20 Perfect Christmas Ornaments For College Students

This post is all about the best Christmas ornaments for college students.

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christmas ornaments for college students

Going to college is such an important time in your life, and it should definitely be celebrated.

From getting into college, to acing your classes classes, and finally graduating, there are so many milestones to commemorate.

One super fun way of commemorating your college times is with a cute college ornament. I love collecting ornaments that represent different times in my life.

Whether you’re just starting college, just aced a class, or if you’re a recent grad, there’s an ornament out there for you.

Here are 20 perfect Christmas ornaments for college students that you’ll definitely want to hang on your tree.

Christmas Ornaments For College Students

1. College Hoodie Ornament

This collegiate hoodie ornament is so perfect for college students.

It’s from the Old World Christmas Store on Amazon and they have a ton of super cute ornaments for pretty much every college.

I especially love their college-themed beanie ornaments!

2. Personalized College Freshman Ornament

This is such a cute Christmas ornament for college freshmen. You can have it customized for your college student’s name, school, and year.

They have guys and girls and different hair colors to choose from as well.

3. Diploma Ornament For College Students

This diploma ornament will definitely be a favorite on your college student’s Christmas tree.

All of the ornaments from this shop are made of mouth-blown glass and hand painted, which is so impressive!

4. First College Christmas Ornament

This ornament would be so cute to gift to a college freshman. It’s made from stainless steel so it’ll last forever!

5. Personalized School Ornament

college ornaments

This is one of the most gorgeous Christmas ornaments for college students. You can really tell that a lot of work goes into each one.

You can personalize everything about these ornaments, including the name, letters, year, and color of the background.

6. College Graduate Christmas Ornament

If your college student is graduating this year, this is a perfect Christmas ornament for them.

You can personalize the name, school, and year on the ornament.

7. College Beanie Ornament

I think this beanie is such a cute Christmas ornament for college students. I’ve linked a few different ornaments from this same shop in this post.

They make a ton of different styles for pretty much any college you could think of.

8. Starfish College Football Ornament

Looking for the funniest Christmas ornament for college football fans? They’ll love this hand-painted starfish ornament from Etsy.

This ornament is made-to-order, so you can request any college (or high school) football team.

9. College Stocking Ornament

This is another college Christmas ornament from the Old World Christmas shop on Amazon. I absolutely love this college stocking ornament.

10. Acrylic College Ornament

I absolutely love acrylic ornaments, and these college themed ones are so cute. There are several different colleges to choose from and they’re so affordable.

11. Santa’s Favorite Student Ornament

How cute is this ornament for college students? It’s durable, affordable, and includes a gift bag.

12. Personalized Photo College Ornament

personalized Christmas ornament for college students

If you want your college student’s face on your Christmas tree, this is the perfect ornament. You can customize the year, name, and photo.

13. Personalized Graduation Year Ornament

This graduation year ornament is so cute for any college student.

It’s important to note that the seller does not personalize it for you. If you want to include the college graduate’s name, you can do so with a permanent market.

14. Burnt Wood College Ornament

burnt wood college ornament

I love the natural, rustic look of these wood burned ornaments. You can choose from wood burned or branded style.

They can do any college logo and they top off every ornament with beads in your college’s colors. This is such a beautiful handmade ornament for college students.

15. College Football Ornament

Another gorgeous ornament from the Old World Christmas Shop. They’re all just so gorgeous!

This helmet ornament would be perfect for any college football fan.

16. Personalized Sorority Ornament

If your college student is a part of a sorority, this is the perfect college Christmas ornament for them. You can choose to add your sorority’s greek letter symbol.

17. College Pennant Ornament

Show off your school pride with this college pennant ornament.

Their shop is a little hard to navigate, but they have ornaments for pretty much all of the major colleges in the US.

18. College Sweater Ornament

I think these college sweater ornaments are the absolute cutest. Each ornament is hand knit and made to order.

These ornaments have really good reviews and they look so adorable on Christmas trees.

19. Student Desk Ornament

Nothing says college like a full desk and a cup of coffee! This ornament will help celebrate your years in college while also looking cute on your tree.

I love that you can customize it with your name and graduation year.

20. Graduation Gown Ornament

This is the perfect Christmas ornament for college graduates.

You can add their school name, graduation year, and name to the gown for total personalization.

This post was all about the best Christmas ornaments for college students.

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