31 Best Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends That He’ll Actually Want

Trying to find the perfect gift for your boyfriend this year? Here are 31 of the most thoughtful gifts for boyfriends that they’ll go crazy over.

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Is it just me or are boyfriends insanely hard to shop for?

You want to show him how much you love him but he pretty much has everything he could possibly need. And when you ask him what he wants he usually has no clue!

Year after year I’ve turned to Pinterest and Google for inspiration on the best Christmas gift ideas for boyfriends.

I always manage to find the perfect gift right on time that totally blows my boyfriend away.

This year I’ve decided to compile all of those ideas into a big list to help you find the perfect Christmas gifts for your boyfriend too!

The Best Christmas Gifts For Boyfriends

1. Electric Blanket

Someone else actually got this for my boyfriend and I’m surprised how much he uses this!

When he’s working from home or just gaming at night he’s almost always wrapped up in his electric blanket.

2. Turntable

My boyfriend is really into his turntable and listening to records. If your guy is too, get him a beautiful new turntable.

This turntable is absolutely gorgeous and any guy would love to get this as a Christmas gift.

3. Coffee Mug Warmer

This is the perfect gift for boyfriends who work from home or sit at a desk for work.

It’ll keep their coffee hot all morning!

4. Daily Q&A Book

My boyfriend got this for me as a gift one year and it was the most thoughtful thing ever.

You basically answer daily questions together and each year you can go back and look at your answers from the year before.

5. Nintendo Switch

If your budget is a little higher, most guys would be so excited to get a Nintendo Switch for Christmas.

If he already has one, try getting him a game or two that you think he’ll enjoy playing.

6. Shaving Kit

This kit has everything your guy needs for a fresh, clean shave.

It looks like a really expensive shaving set, but it’s actually pretty affordable.

7. Neck/Back Massager

With everyone working from home, I feel like everyone has a sore back and neck these days.

I actually got this exact massager for my boyfriend for Christmas last year and I always steal it from him to use myself!

8. Flannels

Winter usually means guys are wearing flannels or hoodies just about every day.

Get him some nice heavyweight flannels that he can wear all throughout the winter.

9. Snoop Dogg Cookbook

If your man needs a little help in the kitchen, get him this cookbook.

Not only is it hilarious that Snoop Dogg made a cookbook, but the recipes are actually really highly rated.

Bonus – now he has an excuse to cook for you!

10. Whiskey Glasses

If your boyfriend is a big whiskey drinker, he’ll love getting a nice set of whiskey glasses.

This is a super affordable gift so throw in a bottle of whiskey if you’re feeling extra generous this year!

11. Sneakers

Sneakers are always a solid Christmas gift idea for boyfriends.

My boyfriend seriously wears his Vans sneakers every single day. Even when it’s definitely not the appropriate shoe choice lol.

12. Workout Clothes

If your guy has been working out in the same shorts since high school (like mine lol), get him some nice new workout clothes for Christmas.

Lululemon shorts are absolutely amazing, but you can find some pretty good dupes on Amazon as well.

13. Yeti Coffee Mug

If you’ve read a few of my gift guides you know I always recommend Yeti products.

I’m just OBSESSED with my Yeti mug and I want everyone to know about it lol.

But seriously, these keep your drinks so hot all day and they’re pretty much indestructible.

14. UGG Slippers

This is one of the more luxurious gifts for boyfriend on this list.

But I love this gift idea because it’s usually something that guys wouldn’t splurge on for themselves but would actually love to receive as a gift.

15. Sack Pack Gift Set

Okay kind of gross but kind of hilarious and also kind of useful? Lol this gift is all in one I guess.

I’m going to keep this PG and not describe what’s included but you can click and see for yourself.

16. Whiskey Stone Bullets

These are so cool and unique!

If your boyfriend likes his whiskey on the rocks, get him these reusable whiskey stones.

17. Cologne

Cologne is a great gift because it benefits you and him.

Get him a scent that you really enjoy too.

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18. A Good Book

If your man likes to read, get him a good book or two to keep him busy this winter.

I’ve linked a few of my boyfriend’s favorite books up above.

19. Leather Card Holder

A lot of guys really like these card holders because they fit all of their cards but aren’t too bulky.

Plus, they’re super affordable!

20. Airpods

Airpods are definitely one of the top gifts for boyfriend. He’ll definitely get good use out them.

If you’re getting him airpods, make sure to get him a nice case to put them in so he doesn’t lose them!

21. Manly Mask Set

Guys need to treat themselves too, right?

This set of masks was formulated especially for guys.

22. Grilling Spice Set

A lot of guys are super into grilling. If your man is one of them, he’ll go crazy over this huge grilling spices gift set.

Such a unique Christmas gift for boyfriends.

23. Ticket Stub Diary

For the guy who loves going to concerts or sports games.

This ticket stub diary is so cute because he can keep all of his favorite memories in one place.

Or you guys can just collect stubs for concerts you’ve been to together! Super romantic.

24. Weekender Bag

This attractive duffel bag is a perfect gift for long distance couples.

It gives him even more of a reason to come see you more often!

It also would be perfect as a more sophisticated gym bag!

25. Beer Brewing Kit

I know my boyfriend would LOVE to get this gift.

What guy hasn’t talked about brewing beer with their friends?

26. Nice Watch

This is one of the most popular gifts for boyfriend for a good reason.

Any guy would be thrilled to get a sleek new watch like this one.

27. Leather Dopp Kit

A dopp kit is basically a manly version of a toiletries bag.

My boyfriend takes his to the gym, brings it over when he sleeps over, and used it all the time in college.

I know he’d love to get a nice new leather dopp kit for Christmas.

28. Bombas Socks

Socks may seem like a boring gift but guys literally go crazy over Bombas socks.

They’re durable and super cushy. Plus they donate a pair to the homeless for each pair you purchase.

29. Bottle Opener Keychain

This bottle opener is made with real football leather so you’ll be hitting two of his favorite hobbies – beer and sports.

Plus it looks really attractive on his keychain!

30. Nespresso Machine

I got my boyfriend a Nespresso machine for Christmas last year and he was OBSESSED.

He said it was his favorite gift I had ever gotten him.

If your boyfriend loves coffee and espresso, he’ll be obsessed with his Nespresso too.

31. Whiskey Decanter

I don’t know what it is about guys and whiskey, but they just go crazy over it.

This is definitely a classy Christmas gift for boyfriends.

Hopefully this gave you some good ideas for what to get your boyfriend for Christmas!

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