32 Nurse Graduation Cap Ideas You Need To See (2024)

Graduating from nursing school soon? Here are the best nurse graduation cap ideas that you’ll want to recreate.

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Whether you’re heading into your first year of nursing school or you’ve just graduated…congrats!! That is such a huge accomplishment.

With all of the exams and studying, you probably haven’t even had time to think about how you’re going to decorate your grad cap.

That’s why I put together this list of 32 nurse graduation cap ideas that you absolutely NEED to see!

By the way, if you’re graduating soon and throwing a party, here are the absolute best nursing school graduation party ideas that you’ll want to copy.

nurse graduation cap ideas

Cute Graduation Cap Ideas For Nurses

1. Nursing Stickers Grad Cap

A customized graduation cap with sparkling black sequins, featuring the text 'NURSE ASHLEY ER' in bold red and gold letters. The cap is adorned with themed decorations including a stethoscope, syringe, pill bottle, bandage, and a 'You did it!' badge.
Source: Pinterest

One cute way to decorate your graduation cap after nursing school is to add a bunch of nursing themed stickers to it.

This pack of nursing themed stickers from Amazon would look super cute on a graduation cap.

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2. Little Miracles NICU Nurse Graduation Cap

A graduation cap decoration with a glittery rose gold background and a black bow at the base. The cap features the inspiring quote "life is full of little miracles" in black script, with "NICU nurse" below in green. It's embellished with small artificial flowers in the corners, celebrating the achievement of a new nurse specializing in neonatal care.
Image Source: Pinterest

How cute is this NICU nurse graduation cap?

I love the combination of the glittery background, black bow. and pink and white flowers. So fun and feminine.

3. Angels With Stethoscopes Grad Cap

A graduation cap creatively decorated with a heartfelt quote in glittering black text that reads 'Not all angels have wings. Some have stethoscopes,' set against a vibrant red background. The cap is edged with a border of rhinestones and features an artistic black stethoscope illustration.
Image Source: Pinterest

This nursing graduation cap idea is so creative! I love that they created the stethoscope out of black and white gemstones.

You could easily recreate this look with these stick-on gemstones from Amazon.

4. I’ll Be Your Nurse Today Cap

A personalized graduation cap held by a graduate, reading "hi i'm kat & i'll be your nurse today RN" in sparkling silver letters against a white background. The cap is beautifully adorned with a cluster of pink and white artificial flowers in the lower corner.
Image Source: Pinterest

You’re going to be saying this sentence pretty much for the rest of your life, so you may as well start now!

And how cute are the giant 3D flowers this graduate added?

5. Glam Nurse Graduation Cap

A graduation cap decorated with a teal glitter background and a heartbeat line design in black. The cap features the words "nurse brittany" in large coral letters.
Source: Pinterest

I love how simple but glam this nursing graduation cap is. Just add some letters onto a sparkly background for a really cute grad cap decoration.

Add some stick-on rhinestones to look like a ECG line.

6. The Best Things Come In Small Packages Cap

A diamond-shaped graduation cap with a light pink base, adorned with the sparkling message 'THE BEST THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES NICU RN' in silver and gold glitter.
Image Source: Pinterest

How cute is this graduation cap design idea for a future NICU nurse??

This would be super easy to recreate with some glitter paper, letter stickers, and adhesive sheets of rhinestones.

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7. PEDS Nurse Grad Cap Design

A glimmering pink graduation cap with the whimsical phrase 'who says we have to grow up' in white letters, followed by 'Peds NURSE ALLIE' featuring a stethoscope, heart, and colorful letters.
Image Source: Pinterest

What an adorable graduation cap idea for a pediatric nurse grad.

The letters say “who says we have to grow up?”, which is perfect for PEDS nurses because they’ll be working with kids.

8. Friends Themed Nursing Graduation Cap

graduation cap that says the one where I become a nurse
Source: Pinterest

If you’re a Friend’s fan, you’ll immediately recognize the yellow frame from the peephole in Monica’s apartment.

This would be an iconic design for your nursing school graduation cap.

9. Floral Nursing School Graduation Cap

A personalized graduation cap with the name 'Nurse Lindsay' painted in white cursive lettering, surrounded by a beautiful floral design of roses and succulents.
Image Source: Pinterest

I love the floral design of this nursing graduation cap!

It’s simple, pretty, and timeless! this looks like it was either printed out or handmade with black paper and some metallic gel markers.

10. Beautiful Day To Save Lives Grad Cap Idea

A navy blue graduation cap with the inspirational quote 'It's a beautiful day to save lives' in elegant cursive white lettering, accompanied by an EKG heartbeat line.
Image Source: Pinterest

This is definitely one of the most beautiful nurse graduation cap ideas I’ve seen. I love the ECG line and the gorgeous 3D flowers.

Funny Nursing Graduation Cap Ideas

11. ABCD Nurse Graduation Cap

A glittering champagne-colored graduation cap, elegantly decorated with a checklist that reads 'Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Degree,' each with a checkmark. The cap is beautifully framed with a floral arrangement of pink and cream paper flowers and pearls.
Image Source: Etsy

If you’re a nursing school graduate, you definitely know the ABCs of care. I love this hilarious play on that well-known protocol.

This graduation cap topper is available from the Etsy seller K’s Krafty Corner.

You can also recreate this graduation cap look yourself with 3D craft flowers, pink and black letter stickers, and stick-on pearls.

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12. NCLEX Is Coming Cap

A gold glitter-covered graduation cap with the bold statement 'NCLEX IS COMING!' in black letters, featuring a direwolf emblem from the 'Game of Thrones' series.
Image Source: Pinterest

Game of Thrones fans will definitely understand this reference.

There is nothing that nursing grads dread more than taking their NCLEX exams. Everyone will laugh when they see this funny nurse graduation cap idea!

13. Educated Dealer Graduation Cap

A graduation cap with a humorous twist, featuring the phrase 'Educated Drug Dealer' in black cursive script on a glittery coral background. The cap is adorned with a variety of cream and pink paper flowers along the edge and a large black bow with the letters 'RN BSN' in sparkling silver.
Source: Pinterest

Okay, you have to admit this is pretty dang funny. Now that you’re a nursing grad, you can say that you’re basically an educated dealer.

14. Fixin’ Cuts Nurse Grad Cap Idea

A boldly decorated graduation cap in black, sparkling with gold glitter writing that humorously states 'FIXIN' CUTS AND STICKIN' BUTTS,' accompanied by images of a bandage, pills, and a syringe.
Image Source: Pinterest

This graduation cap really shows off the “glamorous” side of nursing haha.

Recreate this funny nurse grad cap with stick-on pearls, faux flowers, and some glitter letter stickers.

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15. Hand Washing Nursing Grad Cap

A black graduation cap with a humorous statement in white letters saying 'MY DIPLOMA Says I Can Wash My Hands Properly...'
Image Source: Pinterest

Such a funny graduation cap idea for nurses!

Obviously we know nurses do a LOT more than just wash their hands properly (thank you nurses!), but you have to admit this is hilarious.

16. Busted Mine To Save Yours Cap Idea

A silver glittered graduation cap with the sentence 'BUSTED MINE TO SAVE YOURS' in bold black letters, featuring a red EKG heartbeat pattern. The cap is framed with red rhinestones.
Image Source: Pinterest

This is one of the most popular funny nurse graduation caps. I’ve seen variations of this “busted mine to save yours” cap ALL over Pinterest. It’s super funny and so true!

Recreate this one with silver glitter paper, black letter stickers, and red stick on gemstones.

17. Hot Nurse Sh*t Graduation Cap

A sparkling gold graduation cap held in hand, boldly stating 'REAL HOT NURSE SH*T' in black letters
Source: Pinterest

I’m obsessed with this funny nurse graduation cap idea! You’re one hot nurse and everyone should know it!

18. Almost Lost Me Grad Cap

pink sparkly graduation cap that says you almost lost me there but I pulled through
Source: Pinterest

Nursing school is HARD work but you pulled through!

Celebrate your achievement with this cute and funny nursing school graduation cap idea.

19. NCLEX Then Chill Grad Cap Idea

red glittery graduation cap that says NCLEX then chill
Source: Pinterest

I think this is one of the funniest graduation cap ideas on this list! It’s a play on the Netflix and chill phrase that everyone used to say.

Basically, you just need some red glitter paper, white and black letter stickers, and the nursing symbol.

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You’ll layer the black and white stickers on top of each other to look like the Netflix logo.

20. Time For Shots Cap

A playful black graduation cap with 'TIME FOR SHOTS' in bold white letters, accompanied by illustrations of a lime, bandage, and a shot glass with a lime slice. Below, 'BSN' is written in large white letters with a blue stethoscope.
Image Source: Pinterest

Get your shots and take some shots because you’re officially done with nursing school!

This graduation cap for nurses is hilarious and super easy to recreate.

21. One Degree Hotter Graduation Cap

A creatively decorated black graduation cap with the phrase 'one degree hotter' in white cursive script, along with 'nurse Sierra APU '2017'.
Image Source: Pinterest

I’m obsessed with this “One Degree Hotter” graduation cap design. It’s hilarious but also super cute!

22. Trauma Queen Graduation Cap

A black graduation cap with 'TRAUMA QUEEN' in bold red letters, adorned with a nurse's cap illustration with a red cross and surrounded by a scatter of iridescent rhinestones.
Image Source: Pinterest

This one is for the future trauma nurses! I love the bold red letters and the statement bow.

Add some stick-on gemstones and a cute nurses hat sticker and you’re good to go!

23. Graduation Era Cap Design

A colorfully painted graduation cap divided into quadrants with a medical theme. The cap features the statement 'IN MY GRADUATE ERA' with each quadrant showcasing a different symbol: a red cross, a stethoscope, a graduating student silhouette, and the year '1998' in blue
Image Source: Pinterest

This one is for the Swiftie nurses! Make an eras-inspired cap for your nursing school graduation.

You could also write something like “In my nurse era” or “In my saving lives era”.

24. A-FIB Nurse Graduation Cap Idea

A creative nursing graduation cap with a clever play on words. The cap features a heart design, an ECG line, a nurse's cap, and paper flowers, all elegantly arranged around the text.
Image Source: Pinterest

Who doesn’t love a good nursing pun! This A-FIB graduation cap is hilarious and also super beautifully designed.

I love all of the intricate details with the flowers and various nursing symbols.

Inspirational Nursing Graduation Caps

25. Carried You Nursing Grad Cap Idea

A black NICU nurse graduation cap featuring a spiritual message in white pearl beads stating 'IT WAS THEN THAT I CARRIED YOU -GOD' alongside a path of colorful baby footprints.
Image Source: Pinterest

This inspirational nursing grad cap is beautifully decorated and super easy to recreate.

You can spell out any inspirational quote you want with these rhinestone sticker letters.

26. Baby Steps Grad Cap Idea

A black graduation cap with 'BABY STEPS TO BSN' spelled out in colorful block letters at the top and golden letters in the center. The phrase 'nicu nurse' is written in pink at the bottom.
Image Source: Pinterest

This graduation cap design for nurses is genius because it represents two different things.

It commemorates the journey that you went through to get through nursing school, but it also hints at the tiny little humans you’ll be helping in the NICU.

27. Impossible Until It’s Done Nurse Grad Cap

Inspirational graduation cap that reads "It always seems impossible until it's done" in white and red letters.
Image Source: Pinterest

This inspirational graduation cap could be used for graduates from any major, but it especially rings true for nursing majors.

Nursing school is TOUGH, and it definitely can feel impossible at times. But you’ve made it through!

28. Be The Change Cap Idea

A black graduation cap with a hand-painted illustration of a nurse in teal scrubs holding a thermometer, alongside the inspirational quote 'be the change you wish to see in the world' in gold and red glitter.
Image Source: Mickey Yant Art

There’s no denying that nurses are changing the world. So this quote is perfect for a nursing school graduate’s cap.

29. One Step Closer Graduation Hat Design

A graduation cap with a dazzling ombre of rhinestones transitioning from black at the top to gold at the bottom, with the proud declaration 'ONE STEP CLOSER TO THE DREAM' in black rhinestones.
Image Source: Pinterest

Graduating nursing school brings you one step closer to your dream!

I absolutely love this intricately designed graduation cap idea.

30. Giving Hope Grad Cap

black graduation cap with the words "giving hope on the worst days Trauma Nurse" written around the border. In the center there is an image of a human heart.
Image Source: Pinterest

Trauma nurses are definitely heroes!

They help people get through the worst days of their lives. This graduation cap sums that up pretty well.

31. Adventurous NICU Nurse Grad Cap

A graduation cap with hand-painted script that reads, 'I think I'm quite ready for another Adventure NICU,' decorated with faux pink and maroon roses and a cluster of pearls.
Image Source: Pinterest

Nursing school was probably quite the adventure, but you’re not done yet! Now it’s time to head into the real adventure that is being a nurse.

This graduation cap is beautiful and super easy to recreate with a white fabric marker, gold letters, fake flowers, and some stick on pearls.

32. Inspirational ER Nurse Grad Cap

A close-up of a graduation cap decorated with a quote, 'The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others,' and the word 'nurse' adorned with a heart rhythm design and sparkly embellishments.
Image Source: Pinterest

The smaller words on this graduation cap say “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Nurses are the ultimate example of serving others!

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Recreate this inspirational grad cap with some cursive letter stickers and some multicolored stick-on gemstones. For the border, they used this rhinestone diamond ribbon.

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Hopefully this gave you some ideas for cute graduation cap designs for nurses!

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