11 Cutest Ideas For A 21st Birthday Photoshoot

Turning 21 this year? Why not celebrate it with a photoshoot!! Here are the absolute cutest photoshoot ideas for a 21st birthday.

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21st birthday photoshoot ideas

You’re finally 21! If you’re anything like I was, you’ve waited for this day for SO long. Make sure you commemorate this big day with some cute Instagram photos.

Whether you just want to snap a few pics with friends or you’re going all out and hiring a professional photographer, you’ll need some cute photoshoot ideas.

In this post, I’ve included my favorite 21st birthday photoshoot ideas along with some of the cutest photo props that you’ll need.

21st Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

1. Confetti Toss

21st birthday confetti photoshoot
Source: Pinterest

Nothing says a big celebration like a ton of confetti!

This would be such a cute 21st birthday photoshoot idea with friends, but it also looks so cute with just the birthday girl.

Recreate this 21st birthday photoshoot idea:

2. Pose With Number Balloons

21st birthday balloon photoshoot
Source: Pinterest
21st birthday balloons
Source: Pinterest

Number balloons are definitely one of my favorite 21st birthday photoshoot props. You have to let everyone know that you’re legal drinking age now!

Combine these with a crown, some confetti, or a ton of colorful balloons and you have yourself a very professional looking 21st birthday photoshoot.

Here’s what you’ll need for this 21st birthday photoshoot idea:

3. Champagne Bottle Balloons

champagne balloon bouquet for a 21st birthday photoshoot
Source: Pinterest
champagne balloons for a 21st birthday photoshoot
Source: Pinterest

One of the cutest 21st birthday photoshoot props is a big bunch of champagne bottle balloons. Make sure you get them filled with helium if you want them to float.

Here are some cute options for 21st birthday photoshoot balloons:

4. Bathtub Photoshoot

21st birthday bathtub photoshoot
Source: Pinterest

I’m absolutely obsessed with this birthday photoshoot idea. Fill a bathtub with a bunch of colorful balloons, streamers, confetti, party hats, colorful leis, etc. and lay in it.

Make sure you throw on a party hat and blow on a birthday noisemaker for the full effect.

Here are some props that you’ll need for this photoshoot:

5. Cake Selfie

cake selfie photoshoot for a 21st birthday
cake photoshoot for a 21st birthday

If you’re having a birthday cake at your party this year make sure you get a cute photo with it! It’s one of my favorite photo props because you get to eat it after you’re done taking pictures. Have your cake and eat it too ;).

Make sure you get some cute birthday candles or cake toppers to go on top of the cake.

Here’s what you’ll need for this photoshoot idea:

6. Surrounded By Balloons

balloon photoshoot for a 21st birthday
Source: Pinterest

A classic birthday photoshoot idea is to surround the birthday girl with multicolored balloons. It’s super easy, cute, and cheap to recreate this. Just make sure you fill the balloons with helium so they’re floating around her.

Throw on a crown and grab one of your birthday cupcakes if you want to go all out for this one.

7. Sparkler Photoshoot

21st birthday sparkler photoshoot

If you’re celebrating your 21st birthday at night, a sparkler photoshoot is the PERFECT way to commemorate it. Throw on a super glittery dress, grab some sparklers, and find a dimly lit area.

This photoshoot idea works best with a nice camera so that you can capture the low light better.

Make sure your photographer has a camera that works well in low light or is really skilled with the iPhone’s night mode.

8. Cookie Queen

cookie photoshoot for a 21st birthday
Source: Paige Arminta

How adorable is this cookie queen birthday photoshoot? I’m obsessed! Everyone does cake for their birthday so why not be different and make a ton of cookies for yours?

All you really need are birthday candles and a TON of your favorite cookies for this one.

Recreate this 21st birthday photoshoot idea:

9. Drinking Champagne

cute 21st birthday photoshoot
21st birthday photoshoot ideas

Pop the bottles, you’re finally 21! Celebrate this big milestone in your life with a champagne photoshoot.

You can just pose with the bottle, pretend to be drinking out of the bottle, or pour yourself a glass and give the camera a cheers!

10. Money Shooter

money shooter photoshoot ideas
Source: Pinterest

How cute is this photoshoot and this model? I love that she incorporated dollar bills into the hair rollers as well. All you really need for this one is a solid backdrop and a money shooting machine.

This money shooter comes with prop money but the bills that come with it look super realistic.

Here’s what you’ll need:

11. Picnic Photoshoot

picnic photoshoot for a 21st birthday
Source: Pinterest

Grab your besties, a picnic blanket, and a ton of cute picnic foods and head outside for a photoshoot. This is one of my favorite 21st birthday photoshoot ideas outside.

If you want to get all of your friends in every picture, make sure you bring a phone tripod along.

I really like this one from Amazon because it comes with a bluetooth remote so you don’t have to get up to set a timer for every shot.

21st Birthday Photoshoot Props

Number Balloons

You’re 21 and you want EVERYONE to know it! Celebrate your new age with some numbered birthday balloons.

Make sure you get these filled with helium if you want them to float. Otherwise, you can just tape them to the wall behind you for a cute indoor photoshoot.

Birthday Crown

I love this 21st birthday photoshoot prop because you can wear it all night long.

After your photoshoot you can wear it to the bars and I guarantee you’ll get a few free drinks ;).


Sparklers are so much fun to take pictures with, especially at night.

If you’re celebrating your 21st birthday later in the day, definitely grab some sparklers and take a few cute photos.

21st Birthday Banners

A super easy photoshoot backdrop idea is to hang one of these cute 21st birthday banners.

I included some cute ones and some funnier ones so it really depends on your birthday vibe!

21st Birthday Photoshoot Backdrop

If you want professional-quality photos, you definitely need a photoshoot backdrop.

I love the super shiny metallic ones, but you can also find solid color backdrops on Amazon if you want something more subtle.

Champagne Balloons

One of the cutest 21st birthday photoshoot props is a champagne bottle balloon.

There are so many things you can do with these but I love the idea of having a bunch of them as a big champagne bouquet.

Balloons and Confetti

Balloons and confetti are classic birthday decor. Definitely make sure to add these in to your birthday photoshoot.

21st Birthday Cake Decor

If you want to get a cute photo with your cake (which I highly recommend!), make sure you add a cute cake topper or some birthday candles.

This post was all about the best 21st birthday photoshoot ideas.

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