32 Friend Care Package Ideas To Brighten Their Day

Looking for a thoughtful gift to send to your bestie? Here are 32 super sweet friend care package ideas that will be sure to brighten their day.

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best friend care package ideas

Are you looking for an easy way to let your friend know you’re thinking of them? Send them a care package!

I love putting together care packages for my friends because you can customize them to fit different scenarios, personalities, and types of friendships.

Whether your friend is going through a tough time, battling a sickness, or heading off to college, a care package is a great way to remind them that you’re here for them. It’s also fun to send them as “just because” kind of thing!

The hardest part of sending a care package is figuring out what to put inside. That’s why we put together this list of 32 care package ideas for friends!

Things To Always Include In A Friend Care Package

1. Hand Written Letter

One of the most important elements of a friend care package is a sweet note to go inside. No matter what the occasion is, it’s always a thoughtful gesture to write out a little letter for your friend to read when they open the package.

I recommend getting some cute stationery from Amazon. It looks so much nicer than just ripping out a sheet of notebook paper. Plus it’ll come in handy any time you need to write a letter.

2. Snacks

I think every care package needs to include some snacks! Whether it’s a variety pack of their favorite snacks, some fancy chocolates, or just a couple of packs of gum. No matter what you choose to put in your care package, adding in a few snacks will make it even better.

Just make sure that you’re not sending anything that’s close to its expiration date. Shipping delays do happen and you don’t want a box of expired food showing up at your friend’s doorstep.

4. Pictures Of The Two Of You

If you’re sending your friend a care package, that probably means that there’s some distance between the two of you right now.

Include a few pictures of the two of you so that your friend has something to look at when they miss you! I like to get my pictures printed at Walgreens or CVS because it’s super cheap, fast, and you probably have one nearby.

5. Something Personal

No matter what kind of care package you send, make sure you include something personal in there. You know your bestie better than anyone, so you should have a good idea of what they like and dislike.

Include their favorite snacks, a candle in their favorite scent, or anything else that shows you put some time and thought into it.

Best Friend Care Package Ideas

Are you sending a care package to your best friend? Here are some great “just because” things to include in your box. They’re sweet items that will be cherished no matter what the occasion is.

6. Candy

Who wouldn’t love to open up a care package with their favorite candy inside? This pack of retro candy from Amazon would be so much fun, but you know your bestie better than anyone else so get her what she’d like!

7. Stickers

These stickers would be perfect for decorating a water bottle or laptop case. Such a cute and affordable thing to put in a best friend care package.

8. Claw Clips

A girl can never have too many claw clips! These claw clips from Amazon are my absolute favorites for long hair because they actually hold everything in place. Plus they’re super affordable!

9. Cute Artwork

Looking for a unique gift to include in a care package? Throw in a cute piece of artwork for your best friend to hang in her room!

10. Face Masks

Your bestie definitely deserves some pampering. Throw in a few face masks in her care package so she can have a self care day.

My absolute favorite face masks are these ones from Tony Moly. I’m really picky about what I put on my face and these feel amazing and don’t break me out.

11. Nail Polish

While we’re on the theme of self care, nail polish is another great item to include in a care package for best friends. Throw in a bottle of her favorite color or a new color she’s been wanting to try out.

If you really want to treat her, you could even include this DIY gel manicure kit. It has insanely good reviews and it’ll save her so much money on manicures.

12. Fuzzy Socks

This may be an unpopular opinion but I absolutely LOVE getting socks as a gift. I never think to buy myself fuzzy socks, but it’s always so nice to have a pair for relaxing around the house.

These Barefoot Dreams socks are seriously the softest socks ever made. Anyone would be thrilled to get these in a care package.

13. Scrunchies

Another thoughtful item to include in a best friend care package is a set of scrunchies. I’m always losing my scrunchies so it’s nice to get some extras once in awhile.

Care Packages For Sick Friends

Are you sending a care package to a friend that’s sick? Here are some super thoughtful items to include in a get well soon care package.

14. Vitamins

It’s always a good idea to boost your immunity when you’re feeling under the weather. Vitamin C and Elderberry are two of the most popular supplements for boosting immunity and getting healthy again.

Throw in a few packets of Emergen-C and a bottle of Elderberry gummies to help your bestie get over her sickness quicker.

15. Tissue Packets

Tissue packets are pretty self-explanatory but they’re always nice to include in a get well soon box.

16. Lotion

My skin always feels more dried out during cold season. The Weleda Skin Food lotion is the absolute BEST lotion I’ve ever used. It’s insanely thick and hydrating.

It even works for my skin in harsh midwestern winter weather.

17. Lozenges

Nothing is worse than having a sore throat when you’re sick. Your friend will be so thankful if you include a bag of lozenges in your care package.

18. Water Bottle

It’s SO important to stay hydrated when you’re under the weather. Encourage your bestie to drink plenty of water by including a cute water bottle in your care package.

19. Tea Packets

When I’m sick, all I want to do is lay in bed and drink tea until I’m better. This tea is especially made for supporting the body during cold season.

20. Mug

Don’t forget to add in a super cute mug for them to drink their tea out of! I’ve seen this mug all over TikTok and I’m obsessed! It even comes with a little mug topper/coaster.

21. Lip Balm

Between the cold weather and blowing your nose all the time, being sick makes your lips so chapped. Include a tube or two of lip balm in your care package for a sick friend.

Let me put you on to the absolute best lip balm in the world. I live in a cold climate and my lips get SO chapped during winter. This lip balm from Dr. Bronner’s absolutely saves my lips every year. It’s the only balm I’ve found that keeps my lips hydrated all day and night.

College Care Packages For Friends

College is such a fun time in your life but it can also be incredibly lonely and difficult. If you and your bestie went to different colleges you’re probably missing each other a lot!

Sending your friend a college care package is a great way to let her know you’re thinking about her during this crazy time.

22. Planner

A planner is one of my favorite gift ideas for college students because it’s so practical. Even if you didn’t use a planner in high school, you’re going to need one in college.

There are so many assignments, exams, and social events going on when you start college. Keeping them written down in one place makes it so much easier to keep track of everything.

23. Coffee

Pretty much everyone becomes a coffee drinker in college. Let’s be honest, caffeine is a necessity when you’re cramming for exams or recovering from a fun weekend.

Give your bestie a boost and send her some of her favorite coffee to help her get through the semester.

24. Stress Ball

How adorable is this dumpling themed stress ball? Help your friend stay calm during stressful scenarios with this cute stress ball.

25. Gel Pens

I don’t know if it’s a scientific fact or not, but I’m pretty sure that taking notes in different colors helps you retain the information better.

26. Microwave Snacks

If your friend is living in a dorm, she probably doesn’t have access to a bunch of cooking facilities. Send her some snacks or meals that she can make in her dorm room.

27. Motivational Books

Sometimes you just need a little bit of self help and external motivation – especially in college. It would be super thoughtful to include some motivational books in your college care package for friends!

Friend Care Package Theme Ideas

28. Box Of Sunshine

box of sunshine care package

I’ve seen this box of sunshine care package idea all over Pinterest and TikTok. Basically all you do for this is include a bunch of yellow items in your box.

You could also do this with your best friend’s favorite color. If your bestie loves all things pink, put together a pink care package for her! Such a sweet way to brighten your friend’s day!

29. Just Add Water

just add water friend care package idea
Source: Pinterest

This care package theme is perfect for college students. You basically just include a bunch of snack and food items that only require water and/or a microwave.

Some food ideas for this care package are Easy Mac, microwave rice cups, instant mashed potatoes, microwave brownies, powdered lemonade packets, etc.

30. Self Care Box

self care box care package

Does your friend need a little bit of pampering? Send her a self care box!

This “Relax B*tch* box from Etsy is hilarious, but you could also just DIY it. Just include self care items like face masks, bath bombs, candles, fuzzy socks, nail polish, etc.

31. Girl Boss Care Package

Is your friend an absolute girl boss? Did she recently get a big promotion at work?

Let her know how proud of her you are with this thoughtful care package. It includes a cute notebook, pen, wine tumbler, and a candle.

32. Movie Night Care Package

Another great theme for a friend care package is a movie night box. Include everything they’d need for a perfect movie night.

Some items to include are popcorn, candy, a cozy blanket, fuzzy socks, etc.

This post is all about super thoughtful friend care package ideas.

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