30 Best Dirty White Elephant Gifts That’ll Have Everyone Laughing

Need a funny white elephant gift to bring to a party? We have you covered! Just a warning though – these dirty white elephant gifts are NOT for the family gift exchange!

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If you’re anything like me, you always want to bring the gift that will make people laugh when you go to white elephant gift exchanges.

White elephant (or yankee swap) exchanges are all about having fun with your friends. If your friends have dirty minds, they’ll definitely be laughing at these inappropriate white elephant gifts.

Plus, most of the gifts on this list are super affordable. So you don’t have to break the bank to get a good laugh!

dirty white elephant gifts

If these gifts are a little bit too naughty for your liking, check out this post on White Elephant Gifts That Everyone Will Fight Over That post has more PG and family-friendly options!

Here are the funniest dirty white elephant gifts to bring to the party this year.

Dirty White Elephant Gifts

1. Funny Wine Topper

Make sure you’re always wrapping your wine bottles! These wine bottle “condoms” are air-tight and can help your open wine bottles stay fresh for longer.

This naughty white elephant gift is awesome because it’s hilarious but it’s actually useful too.

2. Raunchy Coloring Book

If you have a friend group that cusses a lot, they’ll love this swear word coloring book for adults.

Each page has a different raunchy quote to color.

3. Weenie Soap

Nobody likes a dirty weenie!

This dirty white elephant gift will definitely have everybody at the party laughing.

4. Jimmy Jacket

It’s cold out there!

This would be such a funny raunchy white elephant gift or gag gift for a boyfriend / guy friend.

5. Nature’s D*ck Pics Calendar

There are a LOT of phallic shapes out in nature apparently!

This calendar highlights the best d*ck pics found in the wild.

Such a funny gift idea for a dirty white elephant exchange.

6. CockTail Socks

These cock(tail) socks are a hilariously inappropriate gift idea.

They would be a funny gift for any gender, which makes it perfect for a gift exchange where you don’t know who your recipient will be!

7. Funny Finger Puppet Book

This book is a super funny parody of those children’s finger puppet books.

Whoever gets this dirty white elephant gift will definitely laugh when they open it.

8. Ta-Ta Toasters

No nippin’ at this party!

These “Ta-Ta Toasters” are an absolutely hilarious naughty gift for a white elephant exchange.

9. How to Live With a Huge One Book

Whoever gets this white elephant gift will definitely want to display it with pride!

This will definitely be the most stolen gift among the guys in your gift exchange.

10. Naughty Wine Glass

This is the only proper way to drink wine, right?

Everyone at the party will laugh at this hilarious wine glass.

11. Reindeer Underpants

How hilarious is this reindeer underwear for a dirty gag gift?

I just hope nobody wants to try it on while you’re still at the party!

12. Smack a Sack

Life can be stressful! Sometimes you just need to smack something around.

It’s definitely one of the funniest inappropriate gag gifts on this list.

13. Naughty Animals Coloring Book

Here’s another funny idea for a coloring book to bring to a dirty white elephant exchange.

It basically just shows animals doing what animals do…if you catch my drift.

14. Dirty Ice Mold

This ice mold is perfect for making ice to put in cock(tails). Get it?

If you don’t end up bringing this to a white elephant exchange, it would make a really funny bachelorette party gift as well!

15. OCK Mug

No, it doesn’t really say OCK ;).

This would be such a hilarious mug to give in a dirty white elephant gift exchange.

16. Dill Dough

Everyone will appreciate this punny white elephant gift.

Just be warned – it really does smell like pickles!

17. Crusty Wipes

No one likes their junk to be crusty!

These wipes have a super funny label, but they can be used like regular antibacterial wipes. Funny and useful.

18. Funny Hand Sanitizer

There are a ton of options for super funny hand sanitizer bottles on Amazon.

This is one of our favorite options. A lot of people can relate to the feeling of using a dirty gas station bathroom!

19. Giant Undies

The ultimate granny panties!

This is one of the most creative options for a naughty white elephant gift.

Everyone at the party will want to try them on.

20. Sea Men Putty

This gift is one of the funniest (and most inappropriate) plays on words.

But actually, I wouldn’t mind getting this stress-relief putty in a gift exchange!

21. Funny Apron

For the friend that’s always grilling his meats.

This inappropriate apron is the perfect gift to bring to the party, and it’ll definitely get some laughs.

22. Gas Neutralizers

No shame if you want to keep this dirty white elephant gift for yourself!

But this would be a hilarious gift to bring to the party.

23. Little Box Of Obscenities

These little word magnets would be so funny on a college student’s fridge.

The combination possibilities are endless!

24. Grow A Boyfriend

The perfect gift for that single-for-life friend of yours.

Now they can delete their dating apps for good!

25. Instant Underpants

How hilarious are these instant underpants for a white elephant gift!

Just add water and you have an extra set of undies for emergency purposes.

26. Corny Bottle Stopper

This bottle stopper looks like it’s having a little too much fun with your bottle of wine.

Such a funny gag gift idea for wine drinkers.

27. Handerpants

Looking for the most unique gift to bring to a dirty gift exchange?

These “handerpants” are gloves that look like pairs of underwear. So funny and creative!

28. Deceptive Measuring Stick

This measuring stick is made to look like it’s a full ruler, but it’s really only 9 inches long.

Perfect for that person who likes to exaggerate a little too much about the size of things…

29. Sphincter Golf

People think of just about EVERYTHING when it comes to party games.

For this hilarious game, you have to squeeze a coin between your glutes and drop it into a cup.

This would make such a funny party game with friends.

30. Naughty Cleanup Rag

This is one of those dirty gift ideas that actually might be quite useful!

The emoji isn’t actually printed on the towel, by the way!

This post was all about the perfect dirty white elephant gifts to bring to the gift exchange.

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