How To Write The Perfect Sorority Interest Letter (With Examples)

Are you looking for a way to express interest in a sorority? Here’s how you can write the perfect sorority interest letter that will help win you the bid.

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Sororities are a lovely community full of ambitious and strong-willed women. There are many pros to joining a sorority, such as gaining leadership skills, making life-long friends, receiving academic support, a sense of security and acceptance, etc. 

A letter of interest discusses why you wish to join the specific sorority. Because your letter is an influential factor in being accepted into a sorority, you should prepare a professional letter.

This letter is typically sent to the sorority’s president or recruitment chair. It should include information about why you are interested in joining the sorority and what you can contribute to their organization. 

Sometimes, a potential new member may have yet to learn which sororities are even accepting applications when they write their interest letter.

In other cases, a potential new member may know that many different sororities are accepting applications. However, they still want to let them know why they should be considered for membership. 

A letter of interest can help you stand out from other students and applicants positively. So let’s look at how to write an outstanding interest letter for a sorority!

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What To Include In A Sorority Letter Of Intent

Knowing what to include in a sorority letter of intent is important as this can influence your application. Here is what to include in a sorority letter of interest:

1. Make A Heading For The Interest Letter 

Your heading must state your name, phone number, email address, and mailing address.

Place this at the top of your letter, preferably starting at the top left corner of the page.

2. Add The Sorority’s Name And Address

Add the date you are sending the application to the sorority as well as the name and address of the sorority.

When you include the address of the sorority, add the city, state, and zip code under the name of the sorority. 

3. Start By Typing Your Greeting

When addressing the sorority, you must be professional and formal. Use two spaces and a proper salutation when writing to the sorority.

Start by addressing the sorority, like typing “Dear (insert sorority name)”. You can use any wording to address the sorority as long as it is professional. 

Immediately write an introduction two spaces after your salutation and explain why you want to join this sorority and why you would be the perfect candidate to consider.

Be as specific as you possibly can and provide three or more reasons. 

4. Make A List Of Your Achievements

Provide the sorority with a list of your academic achievements as well as personal accomplishments, such as awards or trophies you have received thus far.

Furthermore, list any other skills and/or hobbies that will make your application look good. 

You can list that you completed short courses or speak a language other than your home language. Sororities love including diverse people in their groups. 

5. List Your Skills And Achievements

Continue by detailing your skills, achievements, and hobbies. If you have any unique skills, describe them in full detail and ensure that you provide enough information regarding your achievements. 

You can include skills like leadership, problem-solving, communication, people skills, etc.

If you find any activities interesting, mention them in the application, especially if you know the sorority participates in similar activities or interests. 

An Example Of An Interest Letter For A Sorority

Here is an example of a sorority interest letter:

Joanna Marshall



Phone Number


Zeta Tau Alpha

Sorority Address

It is an honor to be given an opportunity to submit an interest letter for Zeta Tau Alpha. I am a dedicated and passionate woman who aspires to become part of a sisterhood where I can contribute my time and skills. I am an advocate for equality, inclusion, and diversity; therefore, I would be an excellent asset to the sorority.  

To advance and improve the community and organization, I strive to promote a thriving and healthy environment where people of diverse backgrounds feel secure and empowered. I will contribute to the sorority by volunteering my time to arrange activities to encourage education and lend a helping hand. 

I am an open-minded and hardworking individual with good communication, people, and leadership skills. In high school, I was captain of a basketball team that won the state championships for three consecutive years. Additionally, I was appointed as the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper and obtained an award for being the best speaker on the debate team. I have always been a diligent student and have maintained a perfect academic record.

Learning and expanding my knowledge has always been essential part of my life. I am fluent in three other languages – French, Mandarin, and Spanish. I also enjoy outdoor activities like gardening, swimming, hiking, and camping. Hiking and camping will be excellent activity for team building, getting to know fellow members of Zeta Tau Alpha. I have many ideas to contribute to my dream sorority. 

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and consideration.

 Kind regards

Joanna Marshall

Frequently Asked Questions About Sorority Interest Letters

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Now that you know how an interest letter should be written, here are some frequently asked questions to further assist you. 

How Do You Express Interest In A Sorority?

If you’re interested in joining a sorority, you can do a few things to express your interest. First, research the sororities at your school and see which one aligns with your values and interests. 

Once you’ve narrowed it down, reach out to members of the sorority you’re interested in and ask about their experience.

Finally, attend events and get to know the members to see if it’s the right fit for you.

Once you’re ready to join a sorority, there are several ways you can express your interest.

In some cases, the process of joining may be as simple as filling out an application and attending events. Other times, though, it may take longer and require more effort. 

It’s important to remember that every chapter has its process for new members, so it’s best to ask about the specifics at your school when inquiring about membership.

Here are some tips for expressing your interest in joining a sorority:

1. Meet The Campus Chapter President Or High-Ranking Member

Explain that you’re interested in joining and would like to participate in their process. Ask about upcoming events so you can attend them and get to know the sisters better.

Fill out an application. In some cases, this is all that’s required for membership. If there needs to be an application, ask where to go to sign up.

2. Attend A Meeting

If there’s no application and the process is open, ask if it would be okay for you to attend a meeting to get to know the sisters better.

Sometimes, this step may not be necessary because the chapter president has already met with you. 

3. Participate In An Activity

If attending meetings isn’t required for membership and the sorority only allows new members at certain events, ask about other activities that might be happening soon. 

This allows you to participate with the sisters and get to know them better. Get involved on campus.

Participating in sorority events is a great way to show your enthusiasm for joining but being active outside of the group will help you stand out from other candidates. 

4. Become Involved With Campus Organizations 

Look for ways to become involved with campus organizations or attend school-related activities that are not affiliated with the sorority.

5. Contact People Who Have Been Members Before

If there’s no application, ask if it would be okay for you to contact previous members about their experiences in the sorority.

This gives you an idea of what to expect if you’re accepted and can help you prepare for future events. 

6. Participate In The Rush Process

Most sororities have a rush period that lasts between three and six weeks. During this time, you’ll be able to learn to know some of the sisters better so that they can decide whether or not they want to accept you into their chapter. 

Once you’ve expressed interest in joining, you must follow up with your sorority sisters to show your commitment.

If you’re invited to an event, attend it as soon as possible to experience opportunities for interaction and get to know one another better. 

If there’s no rush period or application available, ask if there are other ways to express interest, such as volunteering at events or attending meetings regularly. 

Who Should You Address The Letter To?

When writing an interest letter to a sorority, it is important to address and send the letter to the right person.

This will ensure that the right people read your letter and that you have a better chance of receiving a positive response.

There are some things to remember when addressing your letter, so follow these tips to ensure you get the best results.

Address the letter to the chapter president or vice president of recruitment. If no specific person is listed as the contact, address the letter to the entire sorority. 

This will ensure that you get a response from someone with authority to offer you membership in the organization.

Only send one letter to each individual or group; this can be seen as too pushy and may cause the individuals to ignore your membership request.

How Do You End A Sorority Interest Letter?

End your interest letter by thanking them for their consideration.

Add your name below your closing sentence and print the interest letter, signing your name or signature in black ink right above your typed name.

This post was all about how to write the perfect sorority interest letter.

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