11 Easy Classes At UF For A GPA Boost

Need a class that you can pass with an easy A at the University of Florida? Here are 11 easy classes at UF that you can take if you want an GPA boost.

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easy classes at UF

We’ve all been there – your GPA isn’t where you want it to be and you’re freaking out. Luckily, you’re probably only a few A’s away from a better GPA.

If you need a boost to your grade point average, we recommend taking an easy class that you think you can get a good grade in.

If you’re a student at the University of Florida, here are the easiest classes you can take to boost your GPA:

Easiest Classes At UF

1. GLY 1102 – Age of the Dinosaurs

How awesome is a class about Dinosaurs?  This online, introductory-level course is a deep-dive into the dinosaur age, with focus on the geology and biology of life forms from that era.

According to this Reddit user, you are allowed to use your textbook and notes during online exams, making this course an easy A.

Here is a sample syllabus so you can see an example of the workload for this class. When it comes to easy classes at UF, this is definitely one of the top picks.

2. PPE 3003 – Psychology of Personality

If you are someone that has an interest in getting their feet wet in Psychology, look no further. 

This course surveys the forces and factors that make people themselves. You will explore the science of personality and subconscious behaviors.

Without exams, the grade for this course is based solely on quizzes and assignments. 

This Reddit user states that there is somewhat of a high assignment workload, but nothing stressful.

If you want an example of past workload in this course, view a syllabus from a past semester here.

3. MDU 4003 – Introduction to the Professions of Medicine

This 3 credit course will give you an introduction to the daily life of healthcare providers. 

This course is described by students as having one easy quiz per week based on a provided webpage or video. 

With no exams and light coursework, this class is definitely an easy A.

Here is a syllabus from a previous semester. While the class may have changed a bit since then, you’ll be able to get an understanding of what the workload may be like.

4. WIS 2040 – Wildlife Issues in a Changing World

This course will outline many of the current issues that threaten wildlife at both a local and global scale.

UF students describe this class as being incredibly easy, and perfect for students to add to their course load if they have other difficult classes in their schedule.

According to this Reddit user, you are allowed to use your notes during exams and much of the course content is on Quizlet.

View the course syllabus from a past semester here.

5. WIS 2552- Biodiversity Conservation: Global Perspective

Similar to the course above, this course focuses on getting a global perspective of biodiversity issues and patterns. You will learn about conservation, evolution, and human’s role in biology.

This Reddit user who took the class a few years ago describes the class as being very easy with very minimal coursework.

If you have any interest in conservation and ecology, we recommend trying to fit both this course and WIS 2040 into your schedule during your time at UF.

6. FOR 4934 – Nature of Running

For all you runners out there, this course may be perfect to help you get a better understanding of why and how we run. 

Class content will include brief lectures and a running session every week. 

While this course is only 1 credit, there are no exams for this course, so you can expect to be graded on participation and brief journal entries. This will allow you to secure that easy A.

7. ENY 4573 – Beekeeping I

Multiple UF students have mentioned that this course is an easy A with very engaging and interesting content. 

With course content focusing on the mechanics and biology of beekeeping, you will learn a lot about a subject that many students probably know nothing about!

Based on this syllabus from a past semester, your grade will be determined from assignments and peer evaluations of a bee keeping report.

With no exams and seemingly-light coursework, we feel that this makes this course an easy A.

8. HSC 3537 – Health and Medical Terminology

This course will explore medical word building and how medical terminology is defined and used. 

If you have any interest in the medical field or would like to broaden your knowledge on medical terminology, multiple UF students have reported this class as an easy A.

Based on the course syllabus from a past semester, you will be graded on online examinations, online exercises, and 1 quiz. There is also extra credit available.

9. TPP 2100 – Acting for Non-Majors

As described in the course title, this course is intended for students not majoring in acting to dip their toes into the world of drama.

If you have any interest in getting in some acting practice, this course is perfect for you. Course content will sharpen students’ acting skills and get them comfortable in an acting environment.

Based on the course syllabus found here, your grade is mainly based on monologues and writing critiques.

Assignments range from viewing UF theater productions to writing analyses of plays. 

10. SLS 1409 – Professional Pathways in the Liberal Arts and Sciences

Are you interested in gaining tools to help further your career in liberal arts and sciences? This course will provide them.

According to this Reddit user, the class will help you learn resume building and cover letter writing.

They state that your grade is entirely in your power, as you can re-write your assignments as many times as you’d like. How’s that for an easy A?

View the course syllabus from Spring of 2024 here.

11. SYG 2430 – Marriage and Families

If you’re looking for something more focused on the societal sphere, this course will explore issues and information regarding humans and relationships.

Coursework will include discussion board posts and various assignments throughout the semester. 

Your grade will be based on just those assignments and a few quizzes, so we feel as though this course ends up being an easy A.

This post was all about easy classes to take at UF to boost your GPA.

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