19 Creative White Dress Halloween Costume Ideas

Looking for creative costume ideas that can be put together with a white dress? Here are 19 of the best white dress Halloween costume ideas to recreate this year.

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white dress halloween costume ideas

With halloween around the corner, it’s time to start thinking up your halloween costumes!

If you have a white dress in your closet already, you’re probably wondering how to put together a cute white dress halloween costume.

We put together this list of 19 super creative halloween costumes with white dresses to give you some inspiration!

These costumes can all be made with a plain white dress from your closet.

White Dress Halloween Costume Ideas

If you want to put your favorite white dress to good use, you can use it to recreate any of these adorable white dress halloween costumes.

1. Angel

Looking for a seriously easy white dress halloween costume? Just add a halo headband to any white dress you already have in your closet!

You could also add some angel wings if you want to make your costume look even better!

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Recreate this halloween costume with a white dress:

2. Greek Goddess

greek goddess white dress costume

This greek goddess costume is the perfect last minute halloween costume with a white dress. All you need is a plain white dress and some gold accents to pull this together.

Gold accessories like chain belts, headbands, and bracelets would be perfect for this outfit.

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Recreate this white dress halloween costume:

3. Tooth Fairy

tooth fairy halloween costume

How creative is this white dress tooth fairy costume? The white and silver star dress is adorable but honestly, any white dress will work for this!

I REALLY tried to find a cute tooth wand like the one in the picture, but there are seriously none on the internet anywhere. So I linked some fun tooth necklaces for your costume instead!

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Recreate this costume idea:

4. Swan Lake Ballerina

swan costume
Source: Pinterest

One of the best halloween costumes with white dresses is the Swan Lake ballerina costume.

You can easily recreate this by wearing some swan wings and putting a tutu over a white dress.

Make sure you ask your bestie to dress up as the black swan!

Recreate this swan lake costume:

5. Ice Cream Cone

ice cream cone white dress halloween costume
Source: Pinterest

One super easy last minute white dress costume is an ice cream cone! Just cut some sprinkles out of multicolored felt and hot glue them onto a white dress.

If you don’t want to ruin your dress, you can also just pin them on with safety pins!

Use a kraft paper confetti cone to create the ice cream cone headband. Or you could opt for these super cute cherry hair clips!

Recreate this cute white dress halloween costume:

6. Ice Queen

ice queen costume

You’ll definitely turn heads in this gorgeous ice queen halloween costume.

You could really use any white dress for this costume, but it looks especially stunning with this combination of the lace bustier and white tutu skirt.

Top off the costume with a gorgeous silver crown and some stick-on face jewels for a super icy look.

Recreate this white dress halloween costume idea:

7. Marilyn Monroe

How good does this Marilyn Monroe costume look? I love this costume idea because it is SO simple. All you need is a white dress and some cute white heels.

If you can’t recreate her iconic hairstyle with your own hair, you can get this pretty realistic looking Marilyn wig to finish off the look.

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8. Zombie Bride

If you have a white dress, you can easily recreate this zombie bride halloween costume. All you really need is fake blood and a veil!

Bonus points if you’re really good at makeup and can copy this zombie makeup look!

Recreate this zombie bride costume:

9. Salt Shaker Costume

salt and pepper shaker halloween costumes
Source: Instagram (@alexamartinii)

Another super easy white dress halloween costume is a salt shaker. All you need for this one is a white dress and a paper cut out of the letter S.

This costume looks even better if your bestie dresses as the pepper shaker!

10. Nurse Halloween Costume

This nurse costume is so easy to recreate with a plain white dress! Just add a nurse hat and apron to your white dress. So cute and simple.

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Recreate this nurse costume:

11. Fairy Costume

fairy halloween costume

The fairy costume has been so trendy lately and we absolutely love it!

All you need is a pair of fairy wings and a dress of any color. This white dress looks amazing as a fairy costume!

Recreate this white dress fairy costume:

12. Bunny White Dress Halloween Costume

This bunny costume seriously couldn’t be easier! Just pair any white dress with some bunny ears and you’re ready to go!

Recreate this costume:

13. Unicorn

unicorn white dress halloween costume

Another super easy white dress halloween costume is a unicorn.

All you really need is a unicorn headband and any plain white dress you have in your closet.

Recreate this white dress halloween costume:

14. Pennywise White Dress Costume

One really creative way to wear a white dress for halloween is to dress up as the pennywise clown.

Just add some red dots to your dress and use lipstick to make the iconic clown makeup.

One genius way to create the red dots is by cutting clown noses in half and pinning them to your white dress.

Recreate this costume:

15. Flapper Girl Costume

flapper girl costume
Source: Pinterest

A sparkly white dress pairs really well with a feather boa and satin gloves as a flapper girl halloween costume.

This would also make a really good Marilyn Monroe costume!

Recreate this flapper girl costume idea:

16. Pirate

white dress pirate halloween costume
Source: Pinterest

These pirate costumes with white dresses are so cute and so simple to recreate!

One option is to put a corset over a white dress and add fishnet stockings.

You could also just leave your dress plain and add in a cute pirate hat! Either way this is a perfect white dress costume idea.

Recreate these cute pirate costumes:

17. Twister Board

twister board halloween costume

This Twister board halloween costume is so fun and SO easy to create.

Just secure some multicolored dots to a white dress or white outfit and you’re good to go.

18. Flinstones White Dress Halloween Costume

How creative is this Flinstones themed halloween costume?

Pair a white dress with a jagged edge with a large beaded necklace.

Recreate this white dress Flinstones costume:

19. Malibu Bottle

malibu bottle white dress halloween costume

This Malibu white dress halloween costume takes less than 5 minutes to put together!

Just print out the Malibu rum logo and attach it to any plain white dress from your closet.

The Cutest White Dresses For Halloween Costumes

A girl can never have too many white dresses, right? Here are some of our favorite white dresses on the internet right now.

These white dresses are perfect for halloween costumes but they can also be worn as regular dresses for special events!

This post was all about the cutest white dress halloween costume ideas.

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