42 Best Gifts For College Girls That They’ll Obsess Over (2023)

Looking for gifts for college girls that they actually want? In this post, we’ll share the most trendy gifts that college girls are asking for this year.

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Choosing the perfect gift for a college girl can definitely be a challenge. You want to get her something thoughtful, but you still want it to be useful to her throughout her college years.

If you’re looking for something special for the college girl in your life, look no further. As a recent college grad, I either already own these items or they’re on my wish list!

I’ve included inexpensive stocking stuffers, high-end splurge items, and everything in between. You’ll be sure to find something on this list that fits with your budget and style.

Also, almost everything on this list is available on Amazon with free Prime shipping, so you’ll be sure to get it in time for the holidays!

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best gifts for college girls
super cute gift ideas for college girls

Dorm Gifts For College Girls

One of the most thoughtful gift ideas is to get her something she can use in her college dorm or apartment.

Here are some of the best dorm gift ideas for college girls:

1. Bedside Shelf

Dorm beds are usually taller than regular beds, so it can be hard to find a nightstand that works with them.

One of the best gift ideas for college girls is this bedside shelf that attaches directly to a dorm bed frame. It’s the perfect place for her to put her phone, water, and other small items at night.

2. Mini Projector

This mini projector is perfect for dorm room movie nights.

Not everyone wants to have a big bulky TV in their dorm room, so this is a great alternative.

3. Microwave Pasta Cooker

Let’s be honest, most college students don’t have time to cook a whole meal from scratch. Even heating up water on the stove for pasta can feel like too much some days.

That’s why this microwave noodle bowl is such a genius product.

It cooks noodles to perfection with only a microwave, making things super fast and convenient. So perfect for college students!

4. Coffee Maker

This coffee machine is by far the most convenient option for dorm rooms.

It’s compact, looks nice, and it’s super easy to make a single cup of coffee in the morning to take to class.

Throw in some flavored K Cups and she’ll be all set to brew up coffee in her dorm every morning.

5. Clip On Fan

This clip-on fan is one of the most purchased items on My College Savvy. Dorm rooms can be so stuffy and hot, and a lot of them don’t have air conditioning.

This little fan clips onto your bed or desk and provides a little extra airflow on those hot days.

6. Bed Tray With Tilting Top

This bed tray seriously would have saved me SO much neck pain in college.

It’s an extra surface for you to eat or study on, but it also has a tilting top so you can angle your laptop towards you.

So perfect for studying while snuggling up in bed.

7. Full Length Storage Mirror

I would have FREAKED out if I had gotten this as a present in college.

Not only is it a full-length mirror (which is a must in a dorm or apartment), but it also has so much storage space for jewelry, makeup, skincare, etc.

And it hangs over a door so there’s no need to mount it!

Beauty Gifts For Girls In College

One of my favorite gift ideas for college girls is to get them beauty supplies. Girls our age LOVE to try new beauty and skincare products.

Here are some top-rated beauty gift ideas that I’ve either tried or have been dying to try:

8. Gel Nail Kit

I have this exact gel kit and I’m obsessed with it!

It saves me SO much time and money and lets me change up my nail designs whenever I feel like it.

Plus, it’s actually really relaxing to sit down and do my nails for an hour or two.

9. Glossier Perfume

I recently found out about this perfume, and I am obsessed! This fragrance is unique because it adapts to you and smells a little bit different on everyone.

One of my friends was wearing it and I couldn’t believe it was from Glossier when she told me!

It’s literally on the top of my wish list for Christmas this year.

10. Rare Beauty Makeup

Rare Beauty is Selena Gomez’s makeup brand and it is perfection! She seriously never misses.

I have (and love) the liquid blushes, but I’ve been wanting to try out the other products.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about every product she releases!

11. Skincare Fridge

A skincare fridge is one of those luxury items that she may not buy herself, but she secretly wants!

Skincare fridges extend the shelf life of your products.

It also just feels amazing to put cold products on your skin in the morning!

The fridge in the picture is a little pricey, but we also found a really great dupe that’s much more affordable.

12. Sol De Janeiro Body Mist

This product is my HOLY GRAIL fragrance. It smells absolutely incredible and I get so many compliments whenever I wear it.

It smells like a vanilla cupcake with a little hint of amber.

Sol De Janeiro is a super popular brand right now for fragrances and body lotions, so any college girl would be thrilled to get this as a gift!

They have another scent called Cheirosa ’68 as well. I haven’t tried it yet but everyone raves about it on TikTok!

13. Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment

Rhode is Hailey Bieber’s skincare company, and it’s everywhere on social media right now.

I haven’t tried the lip peptide treatment yet but I’ve heard it’s amazing. Plus, the packaging is just so aesthetically pleasing.

This is definitely a perfect stocking stuffer for a beauty-obsessed college girl.

14. DAE Hair Oil

This is another one of those viral beauty products that I see all over social media!

It’s meant to help with breakage, shine, and hydration for your hair.

But what’s cool about this hair oil is that you can actually use it on your body too! According to their website, it can be used to turn dry patches into moisturized skin.

I’ve also heard that this hair oil smells incredible!

15. LOOPS Face Masks

These are seriously the BEST face masks I’ve ever tried.

Each hydrogel mask is infused with active ingredients, and you definitely can notice a difference when you take it off.

The variety kit is a perfect gift idea for a college girl because she can try out each of the different ingredient options to see which ones work best for her skin.

16. Heatless Curl Kit

As someone who HATES spending time on their hair, heatless curls are a godsend.

I can spend 5 minutes putting my hair up with this kit at night, and have beautiful curls the next morning.

I also gave one of these kits to my best friend and she’s obsessed with it too!

17. Shark FlexStyle Kit

The Shark FlexStyle kit is basically the same thing as the Dyson AirWrap, but half the price!

The 5-piece-set comes with everything you’d need to get a salon-level blowout at home.

I love the Shark brand for pretty much every home appliance, and the FlexStyle is no exception!

18. Cute Makeup Bag

How adorable is this dainty floral quilted makeup bag?

Any college girl would love to get a cute makeup or toiletries bag for a present this year!

Fashion Gifts For College Girls

I’ve never met a college girl who would say no to more cute clothes! Give her something cute that she’ll actually wear this year, like one of these gift ideas:

19. Super Puff Parka

If she goes to college in a colder climate, she NEEDS this coat for winter.

I got this for Christmas last year and I think it’s the best thing I ever put on my body.

I got the long because I’m taller, but the mid length would be perfect for girls under 5’7.

20. Black Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is a really good dupe for the Aritzia one. It’s SO soft and stretchy and it comes in a ton of colors.

It would look super cute with a sweatshirt or oversized button down for running errands on campus or going to a workout class.

21. Beis Weekender

Every college girl needs a good weekender bag!

Whether she’s heading home for the weekend or visiting friends at a different school, a good solid bag is a must.

Beis makes some of the cutest and most functional luggage pieces.

I personally own the mini weekender bag, a work tote, and a few smaller organizers. And every single one is amazing!

22. Lululemon Scuba Half-Zip

These are my absolute favorite hoodies of all time! They’re SO soft, comfortable, and flattering.

I seriously own 3 colors because I’m so obsessed with these lol.

Any college girl would love to get one of these sweatshirts for a gift.

23. Clear Purse

A clear purse is definitely one of the best gifts for college girls.

Most college stadiums only allow you to bring in completely clear bags.

She’ll use this every single game day for bringing her phone, wallet, dorm key, lip gloss, etc. into the stadium.

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24. Gold Hoops

Gold hoops are a timeless piece of jewelry.

If you want a special gift that will last a long time, go with a solid gold hoop from Mejuri.

If you’re looking for a cheap stocking stuffer, you can find a ton of cute pairs on Amazon! My favorites are the PAVOI brand ones.

25. Belt Bag

The girls that get it, get it! Lululemon belt bags are seriously my favorite gift to give right now because they’re so practical.

They’re big enough to hold your phone, wallet, keys, and a tube of lip gloss.

I use mine for going on walks, at the airport, and for running errands.

26. Cropped Leather Puffer Vest

I can’t get over how cute this cropped puffer vest is!

This would be so adorable to wear around campus with a hoodie and leggings.

This is on my wish list for Christmas this year!

27. Mini Platform UGGs

Love them or hate them, but UGGs are definitely back in style.

And these platform UGG boots are the “it” shoes of the season this year.

I have the non-platform version and I have to say, they’re the boots I reach for the most all winter!

P.S. if they’re out of stock, these are an insanely good dupe from Amazon!

Tech Gifts For College Girls

Electronics and other tech-related items are really great gifts to give to college students.

When you’re in college, you’re usually on a pretty strict budget. It can be hard to upgrade your technology when you don’t have extra cash to spend.

Which is why these tech items make such great gift ideas for girls in college!

28. Instax Mini

The Instax Mini camera is such a fun gift idea for college girls. It’s a polaroid camera, so it instantly prints out whatever you take a picture of.

This would be great to have for the summer before college so you could have tons of pictures to hang up in your dorm Freshman year!

29. iPad

An iPad is the best gift for college girls who like to stay organized. Taking notes, staying on top of assignments, and planning your day is SO easy with an iPad.

If you have a type A college girl in your life, get her an iPad! She will freak out.

30. Airpods

Airpods are another amazing gift that college girls would really appreciate. I use my Airpods ALL the time and I know all of my friends do too.

They’re perfect for walking to classes, studying in the library, or working out at the campus gym.

31. Portable Charger

Running out of phone battery on campus is the WORST! You often don’t have enough time in between classes to find and outlet and charge your phone.

This portable charger is a total game changer!

It comes with built-in cords and it’s even powerful enough to charge a laptop! I got it a few years ago and I’m still obsessed with it.

32. Birdie Personal Safety Alarm

This personal safety alarm was designed by women for women, and it would be really smart to have one of these in college.

When activated, this device lets off a loud alarm and starts flashing a bright light to ward off attackers.

I definitely recommend that all college girls carry one of these around when walking home from a night class, leaving a party, etc.

33. Bed Phone Mount

This phone bed mount is actually genius for college students.

They can mount their phone to their bed and watch Netflix or TikToks hands-free. So perfect for any lazy girlies out there!

Stocking Stuffers For College Girls

Looking for little gift ideas that you can use as stocking stuffers or add-on gifts? Here are some affordable stocking stuffer ideas for college girls.

34. Octobuddy

Pretty much every college girl I know has an Octobuddy on their phone right now.

It allows you to stick your phone to just about every flat surface. This makes it easier to take selfies, TikTok videos, etc.

35. No Show Socks

No show socks are essential for most sneakers these days.

I know socks are a stereotypical lame present, but I think most college girls would be thrilled to get a pack of their favorite no-show socks as a stocking stuffer.

36. Skincare Headband Set

This spa headband set is so cute and SO affordable.

The headband keeps your hair out of your face while you apply skincare and makeup, and the wristbands keep water from dripping down your arms.

37. Beaded Phone Strap

I see SO many college-aged girls with these beaded straps on their phone these days.

These little lanyards are so cute and they also help prevent you from dropping your phone.

38. Pressed Flower Keychain

How stunning are these pressed flower keychains from Etsy?

This would be such a nice stocking stuffer or add-on gift for a college girl.

39. Atomic Habits Book

I firmly believe that everyone should read this book!

The author goes into tons of details about how to form good habits, break bad ones, and change your life.

I had the worst study and eating habits when I was in college, so this book would have really helped me out.

40. Phone Wallet

A phone wallet is a great stocking stuffer idea for college girls.

It sticks to the back of your phone and holds your credit card, driver’s license, student ID, etc.

I like this one in particular because it also has a finger loop, which makes it easier to carry your phone.

41. Tinted Lip Oil

Lip oil is all the rage in beauty right now and I have to admit, I’m obsessed too!

Lip oil is so much better than regular lip gloss because it hydrates the lips rather than drying them out.

This would make a perfect stocking stuffer or add-on gift for college girls.

42. Phone Case

Who doesn’t love getting a new phone case as a gift? It’s always nice to give your phone a little refresh.

This floral phone case from Casetify is seriously so cute and it’s got tons of protections for your phone.

If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper, this one from Amazon is a good dupe.

This post was all about the best gifts for college girls that they’ll actually use.

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