The Trendiest Boho Christmas Decor Ideas (Updated)

Looking for ways to turn your house into a boho dream this holiday season? Here are some super trendy boho Christmas decor ideas you can use.

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The boho aesthetic will always be one of my favorite ways to decorate. When done right, it can make a space feel so cozy and inviting.

That’s why it’s the perfect style to use for your Christmas decorations. Because who doesn’t love their house to feel cozy and inviting around the holiday season?

Boho Christmas Garland

Savvy decorating tip: layer different types of garland for a really beautiful textured look. For example, eucalyptus garland looks amazing layered with wood bead garland.

1. White Wood Bead Garland

boho white bead garland

I’m all about the wood bead garland this year.

I love how clean and minimal this bohemian Christmas decor looks, while still being totally cozy.

Also can we talk about how cute that mini Christmas tree looks in the rattan basket? I’m obsessed!

2. Layered Eucalyptus Garland

layered garland

This boho Christmas decor idea is also super easy to recreate!

Just take some faux eucalyptus garland and pair it with wood bead garland.

You could hang this combo over your fireplace, around your windows, or even lay it over your dining room table as a runner.

3. Macrame Garland

macrame garland
Source: Pinterest

This decor totally nailed the neutral boho Christmas look.

I love the mixture of the macrame art, wooden bead garland, and little sprigs of greenery on this mantle.

Also, I just want to curl up for hours in that white chunky knit blanket.

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4. Layered Garland

layered boho garland
Source: @such.a.sasha on TikTok

If you love the layered look, why not go a little crazy with it?

Layer some cedar garland, wood bead garland, brass bell garland, and ribbons to make a really cool boho look.

5. Dried Orange Garland

dried orange garland for Christmas

One big part of the boho aesthetic is incorporating organic elements.

This dried orange garland is gorgeous, eco-friendly, and perfectly complements your other boho Christmas decor.

You can buy the pre-dried oranges yourself, or just make them yourself in the oven!

6. Garland With Ribbons

One of the biggest decor trends I’ve seen this year is the use of ribbons!

People are using ribbons and bows on their garland, Christmas trees, wreaths, etc.

And I absolutely love it! Such a fun (and cheap) way to spruce up decorations you already have.

Boho Christmas Tree Ideas

Your Christmas tree is one of the most important elements in your holiday decor.

There are lots of methods to creating a gorgeous boho Christmas tree – use natural elements, keep it neutral, add a woven tree collar, etc.

Here are some of my favorite boho Christmas tree decor ideas:

7. Add Dried Flowers To Your Tree

boho Christmas tree

This is a photo of my Christmas tree from last year.

I bought a really cheap faux tree and added some dried flowers to make it look fuller!

I absolutely love how it turned out and I highly recommend adding filler to your tree – especially if you have a fake one!

8. Decorate Your Tree With Ribbons

Like I mentioned earlier, ribbons are SUPER trendy this year.

One cute way to incorporate ribbons into your Christmas decor is by tying them onto your tree.

It’s a really cute way to add some boho vibes to your decor without spending a ton!

9. Use A Tree Collar

Forget the tree skirt this year and opt for a tree collar instead.

These collars will hide the base of your tree and make it look more put-together.

For a boho vibe, I would go with a wooden or woven tree collar.

10. Leave Your Tree Bare

One trend I’ve been seeing a lot lately is to leave the tree naked.

You could leave it completely bare, or just add some string lights for a more magical look.

This is perfect for anyone living in their first house or apartment – you don’t need to spend a ton of money buying ornaments!

11. Put Your Tree In A Planter

This Christmas tree hack is already going super viral on TikTok this year!

Instead of a tree skirt or collar, put your Christmas tree in a big planter!

Such a cool and unique look.

12. Keep Your Ornaments Neutral

neutral Christmas ornaments

I know it can be fun and nostalgic to add a ton of different colored ornaments to your tree.

But it also looks really nice and cohesive to keep a neutral color scheme going!

Stick to one or two colors of ornaments for a really polished boho look. You can add different textures if you want more visual interest on your tree.

13. Get A Boho Tree Topper

boho Christmas tree topper from Anthropologie
Source: Anthropologie

This scandi-style Christmas tree topper would look gorgeous on any boho tree.

It’s made from natural elements, so it’ll pair well with decor like wood bead garland, dried orange slice ornaments, and dried flowers.

Indoor Christmas Decorations

Decorating your house or apartment for the holidays just makes it feel so cozy and nice. And sticking to a boho theme throughout your decor will make it even cozier.

Here are our favorite boho Christmas decorations for inside your space:

14. Use Textured Decorations

Christmas mantle with decorations
Source: The Wiegands

One way to add a lot of visual interest in your decor is to use lots of texture.

You can see that there are a lot of different styles and textures of decorations on this mantle.

Even though there isn’t a ton of color, it still looks incredibly cozy and festive.

15. Opt For Chunky Knit Stockings

knit neutral Christmas stockings
Source: @frengpartyof6

If you want your stockings to be on theme as well, you should go for chunky knit ones in neutral colors.

This way you can reuse them year after year, even if your decor style changes.

Just add colorful ribbons to change up the look!

16. Set Up A Cute Decor Tray

Grouping decor elements together on a tray can make them more visually appealing.

Make a little Christmas decor try and put it on your kitchen island, use it as a centerpiece, or place it on your entry table.

Such a cute and easy way to decorate for the holidays!

17. Set Up A Neutral Christmas Village

These Christmas villages are SO cute and nostalgic.

I feel like every grandparent used to have a beautiful Christmas village setup in their house.

Make this decor idea more modern and boho by using neutral colors.

18. Make A Mini Christmas Tree Forest

Bottlebrush Christmas trees are one of my favorite decor pieces.

They’re SO affordable and cute, and they can go with any decor style.

One cute way to style them is by making a mini Christmas tree forest on a tabletop or mantle.

You could do this with colorful trees or stick to neutral ones.

Boho Gift Wrapping Ideas

If you think about it, Christmas gifts are actually part of your decor! They sit under the Christmas tree so everyone can see them.

Make sure your gift wrapping goes with your decor by using one of these ideas:

19. Wrap With Plain Kraft Paper

One easy way to make sure your gift wrap doesn’t clash with your decor is to use plain kraft paper.

Dress it up with ribbons, twine, and natural sprigs to make it more interesting.

20. Use Vintage Wrapping Paper

If you want to add some pops of color to your Christmas decor, try using vintage prints for your wrapping paper.

Zazzle has some incredible options. I actually ordered this exact print for my gifts this year.

Make sure to top it off with some pretty velvet ribbon!

21. Use Reusable Fabric

Looking for a more sustainable gift wrapping option?

You can actually wrap your presents in reusable fabric!

This wrapping method actually has a name – Furoshiki. Get a tutorial here.

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