62 Genius Gifts for Boyfriend’s Mom She’s Guaranteed to Love

Looking for the best gifts to give to your boyfriend’s mom? Here are 62 super genius gifts for boyfriend’s mom that she’s guaranteed to love.

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Picking out a gift for your boyfriend’s mom can feel so intimidating — especially if you just started dating! You know what your boyfriend loves, but you might not know the best gift ideas for his mom.

When you’re picking out a gift for your boyfriend’s mom, you probably don’t want to break the bank but you also want to get her something that she’ll love and use.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of 62 gifts for boyfriend’s mom that will definitely win you some extra brownie points!

This post is all about the most thoughtful gifts for boyfriend’s mom.

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Best Overall Gifts For Boyfriend’s Mom

Food & Drink Gifts For Boyfriend’s Mom

They say that the key to anyone’s heart is through their stomach! You’ll totally win your boyfriend’s mom over with these food and drink themed gift ideas.

1. Electric Wine Opener

If your boyfriend’s mom is a wine-drinker she’ll be totally impressed by this electric wine opener. It makes opening a bottle of wine insanely easy.

2. Monogrammed Mug

what to get your boyfriend's mom for her birthday

My boyfriend’s mom loves her monogrammed mug and drinks her coffee from there every morning. No one will steal mom’s coffee when her mug has her initial on it!

3. Wine Chilling Cubes

Does your boyfriend’s mom love drinking a chilled glass of Chardonnay? She’ll be obsessed with these wine chilling cubes that cool her drink without watering it down.

I actually got these as a birthday gift for my boyfriend’s mom and she’s in love with them.

4. French Press Coffee Maker

If there’s one thing that mom’s know the value of, it’s a good cup of coffee. Get his mom something better than that drip coffee maker from 1999 she still has.

5. Charcuterie Board

Does your boyfriend’s mom love hosting parties? If she does, she’ll absolutely adore this cheese board set. A cheese board makes any party spread look way classier!

6. Indoor Herb Garden

Is your boyfriend’s mom the cook of the family? If so, she’ll absolutely love having fresh herbs to cook with every day.

7. Cookbook

A cookbook is a really thoughtful gift for just about anyone on your list! Ask your boyfriend what kind of food his mom likes to cook so you get her one she’ll actually use!

8. Always Pan

I never knew I could love a piece of kitchen equipment so much until I got the Always Pan from Out Place!! It’s non-stick, looks BEAUTIFUL in my kitchen, and is made with a non-toxic coating.

9. Kombucha Brewing Kit

This is the perfect Christmas gift for boyfriend’s mom who’s a health nut. She’ll have a ton of fun creating all different flavors of Kombucha with this brewing kit from Amazon.

10. Cocktail Recipe Book

This cocktail recipe book is the perfect gift for your boyfriend’s mom if she likes to entertain! This book has over 200 recipes for every occasion and is beautiful enough to leave out on the bar.

11. Stanley Cup

If she’s up to date on the trends, chances are she already has a Stanley Cup on her wishlist.

It’s such a practical and thoughtful gift for your boyfriend’s mom.

12. Cute Oven Mitts

If your boyfriend’s mom is into baking, she’ll absolutely love to get a cute pair of oven mitts. It’s the kind of thing you don’t really splurge on for yourself but it’s so fun to receive as a gift!

13. Unbreakable Wine Glasses

My boyfriend’s mom LOVES hanging out on her patio with a glass of wine. She would go crazy over these shatterproof wine glasses.

14. Pretty Kitchen Towels

This is a really thoughtful gift idea for the mom who has everything! She could always use another set of cute kitchen towels.

15. Wine Subscription Kit

wine subscription gift idea

Who wouldn’t love getting their favorite wines delivered to them?

Your boyfriend’s mom will get to choose her favorite wines and have them sent straight to her house each month. You can choose how many months to gift or just give a gift card of any amount!

16. Pasta Making Kit

This is such a unique gift idea for moms who love to cook! I seriously want this for myself lol.

17. Wine Chiller

Can you tell we love wine-themed gifts? This wine chiller bucket is perfect for keeping a bottle of wine cold all night.

18. Yeti Mug

One of my favorite gifts for anyone on my list is a Yeti mug! Yeti makes insanely high quality mugs that hold up to really tough conditions. I’ve had my Yeti mug for 5+ years and it still looks brand new!

Self Care Gift Ideas For Boyfriend’s Mom

Every mom needs some pampering once in awhile. Here are some of the best self care gift ideas to buy for your boyfriend’s mom.

19. Shower Steamers

I was looking for this exact product years ago and I swear they didn’t exist! My boyfriend’s mom only has a stand up shower in her bathroom so I wanted something like a bath bomb but for the shower.

Well now they exist and they’re amazing! You put these shower steamers at the bottom of the shower and the steam releases the scents.

20. Silk Pillowcase

I’m a huge fan of my silk pillowcase. My face feels so much less dry when I wake up in the morning and my hair has been a lot shinier.

Silk pillowcases are also believed to prevent wrinkles so it’s a perfect gift for the more “mature” women in your life ;).

21. Hair Oil

gisou hair oil

This hair oil from the brand Gisou has a total cult following on social media. It’s absolutely INCREDIBLE for repairing hair and making it super shiny. Plus it smells incredible.

It’s the kind of thing your boyfriend’s mom probably won’t buy for herself but will LOVE to receive as a gift. Trust me, she’ll go crazy over this one.

22. Perfume Gift Subscription

perfume gift set for boyfriend's mom

Perfume is always a super thoughtful gift to give someone, but it can be hard when you don’t know what scents the other person likes to wear.

This perfume gift subscription solves that problem! Your boyfriend’s mom will be able to choose from 500+ scents and receive a new travel-sized bottle every month.

23. Face Mask Set

This face mask would be a really thoughtful gift idea for your boyfriend’s mom. It includes three different clay masks that offer various skin benefits. Plus a really nice application brush!

24. Heating Pad

I’m a firm believe that every girl/woman needs a heating pad! They’re SO nice during that time of the month or when you’re sick. Or just for relaxing during winter!

25. Hand Lotion Set

This lotion set is absolutely gorgeous and would be perfect for a boyfriend’s mom.

26. Eye Massager

Ok, this may seem a little bit extra but I’ve heard of so many people who SWEAR by this eye massager. It would be such a cool and unique gift for someone who is hard to shop for.

27. Essential Oil Diffuser

Pretty much every mom these days is using essential oils in one way or another. If your boyfriend’s mom doesn’t already have a diffuser for her oils, this would be the perfect gift for her!

I love this one because it’s cute enough to double as a decor piece when you’re not using it.

28. Candle Set

Candles are one of the most versatile gift ideas. Pretty much everyone loves to receive a good scented candle.

This set looks really luxurious but it’s actually pretty affordable.

29. Ice Roller

Ice rollers are amazing for de-puffing your face, allowing your skincare to soak in better, and promoting blood circulation.

It’s the perfect self care gift idea for your boyfriend’s mom that she may not necessarily have bought herself.

30. Barefoot Dreams Socks

Barefoot Dreams makes the absolute SOFTEST blankets in the whole world.

They’re a little bit expensive, so these socks would make a great alternative gift idea. They are SO soft and cuddly.

Lifestyle Gift Ideas

Here are some great gift ideas that your boyfriend’s mom can use in her daily life!

31. Pickleball Set

Pickleball is all the rage right now, especially among our parents’ generations.

This Pickleball set is pretty affordable, but still chic enough that she could rock it at the country club.

32. Lululemon Belt Bag

lululemon belt bag

If she doesn’t already have the Lululemon belt bag, this is such a good gift idea that won’t break the bank.

It looks chic, and it’s so nice for carrying your phone, keys, and wallet on a day out.

33. Five Minute Journal

Another super thoughtful gift idea for your boyfriend’s mother is this five minute journal.

The journal gives you a new prompt each day so she doesn’t even have to think of what she’s going to write about. So sweet and thoughtful.

34. Apple Watch Band

How gorgeous is this gold Apple watch band? If she wears an Apple watch, it’s definitely time to upgrade that boring black strap with something more chic.

35. Tote Bag

Another gift you can’t go wrong with is a nice tote bag. She could use this for running errands, going to the gym, or for a beach day!

36. Fabric Shaver

This is honestly such a genius gift idea for boyfriend’s mom. It shaves off all the lint from your clothes and leaves everything looking brand new! Any mom would totally appreciate this gift.

Take a look at some of the pictures in the reviews! This little device is practically magic.

37. Fuzzy Blanket

When in doubt, go with a fuzzy blanket as a gift for your boyfriend’s mom!

This is my go-to gift idea because everynoe needs an extra cozy blanket in their life.

38. Jewelry Stand

Moms love getting gifts that they’ll use every day.

This elegant jewelry stand is a great gift for boyfriend’s mom. It’s practical but it’s also beautiful enough to keep on top of her dresser.

39. Makeup Brush Set

Most people go way too long in between replacing their makeup brushes. So this is a really thoughtful gift idea for anyone who wears makeup!

40. Packing Cubes

I absolutely swear by packing cubes for anyone who travels a lot. They help keep your suitcase SO much more clean and organized.

41. Puzzle

A gorgeous puzzle like this one is great for the mom who has it all already.

42. Walking Shoes

If you know her size, a good pair of walking shoes is a great gift idea for boyfriend’s mom.

I know my boyfriend’s mom takes really long daily walks so a good pair of shoes is crucial for her!

43. Fuzzy Slippers

These slippers are dupes for the UGG ones and they’re SO perfect to give as a gift.

44. Soft Bathrobe

Who wouldn’t love to receive a super plush bathrobe for Christmas or their birthday? This one is really affordable but still crazy soft.

Unique Gifts For Boyfriend’s Mom

Want to get her something that will make you stand out a little bit more in her eyes? These unique gifts will be hard to forget!

45. Dog Walking Belt Bag

How chic is this dog walking belt bag? It has compartments for poop bags, treats, your phone, and your wallet and keys.

I have this exact bag for my dog and I’m obsessed with it.

46. Gardening Set

If your future mother in law is into gardening, she’ll go crazy over this gorgeous gardening tool set.

47. Apple AirTags

These Bluetooth tracking tags allow you to keep track of all of your important items.

My boyfriend’s mom is a huge fan of these and she always keeps them attached to her keys and in her purse.

48. Candle Making Kit

Does your boyfriend’s mom like to DIY? If so, she’ll love this candle making kit! It has everything you need to make 4 luxurious scented candles.

49. Pet Feeding Chart

If your boyfriend’s parents have pets, they’ll be OBSESSED with this pet feeding chart. My boyfriend’s parents would always bicker about whether the dog had been fed or not that day.

I found this handy feeding chart on Amazon and they told me it was their favorite gift they got that year! I definitely earned some points with this gift.

50. 23andMe Ancestry DNA Kit

My mom has been obsessed with tracing our family’s ancestry lately. She’s been going down so many Google rabbit holes trying to piece together the history of our family.

This would be SUCH a good gift to help your boyfriend’s mom this year if she hasn’t already done one of these. She’ll love learning more about her family’s history.

51. Digital Photo Frame

One really thoughtful gift idea for boyfriend’s mom is this digital photo frame.

She can load in all of her favorite pictures and the frame will create a slideshow that plays throughout the day.

52. Candle Warmer

I just got one of these candle warmers and I’m OBSESSED! They make your whole house smell so good and your candles will last way longer.

53. Personalized Jewelry Case

How cute is this personalized jewelry case? It’s perfect for organizing her jewelry when she travels.

We’re big fans of giving personalized gifts when you want to make a really good impression on someone.

54. Custom Calendar

A custom calendar is one of the best personalized gifts for boyfriends parents.

This custom calendar from Artifact Uprising is fully customizable so you can add photos of some of the most precious moments in the year.

Your boyfriend’s mom will love looking at this every single day.

Affordable Gift Ideas

Don’t have a ton to spend on gifts this year? DOn’t worry! These gift options are super affordable but still very thoughtful.

55. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm Kit

My mom loves Burt’s Bees lip balm and she always keeps a tube in her car, purse, and on her counter so this lip balm gift set is perfect for her!

These are perfect because they have a little tint to them. The best stocking stuffer for boyfriend’s mom.

56. Hair Tie Bracelet

This hair tie bracelet is such a chic gift idea for anyone with longer hair. It turns the ugly hair tie around your wrist into an elegant piece of jewelry.

It also keeps you from getting those uncomfortable imprints from a tight hair band around your wrist all day.

57. Foot Peel Mask

Ok, this sounds weird but it’s actually so cool. These foot peel masks make your feet SO soft and remove any dead skin you may have down there.

58. Reading Light For Bed

Is your boyfriend’s mom a big reader? If so, she’ll love to receive this reading light that will help her read books before bed.

59. Gold Hoops

I’ve found that you can pretty much never go wrong with a simple pair of gold hoops. They go with every outfit and look good on everyone!

These gold hoops from Amazon are SO highly rated, affordable, and won’t tarnish. The perfect little gift for your boyfriend’s mom!

60. Paint By Number Kit

I’ve been seeing paint by number kits for adults pop up everywhere lately. And they look so fun!

This would be a really fun gift idea for a mom that likes to do crafty things.

61. Notebook Set

You can never have too many notebooks.

Your boyfriend’s mom can use these for to-do lists, grocery runs, and random reminders. These patterns are so cute too!

62. Silk Eye Mask

Looking for a really affordable gift for boyfriend’s mom that still feels luxurious? These silk eye masks look way more expensive than they are.

This post was all about the best gifts for boyfriend’s mom.

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