23 Under Bed Dorm Storage Ideas You Need In Your Dorm Room

Looking for genius ways to utilize the space under your dorm bed? Here are 23 of the best under bed dorm storage ideas every freshman needs to know.

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One of the hardest parts about living in a dorm is trying to find more storage space. Most college dorm rooms are tiny.

No matter how hard you try not to overpack, you can still end up feeling like you have nowhere to put things.

The good news is that there are tons of ways to maximize storage space in your dorm room. One of my favorite storage solutions is to utilize the space under your bed.

In this post, we’ll go over some of the best under bed dorm storage ideas that you’ll want to copy. You’ll get my top recommendations for products that will create tons of storage space under your dorm bed.

Under Bed Storage Inspiration

If you’re not sure how to configure your under bed dorm storage, here are some inspiration pictures to help you decide. These are real examples from actual college dorm rooms!

1. Cube Shelves And Dresser Drawers

storage shelves under dorm bed
Source: Jessica Slaughter

I love the different under bed storage options in this dorm room.

The dresser drawers would be great for storing pants and other clothing items. The storage cart is perfect for storing snacks and kitchen items.

And the cube shelves are a great spot for random accessories like hair tools, school supplies, etc.

Copy this under bed storage idea:

2. Put Your Mini Fridge Under Your Bed

mini fridge under dorm bed
Source: Pinterest

Another great way to utilize the space under your dorm bed is to store your mini fridge under there.

I love this idea because it can be hard to find space for your mini fridge in your dorm room. Keeping it under the bed makes it accessible but still tucked away and out of sight.

It looks like this girl has a mini fridge AND a drink cooler under there, which I’ve never seen in a dorm room before. Such a genius idea if you have the room for it.

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3. Plastic Drawers Under Dorm Bed

The image shows a well-organized dorm room with a lofted bed featuring a stylish chevron headboard and grey bedding. Under the bed are multiple storage drawers and bins, maximizing space utilization. The room has grey curtains, a blue and white area rug, and university pride is displayed with a flag above the bed.
Image Source: Jessica Jenkins

Another genius under bed dorm storage idea is to use plastic drawers. This will give you SO much more storage space for your clothes, snacks, and other personal belongings.

It’s such a genius idea to have labels on each drawer so you never forget what’s inside.

Recreate this under bed dorm storage:

4. Cube Shelves And Hidden Storage

The image features a cozy dorm room with a raised bed covered in white bedding. Underneath the bed, there's an organized storage system with cube shelves and pull-out bins. A photo collage board filled with memories adorns the wall next to a string of warm fairy lights, creating a personalized and inviting ambiance.
Image Source: Pinterest

This has to be one of the most genius under bed storage ideas I’ve seen! Push your cube shelves all the way forward under your bed and then you can use the space behind them for more storage.

Obviously, this only works if you have an open space at the foot of your bed. But if your dorm bed is like this one, this is such a smart idea!

You can use that extra storage space for your laundry basket, out of season clothes, or bulky items like extra bedding and towels.

Copy this under bed dorm storage solution:

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5. Shoe Racks

The image features a cheerful young woman sitting cross-legged on a raised bed in a well-organized dorm room. The bed is neatly made with a patterned grey and white comforter and several decorative pillows. String lights and a photo collage create a cozy ambiance on the wall above the bed. Below the bed, a clever storage solution is visible, with a variety of shoes neatly arranged on racks.

If you have a ton of shoes, you’re going to want to have some shoe storage under your bed.

I love the idea of putting a big shoe rack underneath your bed. It makes it easy to grab the pair you’re wearing that day, but it still keeps them out of the way.

Copy this under bed shoe storage idea:

6. Storage Crates

This image shows a neatly organized dorm room with a warm, bohemian aesthetic. A comfortable bed is adorned with textured pillows and a cozy grey throw blanket. Under the bed, practical white plastic crates are used for storage, and a plush rug lies on the floor. The room is decorated with a fabric tassel garland, geometric wall art, and various pictures

One super easy solution for under your dorm bed is to use storage crates. I love this idea because it’s cheap, easy, and doesn’t require any assembly.

Place all of your snacks, accessories, and miscellaneous items in crates and just shove them under your bed.

Recreate this creative dorm storage idea:

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7. Dresser Drawers

The image depicts a cozy dorm room corner with a bed raised over white storage drawers, which are being utilized for efficient under-bed storage. The bed is adorned with a variety of textured throw pillows and a gray knitted blanket.
Image Source: Pinterest

If you need all the extra clothes storage you can get, put some dresser drawers under your bed.

I love how clean and organized these white dresser drawers look in this dorm room.

Copy this under bed dorm storage idea:

8. Storage Trunk

A cozy and well-organized dormitory room featuring a single bed with white bedding and multiple decorative pillows. The bed is raised on risers to provide under-bed storage with visible containers and a red throw blanket draped over the side. The wall above the bed is adorned with a creative collage of personal photos and prints, adding a personalized touch to the space.
Image Source: Pinterest

Another great storage solution for underneath your dorm bed is a storage trunk. I love these for dorm rooms because they hold a TON of stuff.

They also can be pulled out and used as extra seating when you have guests over. We love multi-purpose dorm items!

Copy this dorm storage idea:

The Best Under Bed Dorm Storage Ideas

Here are the best products that I’ve found for under bed dorm storage.

9. Under Bed Storage Bins With Wheels

If you’re looking for a super functional storage solution for under your dorm bed, these rolling storage bins are perfect for you.

Under Bed Storage Containers with Wheels (2 Pack)
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They’re sturdy, hold a ton of stuff, and come with wheels for easy access. I like having clear storage bins in my dorm room because I know exactly what’s inside each bin.

10. Storage Trunk

A storage trunk is another one of my favorite under bed dorm storage ideas.

They look great, hold a ton of stuff, and can be used as extra seating when you have friends over.

11. Cube Shelves

Cube shelves are definitely one of the most popular organizational products for dorm rooms. I’m pretty sure every single person I met in college had one of these units somewhere in their dorm!

ClosetMaid 6 Cube Storage Shelf
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They’re popular for a good reason though – they’re super affordable, easy to assemble, and they hold a ton of stuff.

I like pairing them with fabric bins for a sleeker look and more storage space.

Amazon Basics Fabric Storage Cubes - 6 Pack
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12. Plastic Crates

A super simple storage solution for dorm rooms is to use plastic crates!

Sterilite Stackable Storage Crate, 6 Pack
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I know people who used crates everywhere in their dorm room – under the bed, in the closet, on their desks, etc.

They really are a great storage idea for dorms because they’re lightweight, stackable, and usually pretty affordable.

13. Fabric Storage Bags

Fabric storage bags are one of my top recommendations for under bed dorm storage ideas.

3-Pack Under Bed Storage Bags
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I love these because they’re super affordable, easy to pack, and they can be folded up when you’re not using them.

I used these in my first apartment after college and I’m still using them for under bed storage! They hold all of my out of season clothes, extra linens, and big coats and they fit perfectly under my bed.

14. Rolling Clothing Storage Carts

These rolling clothing storage carts are so genius!

They’re really similar to the fabric bags above, but they come with a cart and wheels. This adds more structure and stability, so you can store heavier items like textbooks in them.

These would be so nice for dorm rooms because you can just roll them out from under your bed whenever you need something.

15. Plastic Drawers

Another favorite dorm organizational product is plastic storage drawers.

These are SO nice to have in college because they provide a ton of storage space and they’re super cheap.

I liked having clear storage drawers under my dorm bed for snacks, makeup, school supplies, and other odds and ends.

16. Fabric Shoe Organizer

If you’re someone who has a ton of shoes, you’re going to need to come up with creative storage solutions for them.

These under bed shoe storage organizers are perfect for small spaces like dorm rooms.

17. Storage Ottomans

If you’ve read any of my college packing list posts, you know I SWEAR by storage ottomans for dorm rooms. They’re definitely one of my top 10 favorite dorm items of all time.

The reason I love storage ottomans so much is that they’re multi-purpose!

You can store things in them, use them for extra seating, rest your feet on them, and even use them as a stepping stool to get onto your lofted bed.

18. Flip Top Storage Bins

These flip top bins are definitely one of my favorite under bed dorm storage ideas. They’re especially handy for storing things that you have to get at often.

Other storage bins and bags have zippers or big lids which are a pain to keep taking on and off.

With these flip top storage bins, you only have to pull them out halfway from under your bed to get inside of them.

19. Shoe Rack

This is another great under bed storage option for college students who have a lot of shoes.

I like shoe racks because you can see all of your shoes at once, but they still look organized and clean under your bed.

20. Utility Cart

Another favorite dorm storage item is the rolling utility cart.

I love these because there are SO many uses for them. You can use them for toiletries in your bathroom, as storage for your snacks and kitchen items, or next to your desk to hold your school supplies.

My favorite use for these is under bed storage. You can store pretty much anything on them and just roll them out when you need to get at anything.

They would also make a great bedside table if you don’t loft your bed too high.

How To Hide Your Under Bed Dorm Storage

If you don’t want to be staring at ugly storage bins all day, there are some creative ways to hide your under bed dorm storage.

Here are a few genius ideas for covering up the area under your dorm bed.

21. Dorm Bed Skirt

A functional and inviting dorm room with two wooden bunk beds adorned with plush white and patterned bedding. The room is equipped with practical storage solutions, including under-bed drawers, a teal storage ottoman, and matching desk organizers.
Image Source: Pinterest

One of the most popular ways to hide the area under your dorm bed is to use an extra long bed skirt. These are made specifically for dorm beds.

Copy this dorm room idea:

22. Storage Cubes

storage cubes at foot of dorm bed

If you’re trying to hide the back of your bed, storage cubes are a great solution.

Place them at the foot of the bed and they’ll block the view of your under bed storage from the doorway. Plus, they give you even more storage space!

Copy this dorm storage idea:

23. Mirrors

mirrors at the foot of dorm beds

Another great way to cover up the area at the end of your bed is with mirrors.

Full length mirrors are an absolute necessity in dorm rooms, so why not give your mirror an extra purpose?

There you have it – the most genius under bed storage ideas for dorm rooms. Hopefully this post gave you some good ideas for what to do with the space under your dorm room bed.

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