31 College Apartment Bedroom Ideas You Need to See

In this post, we’ll talk all about the best college apartment bedroom ideas.

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college apartment bedroom ideas

Are you looking for cute college apartment bedroom ideas?

It can be overwhelming to plan what your college bedroom will look like. From furniture to bedding to wall decor, there’s a lot to consider. If you’re anything like me, you want a Pinterest-worthy college bedroom but you don’t want to spend a ton of time or money decorating it.

I put together this list of apartment bedroom decorating ideas to give you some inspiration. You’ll find the cutest decor ideas for every single corner of your college apartment bedroom.

Here are the cutest college bedroom apartment ideas that will give you a ton of inspiration for your room!

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College Apartment Bedroom Ideas:

1. Stick to a Color Scheme

college apartment decorating ideas on a budget

One of my top tips for decorating your bedroom in your college apartment is to stick to a color scheme. It will make everything in your room look so much more cohesive and put-together, even if you’re on a really tight budget.

I love how cozy the greens and neutrals look in this bedroom. The easiest way to stick to a color scheme is to pick neutral colors and add one accent color. In this room they chose white and beige as the neutrals, and added pops of green to have some fun color throughout the room.

Copy this college apartment bedroom idea:

2. Put a Bench at the End of Your Bed

If you have the space for it, try putting a cute wood bench at the end of your bed. It instantly makes your apartment bedroom look more put-together and grown up.

Plus, it’s the perfect place to throw your clothes at the end of the day.

Recreate this bedroom decor idea:

3. Put Up Fun Wallpaper in Your College Apartment Bedroom

If you’re not sure what to do with your blank wall in your college apartment bedroom, go with some fun wallpaper! Wallpaper adds some interest to your decor, without taking up a single square inch of space in your bedroom.

This is one of the easiest college apartment wall decor ideas. Just make sure you get removable wallpaper so you get your security deposit back!

I am absolutely obsessed with this black and white speckled wallpaper, but there are TONS of options for removable wallpaper on Amazon.

Some of my other favorites are this super fun jungle themed wallpaper, this colorful and eclectic flower and peacock wallpaper, and this bold black textured crocodile wallpaper.

Recreate this apartment bedroom decorating idea:

4. Add a Big Mirror

One of my favorite small apartment bedroom hacks is to add a large mirror somewhere in the room. It doesn’t seem like it’ll make a big impact, but mirrors really open up your space and make everything feel bigger.

This is perfect for a college apartment bedroom because they’re usually not the biggest rooms. Plus, it’ll save you from having to go into the bathroom every time you want to look in the mirror.

Copy this look:

5. Style Your Nightstand

One of the best ways to maximize your small space is to decorate every corner.

Styling a nightstand is a great small bedroom idea because it adds a big impact without taking up much space. I love the idea of hanging cute wall sconces rather than having lamps, because it leaves more room on your nightstand for decor.

Copy this college apartment bedroom idea:

6. Use a Dresser as a Nightstand

Another great small apartment nightstand hack is to use a small dresser as a nightstand. This will give you so much more storage in your college apartment bedroom.

This is one of the best small bedroom ideas that you’ll want to copy for sure!

Recreate this cute apartment bedroom look:

7. Hang Decorative Vines

Decorative vines are having a huge moment right now in dorm rooms and college apartment bedrooms.

I love that they add a touch of greenery without the maintenance of live plants. This idea of hanging them with string lights is absolutely genius and so adorable.

Recreate this apartment bedroom decor:

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8. Decorate With a Collage Kit

Collage kits are one of my favorite unique college apartment decor ideas. I love how much they transform a space. Not to mention how easy they are to hang up!

There are tons of collage kits on Etsy that are super affordable and go with any color scheme.

Recreate this bedroom decor idea:

9. Add in Lots of Texture

If you’re not into adding a ton of color into your room, you can still make it super interesting and cozy by adding in texture.

Having different patterns and fabric types adds texture without having to spend a ton on decor. It’s one of my favorite college apartment decor ideas.

Recreate this apartment bedroom design:

10. Create a Cute Desk Space in Your College Apartment Bedroom

If you’re living in a college apartment, you probably don’t have room for a separate home office. Your bedroom pretty much serves as an all-in-one living space.

If you want to have a desk in your college apartment bedroom, add some fun decorations to brighten up the space a little bit!

Recreate this college apartment desk space:

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11. Hang a Ton of String Lights

String lights are one of the best decor ideas for dorms or college apartment bedrooms. They’re super cheap, easy to hang, and they make your room look so magical.

I love the idea of hanging string lights all over your walls or even on your ceiling. Just look at this picture! They make this bedroom look sooo dreamy!

Recreate this college apartment bedroom design:

12. Add a Vanity Area

If you’re living in a college apartment, you probably are having to share your bathroom.

Sometimes, your college apartment bedroom is just too tiny to get ready in. One genius idea is to add a little vanity area to your bedroom. It’ll free up the bathroom for your roommates to use and it can be soo cute if you decorate it right.

You can even have your nightstand double as your vanity! Just add a mirror and a small stool to your nightstand area for the perfect two-in-one scenario.

Recreate this small apartment bedroom vanity space:

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13. Hang a Neon Sign

Neon signs are super trendy right now in apartment bedroom decor.

They come in a ton of different words and phrases so there’s definitely one that matches everyone’s personality. Plus, they give off such vibe-y lighting so it’s perfect for when you have movie nights or friends over to your room.

14. Go Minimalist With Your Decor

One of my favorite apartment bedroom ideas for college is to decorate in the minimalist style.

The minimalist aesthetic is so fresh and clean. I know for some people it can be a little bit sterile. But I love how this person used texture and different shades of neutrals to keep things warm.

Too much decor can feel cluttered in a small college apartment. Keeping your decorations minimal will help your room feel brighter and cleaner, even if it’s a really small space.

Recreate this minimalist college apartment bedroom:

15. Or Go Eclectic/Maximalist For Bedroom Decor

If the minimalist aesthetic is too boring for you, the opposite style is maximalist or eclectic. Basically, just piling in as much color, texture, and patterns as possible.

Honestly, this design style would totally stress me out. But if you like it, it’s super easy to decorate because anything goes with it!

This is also a good design style to go with if you have a design feature you’re not a fan of or ugly walls that you’re not allowed to paint. You’ll be able to hide poorly designed spaces pretty easily if you have tons of decor pieces everywhere.

Recreate this college apartment bedroom:

16. Hang a Tapestry

I love tapestries in dorm rooms and apartment bedrooms. They’re cheap, easy to hang, and they don’t damage the walls. Plus, they cover a lot of space so you don’t have to buy a ton of wall decor.

There are plenty of cute tapestries on Amazon and Urban Outfitters so you’ll definitely be able to find one that fits your college apartment decor style.

Copy this look:

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17. Hang Picture Shelves Over The Bed

A really cute trend that can save you money on a headboard is to hang a picture shelf above your bed.

Pro tip: If you’re not allowed to drill into the walls, you can copy this look with damage-free command shelves.

You can decorate your shelves with artwork, plants, books, or pretty much any other decor items.

Just make sure you have someone who knows what they’re doing install the shelves. You wouldn’t want anything to crash down on you while you’re in bed!

Recreate this apartment bedroom decor idea:

18. Add a Cute Area Rug

Area rugs are one of my favorite decor items for college apartments because they take up no space and don’t require any work. Just unroll them and enjoy!

Choose a bold pattern to change the aesthetic of the whole room or get a color that complements your existing decor.

Here are some cute rug options for college apartments:

19. Add a Reading Corner

How freaking cozy does this reading corner look?

If you have the space for it, I highly recommend adding a little reading nook into the corner of your college apartment bedroom. It’s the perfect spot to drink your coffee in the morning, study, or just take a good nap.

Make the area extra cozy by adding in some string lights and candles if your building allows them.

Recreate this cute college apartment reading nook:

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20. Include Lots of Plants in Your Apartment Bedroom

Plants can brighten up the gloomiest rooms. Plus, they help purify the air in your room.

I love filling my house with living plants but I know some people have a hard time keeping them alive. Here are my favorite apartment-friendly plants that are hard to kill:

  • Pothos plants can thrive in pretty much any conditions.
  • Snake plants don’t need much water or light which means they’re really hard to kill.
  • Chinese Evergreen plants are so cute and super hardy so they’re perfect for college apartments.
  • Jade plants are super easy to grow and the leaves shrink when they’re thirsty so you’ll always know when to water them.

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21. Hang Polaroids On Your Wall

A super cute college apartment bedroom idea is to hang polaroids on your walls.

If you’re going to college far from home, you can print out pictures of your friends and family to hang on your walls. I also love printing out pictures of my travels and hanging them somewhere I can see them all the time.

I love the idea of hanging polaroids from string lights. So cute and aesthetic.

Recreate this apartment bedroom wall decor idea:

22. Decorate Your Bedroom Walls With Hats

If you have a lot of hats, use them as decor in your college apartment bedroom! I love how this looks in minimal/boho aesthetic decor.

This is also a super easy way to cover up anything unsightly on your walls. Just hang a hat with a command hook over it!

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23. Use a Clothing Rack

Some college apartment bedrooms are very bare-bones. They may or may not have any closet space at all.

If your bedroom doesn’t have a closet or if it’s too small for your clothes, you can add some extra storage with a clothing rack.

I’ve even known some people who keep their full wardrobe in their closet, but hang their outfits for the week on a clothes rack in their room.

Recreate this college apartment bedroom idea:

24. Use a Ladder Bookshelf

I love ladder bookshelves because they take up less space than regular bookshelves and they look a lot cuter.

Store your books, display your pictures, add some cute decor elements, etc.

Recreate this apartment bedroom decor look:

25. Store Makeup and Skincare in a Utility Cart

A super cute and space-efficient way to store your skincare and makeup is to put it in a rolling utility cart. They don’t take up much space and you can stuff a ton of products into the shelves.

These storage carts would look super cute next to a desk or vanity!

Recreate this apartment bedroom storage idea:

26. Make Use Of The Space Under Your Bed

Your college apartment bedroom probably won’t have a ton of storage space. One place where you can have a little bit of extra storage is under your bed.

An easy solution is to get a bed frame that has built in storage drawers. However, a lot of times you don’t have the option to get an entirely new bed frame.

A cheap solution is to get some under-bed storage bins. You can get these pretty much anywhere, but I absolutely love these ones from Amazon. They’re super affordable, compact, and they have handles for easy access. They’re great for softer items like blankets, clothes, and winter coats.

If you want something a little bit more sturdy, these rolling under-bed storage bins are an amazing deal. They’re great for storing items like books, shoes, linens, clothes, etc.

The best under-bed storage for college apartment bedrooms:

27. Make A Wooden Slat Headboard

I saw a DIY wooden slat headboard on TikTok and I’ve been obsessed with the idea ever since. It actually looks fairly easy to recreate (and it’s renter friendly!)

You basically just buy wooden rods from Home Depot, have them cut to fit your wall height, and hang them with command strips.

Here is the link to the original TikTok that I saw.

Recreate this apartment bedroom headboard idea:

28. Create A Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a great way to fill up space on your wall and showcase your favorite photos and prints in your bedroom.

If you’re not allowed to drill holes in your wall, you can use these command strips that are specifically designed for hanging pictures.

Recreate this apartment gallery wall:

29. Push Your Bed Against A Wall

If you don’t have much space in your bedroom, you’ll probably want to push your bed up against one of the walls. This will free up more space and make your bedroom feel a little bit bigger.

Recreate this apartment bedroom idea:

30. Add A Funky Headboard

One way to make a big statement without taking up too much space is to add a funky headboard to your bed.

I love this funky rattan headboard for a boho themed bedroom. It’s pretty pricey, but it would make such a huge statement in a college apartment bedroom.

Recreate this cute apartment bedroom decoration:

31. Get A Lap Desk

If you don’t have room for a full desk in your room, you may want to get a lap desk so you can work and study from your bed.

I don’t recommend studying from your bed all the time, but sometimes you just don’t have anywhere else to do it! A lap desk will help you study on your laptop or iPad without straining your neck as much.

I also recommend getting a bed rest pillow so you can sit upright more comfortably.

Recreate this apartment bedroom idea:

This post was all about the best college apartment bedroom decor ideas.

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