50+ Hilarious Graduation Puns For Instagram Captions

This post is all about the best graduation puns.

Graduation puns

Congrats grad! You’ve made it through four (or more) years of essays, all night study sessions, and cafeteria food.

Now that it’s all behind you, you’re probably reminiscing on the time you spent in college. When you’re ready to post that graduation selfie, you’ll want to have a great caption to go along with it. To help you out, I’ve put together this list of 50+ puns that you can use for your graduation picture.

I’ve included all of the cheesy, witty, and sassy puns that I could think of for college graduates.

Here are my 50+ favorite graduation puns for Instagram captions.

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Witty Graduation Puns

1. Leave me a-loan now, thanks.

2. That’s enough B.S. for me.

3. You may have graduated with honors, but I’m just honored to graduate.

4. Calc-u later!

5. I just hope this B.S. pays off.

6. It just got one degree hotter in here.

7. The tassel was worth the hassle.

8. You’ve been schooled.

9. That’s cap.

10. Grad & Boujee.

11. I “wined” a lot, but I did it.

12. Now hotter by one degree.

13. Got my tassel, now back to the castle.

14. Post Pone Ma Loan (Post Malone, get it?)

15. I finally got the D.

16. Don’t leave me a loan.

17. Mastered it, and have the paperwork to prove it.

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Movie/TV Graduation Puns

18. I still know nothing.

19. Game of Loans.

20. I owe, I owe. It’s off to work I go.

21. Interest is coming.

22. Breaking Grad.

23. Padawan no more, a master I am.

24. Get in losers, we’re graduating.

25. Dobby has no masters, but I do.

Puns For Math Majors

26. When math majors graduate, do they get degrees or radians?

27. Weapon of math destruction.

28. Data queen.

29. I had the formula to success.

30. A “sine” of something good to come.

31. Sum of the best years of my life.

32. Here to ins(pi)re.

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Graduation Puns For English Majors

33. Time to turn the page.

34. English majors get lit.

35. On to the next chapter.

36. It’s lit(erature).

37. Writing my next chapter.

38. The world is mine for the reading.

Puns For Engineering Majors

39. The code never bothered me anyway.

40. Truss me, I’m a civil engineer.

41. Finally it pays to be a nerd.

42. I’m an engineer. Byte me.

Puns For Science Majors

43. Chemists – you have to keep an ion them.

44. I’ve graduated… now take your chemistry puns and barium.

45. Time to b.cereus about life.

46. I graduated! Now I can make bad science puns periodically.

47. I’m in my element now.

48. Now the cylinder and I are both graduated.

Animal Puns For Graduates

49. Snailed it.

50. I am fully koalafied.

51. Get meow-ta here.

52. Whale done, graduate.

53. I pugging did it!

This post was all about funny puns for graduates.

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