100 Gym Private Story Names For Your Workout Crew

Not sure what to name your private story for the gym? Here are 100 of the most creative gym private story names that you can use.

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Funny Gym Private Story Names

funny gym private story names

Laugh your way to good abs with these super funny gym private story names. These work great for gym rats of any gender.

1. Torn between cardio and pizza

The never-ending battle between wanting a good body and wanting to eat ALL the pizza.

2. Rows for the h03s

3. Bada$$ with a good a$$

Celebrate your glute gains with this funny gym private story name.

4. High standards, low squats

Hopefully your squats are higher than your standards when it comes to a gym bae!

5. Glutes for the sloots

6. The whey of life

We couldn’t help ourselves – we had to include this cute whey themed pun!

7. Weights before dates

8. Deadlift without the lift

We ALL know how it is to feel legitimately deceased after a good workout.

9. Here for the after photo

10. Do I have abs yet?

This is definitely what we’re all thinking after a single ab workout.

11. Resting gym face

12. Sore as hell

13. Only here so I can eat more later

There’s no question that the people with the most muscle can pack away the most calories!

14. 99 problems but a bench ain’t one

15. In Spain without the s

16.I don’t sweat, I sparkle

Don’t get it twisted!

17. Exercise for extra fries

18. Dear fat, prepare to die!

Gym Private Story Names For Girls

gym private story names for girls

Here are the best private story names for all of the gym girlies out there!

19. What, like it’s hard?

Legally Blonde fans will immediately recognize this iconic quote. This is the one for all of the girls who make lifting heavy look effortless!

20. Do it for the glutes

21. Pop, lock, & squat it

We LOVE a good updated song lyric around here. This one is perfect for leg day.

22. I don’t sweat I sparkle

23. I like to lift a latte

If you’re the girl cruising into the gym with a Starbucks cup, you definitely need to set this as your private story name.

24. Love at first set

25. Bad b*tches lift heavy

This gym private story name is so good it’ll probably make you hit a PR the day you use it.

26. Body-ody-ody-ody

27. Glowing and growing

28. Every day is leg day

Do you wish you could deadlift every day? Then this is definitely the private story name that you need for your gym buddies.

29. Summer body loading

30. Strong girl summer

Hot girl summer needs to step aside. This year we’re doing STRONG girl summer!

But let’s be honest, that’s kind of the same thing ;).

Gym Private Story Names For Guys

gym private story names

Here are some of the best private story names for the gym bros:

31. Feelin’ the burn

32. Get fit or die trying

33. But first, hit the gym

Gym before anything!

34. Burns so good 🔥

35. Leveling up

36. No place like the gym

If the gym is your happy place, this is definitely the private story name for you.

37. Post-workout flex 💪🏼

38. Gains

39. BDE

Big dumbbell energy? Big deadlift energy? We’ll let you decide what this stands for ;).

40. Gym rat

Inspirational Private Story Names For The Gym

gym private story names

Is your private story all about staying motivated and accountable? If so, then you definitely should set something inspirational as your gym private story name.

Not only will it inspire YOU, but it’ll help motivate everyone who watches it!

41. This is my therapy

Obviously working out isn’t an actual replacement for therapy, but it definitely can help!

This is a great private story name for anyone who has felt like the gym has improved their mental health.

42. Can’t stop, won’t stop

43. Run fast and lift heavy

44. I am my motivation

45. Go and get it!!

Whatever you want in life is yours for the taking!

46. 10 more reps

47. Commit to be fit

48. Growth is a process

49. Consistency > perfection

Everyone has bad days but you have to continue to show up for yourself!

50. Go the extra mile

51. Sore today, strong tomorrow

Every sore muscle is a sign that you’re getting stronger!

52.I am strong

53. My future self will thank me

Even if you don’t see results right away, you’ll never regret a workout. Do it for your future self, trust us!

54. Just do it

55.Every step is progress

56. Progress, not perfection

57. Here to prove them wrong

58. A little better every day

Every day you work on yourself is a day that you’re improving as a person! Set this as your private story name and mantra and you’re guaranteed to see results!

59. Always making progress

60. Excuses don’t burn calories

61. No excuses

62. Doing this for me

Working on yourself is about YOU and no one else.

63. Slow but steady

64. Mindset is everything

Cool Fitness Private Story Names

Want a private story name that’s cool enough to put on a t-shirt (or muscle tank)?? Here are some of the coolest private story names for gym buffs:

65. Train like a beast

66. Eat clean, train dirty

By now, everyone knows that results come from the kitchen AND the gym. This is a great reminder of that.

67. Goal crushing

68. Sweat now, shine later

In other words, you’re getting your glow-up on!

69. Work in progress

70. Chasing an endorphin rush

71. She’s in the gym tonight

Sure, you could have a night out with your friends. But your future self will thank you for spending the night at the gym instead!

72. Flexing on ’em

73. Couples who train together 😍

Do you regularly post with your workout bae? Here’s the perfect gym private story name for you guys.

74. Working on myself

75. Beast mode activated

76. Rise & grind

Do you like to hit the gym first thing in the morning? We call that the “rise & grind”.

77. If you’re not strong, you’re weak

78. Shreddventure

79. Hashtag fitness

80. Eyes on the prize

81. Here for the workout selfie

Everyone knows that one person who posts a selfie every time they go to the gym! If you don’t know anyone who does that, it’s probably you lol.

82. Shut up and squat

83. Find your fire

84. Eat. Sleep. Lift. Repeat

85. Here for the endorphins

86. Mind over matter

Creative Gym Private Story Names

Ready to work your brain AND your muscles? Here are some creative private story names that involve puns or plays on words.

87.Hustle to get the muscle

88. Creatine chronicles

89. Pump palace

90. 21 pump street

91. Everyday I’m muscle’n

92. Avocardio

93. Weight for it

94. Gym and tonic

95. Let’s taco bout the gym

96. Lifted happily ever after

97. No agony, no bragony

98. Ain’t nobody got time for fat

99. Let’s get whey-sted

100. Fit-(ish)

What Is A Private Story?

You’ve probably heard of a Snapchat story before – you upload a picture or video and your friends are able to see it for 24 hours only.

But have you heard of a private story? A private story on Snapchat allows you to make your stories only visible to certain people.

Snapchat allows you to give your private story a custom name, which makes it even more fun!

You also have the option to give friends the ability to upload their own stories.

This becomes kind of like a group chat, but with stories that are only visible for 24 hours. These group stories can also have custom names.

A gym private story is one that you use to record your workouts, track your progress, and share funny gym memes with your friends or workout buddies.

How Do You Make A Private Story On Snapchat?

In order to make a private story on Snapchat, you’ll just need to follow these steps:

1. Open up the Snapchat app and select your profile icon at the top of the screen

2. Next to ‘My Stories’, you’ll click the “+ New Story” button

how to make a private Snapchat story

3. Click “New Private Story”

how to make a private Snapchat story

4. You’ll then be able to name your private story and add friends to it

How To Name A Private Story On Snapchat

In order to name a new private story, you’ll first need to follow steps 1-3 from the previous section. Then, you’ll be able to name your private story and add friends to it from that screen.

private story names

How to Rename A Private Story On Snapchat

If you want to rename your private story, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1. Open up the Snapchat app and select your profile icon at the top of the screen

2. Under ‘My Stories’, you should see your private story

how to name a private Snapchat story

3. Click the three dots next to your private story

4. Select “Rename Story”

how to rename a private Snapchat story

5. Choose your new private story name

rename private story

This post was all about the best gym private story names. Hopefully you got some good ideas for what to name your fitness private story on Snapchat!

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