterest

Want to go bold? Go for bright shades of pink and orange in your dorm room decor.

A great way to prevent this color scheme from feeling too busy is to keep your bedding pretty low-key.

Your bed is the biggest piece of furniture in your dorm room, so getting a neutral-colored comforter will help tone down the bright colors a bit.

9. Pale Yellow Color Scheme

A dorm room featuring a cozy bed with pale yellow pillows and a matching throw blanket, surrounded by fairy lights, framed sunflower art, and a personalized name sign
Image Source: Pinterest

Yellow can brighten up just about any room. But sometimes it can be a bit overpowering.

This pale yellow is a great way to add some warmth and brightness to a room without being too in-your-face.

Plus it pairs well with neutrals like white, beige, and gray.

10. Dusty Rose And White

A smiling student sits on a bed with white and pink bedding, in a warmly lit dorm room decorated with a personalized pinboard, wall art, and a tote bag
Image Source: Pinterest

If you want to add some pink to your dorm room without going over the top, you can’t go wrong with dusty rose.

It’s a lot more subtle than other shades of pink and it goes with just about any other color!

I love this combination of dusty rose, beige, and white for a dorm room. It’s super cute but also looks more grown up than some other pink dorm rooms.

11. Earthy Green And Neutrals

A dorm room bed under a canopy of green ivy and string lights, with a plush cheetah toy and soft green pillows, giving off a calm and natural vibe in the sunlight streaming through the window.
Image Source: Pinterest

Earthy greens and neutrals will always be in style! This color palette will help you feel fresh and calm all semester long.

One great way to bring some green into your dorm room is with plants. Real plants are great because they purify the air, but fake plants look good in dorm rooms as well.

Faux greenery like vines are super popular to use in dorm rooms. They’re super affordable and help cover a lot of blank wall space.

12. Pops Of Red

A smiling young woman reclines on a bed with white and red linens and decorative pillows, beneath framed Vogue covers.
Image Source: Pinterest

Red is such a bold color and sometimes it’s better to just add it in little doses.

We love the idea of getting white bedding with red outlines for a little pop of color. Also how cute are those vintage vogue prints?

13. Gray And White Theme

A stylish dorm room with a plush bed covered in a gray throw and accented with textured pillows
Image Source: Pinterest

Gray is a great color for dorm rooms because it’s SUPER easy to find gray dorm decor and furniture.

This gray and white themed dorm room is anything but boring! The mixtures of textures and shapes keep things visually interesting without adding color.

14. Orange, Pink, and Yellow

A bright and inviting dorm room with a lofted bed adorned with textured white and pink bedding, colorful accent pillows, and neon lights.
Image Source: Pinterest

Want your dorm room to feel like sunshine all the time? Deck it out in shades of orange, pink, and yellow!

Such a bright and happy college dorm color scheme idea!

15. Classic Black And White

A sophisticated dorm room with a black upholstered bed and white linens, designer framed posters on a brick wall, and a glowing neon butterfly light.
Image Source: Pinterest

Black is a great color to base your dorm room around because it’s easy to match, goes with a lot of different design styles, and there are tons of black dorm items available.

This black and white dorm room looks totally chic and timeless!

Hopefully this post gave you tons of inspiration for how to decorate your college dorm. You can’t go wrong if you stick to one of these dorm room color schemes.

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