11 Easy Classes At UCSD To Boost Your GPA

Need a boost to your GPA this quarter? Here are 11 easy classes at UCSD that you can take if you want an easy A.

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easy classes at UCSD
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We’ve all been there – your GPA isn’t where you want it to be and you’re freaking out.

Luckily, you’re probably only a few A’s away from a better GPA. If you need a boost to your grade point average, we recommend taking an easy class that you think you can get a good grade in.

If you’re a student at UCSD, here are the easiest classes you can take to boost your GPA:

Easy Classes At UCSD

1. MUS 8: American Music – Jazz Cultures

If you have any interest in music, MUS 8 is one of the easiest classes at UCSD.

This class covers the music and lives of some of the most influential jazz musicians from around the world.

According to Redditors, you’ll only be required to complete three simple reflections and two exams throughout the term. There is also no required reading, making this class a pretty easy A.

2. TDGE 11: Great Performances On Film

Several former students recommend courses in the Theatre department for an easy A. One of the top recommended GPA-boosters is TDGE 11.

This course goes over major accomplishments in screen acting.

Students say that the course consists of watching movies during class and writing one or two essays throughout the term. You will also have a final exam with multiple choice questions.

There are different topics to this course, so make sure you check the schedule of classes to see what the topic is for the term you want to take it.

3. EDS 25: American Higher Education And The Collegiate Experience

As a college student, it may be interesting for you to take a course about the college experience.

This class covers the purpose of higher education, multicultural issues in higher education, and other aspects of the collegiate experience.

Not only is it pretty easy to get an A in this class, but the course material is also very interesting. Many students on Reddit recommend it as a class that they actually enjoyed taking.

4. MUS 17: Hip-Hop

MUS 17 is another course offered by the music department that is said to be an easy A.

You’ll learn about the development of Hip-Hop in relation to history and culture in America. The course also goes over the technological and legal issues that have impacted its development.

According to one Reddit user, “we met once a week where all we did was listen and talk about hip hop music”.

Former students also note that the coursework is incredibly light.

Expect easy quizzes based on lecture slides, one or two essays throughout the term, and a final exam that involves naming songs and creating a short timeline of Hip-Hop history.

5. MGT 12: Personal Finance Management

Looking for a class with a light workload that will also benefit your personal life? MGT 12 is all about how to manage personal financial assets like savings and checking accounts, credit cards, and fixed assets.

Every college student could benefit from learning about 401ks, index funds, IRAs, and safe investments.

Not only is it incredibly useful information, but it’s also an easy A. Students report less than 1 hour of coursework every two weeks.

Here is an example syllabus from the Spring 2021 term.

6. ANTH 102: Humans Are Cultural Animals

Have you ever wanted to learn about the interaction between culture and biology in human beings?

This class gives an overview of how biology informs cultural debates over race, marriage, war, peace, etc. You will need to be eligible for upper-devision courses to take this class.

Depending on your professor, you will likely be graded on several short assignments throughout the term, two exams, and one group project.

Reddit users reported this class to be an easy A to take at UCSD.

View a past syllabus for ANTH 102 here.

7. TDGE 124: Cult Films – Weirdly Dramatic

If you’re an upperclassman, you can take this theatre course on cult films for an easy A.

As one Reddit user put it, “You show up to class one day a week, watch a movie, take a short quiz at the end, the final was a mash up of all the quizzes from the movies you watched. If you showed up, you got an A.”

This class will teach you about films from the last sixty years that have attained a cult status. If you want to get college credit by watching movies, this is the GPA booster class for you.

8. ANTH 23: Debating Multiculturalism – Race, Ethnicity, and Class in American Societies

If you have any interest in multiculturalism in American society, this course should be pretty easy to ace for you.

Expect to learn about race, ethnicity, and class in the United States. You’ll also study aspects of citizenship in American society in relation to social identities.

Former students report putting in minimal effort and still getting an A in the class.

There are required readings for the class, but you can probably get by with just skimming the material and listening to the material review in class.

You can check out a past syllabus for ANTH 23 at UCSD here.

9. TDAC 1: Introduction To Acting

If you’re not afraid to do a little bit of acting, TDAC 1 is a great class that’s an easy A.

As one Reddit user said, “You basically go to class, play games, learn some lines, and end up acting out some scenes.”

You will have to write a few essays about the plays you watch and perform, but former students still describe this class as easy and fun.

10. PSYC 1: Psychology

Who wouldn’t want to learn how the human brain works? Psychology is one of the most interesting classes that you can take at UCSD.

Many past students describe PSYC 1 as a very easy class to take. The course provides a general overview of the field of Psychology.

Here is an example syllabus from a past session of PSYC 1 at UCSD.

11. SIO 45: Volcanoes

How fun would it be to just learn about volcanoes for a quarter?

You’ll get a general overview of earth science and volcanic processes. You will be graded on two exams, weekly quizzes based on lecture material, and weekly activity or discussion posts.

Reddit users highly recommend professor Cook for this course. He is described as a very helpful and laid-back professor who wants his students to succeed.

You can check out a syllabus from the Winter 2022 term of this course here.

This post was all about easy classes to take at UCSD to boost your GPA.

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