27 Hot College Halloween Costume Ideas for 2023

Looking for the hottest college halloween costumes to copy this year? Look no further! This post is all about hot college halloween costume ideas for 2023.

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hot college halloween costumes

Are you looking for the hottest college halloween costumes to wear to college parties?

Halloween is one of the best parts about the fall semester of college. There are tons of events and parties to attend during halloween weekend and in the weeks surrounding it.

If you’re wanting to turn heads at every halloween party you walk into, you’re going to love this list of hot college halloween costumes.

In this post, I’ll go over 27 totally hot college halloween costumes that you’ll want to copy this year!

Hot College Halloween Costume Ideas:

1. Hot Nurse

hot nurse costume

The hot nurse costume may not be the most original but it’s a classic for a reason!

You’re definitely going to turn some heads in this hot college halloween costume.

Recreate this super hot college Halloween costume:

2. School Girl

school girl halloween costume

If you went to a private school you probably already have a uniform skirt lying around somewhere. Otherwise, you can find them really cheap on Amazon.

Add fake blood if you want to turn this one into a zombie school girl.

Recreate this hot costume idea:

3. Hot Police Officer

hot college halloween costume police officers

You’ll be under arrest for looking this good in this hot police officer costume.

You can buy the full costume on Amazon, or you could easily DIY it! Just wear a tight black outfit, some black boots, and pin a police badge to your shirt.

You could wear a little fake holster if you’d like, but honestly it’s not necessary.

Recreate this costume:

4. Hot Boxers

hot boxer halloween costumes

This costume will definitely be a total knock-out (pun intended). You can pretty much wear any sports bra and short shorts under a silky pink robe.

Top off the whole look with some pink boxing gloves and you’ll be ready to go.

If you’re looking for more ideas for this costume, we have a full post about how to dress up as a boxer for Halloween this year.

Recreate this halloween costume:

5. Racer Girl Halloween Costume

racer girl costume
Source: Instagram

These racetrack hot halloween costumes are cute enough to wear as a regular outfit! The perfect costume to wear to college halloween parties.

I would totally wear those adorable checkered tube tops on any night out.

If it’s going to be cold outside, you can definitely throw a cute leather jacket over the top and put on some fishnet stockings.

P.S. we have a full post about good college girl Halloween costumes for cold weather.

Recreate this halloween costume:

6. Hot Angel Costume

angel costume
Source: Pinterest

White lingerie, a halo, and angel wings come together to create a super hot angel costume.

Have one of your best friends dress up as a devil to be a totally instagram-worthy duo at the college halloween party.

Recreate this costume:

7. Devil Costume

devil halloween costume

There are so many great hot devil costumes available online but it’s super easy to DIY too!

Just wear something red and some devil horns. So simple but so cute!

Recreate this hot college costume:

8. Sexy Cat Costume

sexy cat halloween costume

The cat costume is a classic hot halloween costume for college girls that is so easy to put together.

Just throw on a sexy black dress or some cheetah print and add a pair of cute cat ears!

Recreate this super hot college halloween costume:

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9. Mermaid

mermaid costume

I’m so obsessed with this mermaid halloween costume. This was one of the most popular costumes on the blog last year.

All you need is any sexy blue or green outfit, some starfish clips for your hair and body, and face glitter.

Recreate this costume:

10. Cheerleader

hot cheerleader costume
Source: Pinterest

If you were a cheerleader in high school this one is extra easy for you. If not, you can get cheerleader skirts for pretty cheap on Amazon.

A set of pompoms is super cute for pictures but you probably won’t want to carry them around to the college halloween parties.

A fun hack is to buy a skirt in your college colors and you can wear it again for game day!

Recreate this halloween costume:

11. Rave Babe

If you or one of your friends has been to any raves, just borrow their rave outfit!

If you don’t have a rave babe outfit handy, you can easily put one together with items off of Amazon. One classic look is a bra top and hot shorts with some kind of sheer dress over the top.

Top off the whole look with some face glitter.

12. Mummy

mummy halloween costume
Source: @myrabowe

This mummy costume is one of the best sexy halloween costumes for college girls. All you really need to recreate this look is a few rolls of gauze bandages.

The best part of this costume is that it’s totally customizable. You can make it as revealing (or not) as you want!

Recreate this hot college halloween costume:

13. Galaxy Girl

alien halloween costume
Source: Pinterest

Throw on some metallic clothes and body glitter and you’ll have a cute halloween costume in under 10 minutes.

You can either create alien “ears” by making two top buns, or you can buy an alien antenna headband.

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Recreate this costume:

14. Playboy Bunny

playboy bunny halloween costume
Source: Pinterest

The playboy bunny costume is a classic sexy halloween costume idea.

It’s also really easy to put together with a black bodysuit and a pair of black bunny ears.

Recreate this costume:

15. Lifeguard

three girls in hot lifeguard halloween costumes

Channel your inner Baywatch babe with a hot lifeguard costume.

All you really need is a red swimsuit and a cute lifeguard fanny pack for this halloween costume.

Recreate this halloween costume:

16. Cavegirl

two college girls in caveman halloween costumes
Source: Instagram

Channel your inner Flinstones character for this one. I love how simple it is but also so cute and original.

Get any cute animal print dress and add a bone headband to top it off. These girls also teased their hair a lot to give a more “prehistoric” vibe.

Recreate this hot college halloween costume:

17. Biker Babe

biker babe college halloween costume

Some black lingerie and a leather jacket are all you need to create this hot biker babe halloween costume.

So simple but it would look so cute at a Halloween party!

Recreate this hot college halloween costume:

18. Hot Harry Potter

sexy harry potter costume

This is a totally hot spin on the classic Harry Potter themed halloween costume.

Throw on a black bodysuit, some fishnet stockings, round glasses, and a harry potter robe!

Recreate this costume:

19. French Maid

french maid halloween costume

This hot french maid costume would be so easy to recreate. Just throw a half apron on over your favorite little black dress.

Recreate this hot college halloween costume:

20. Hot Vampire

hot vampire halloween costume

The vampire is a classic halloween costume idea. I love this hot vampire look because it’s so easy to recreate!

You pretty much just need your favorite black outfit and some fake blood (or even red lipstick).

Recreate this halloween costume:

21. Firefighter

hot firefighter college halloween costume
Source: Pinterest

Turn up the heat with this super hot firefighter halloween costume.

You can buy the full outfit on Amazon – just add in a pair of red fishnet tights to complete the look!

Recreate this hot college halloween costume idea:

22. Hot Cupid Halloween Costume

Source: Pinterest

How hot is this cupid halloween costume idea?

Everyone will be falling in love with you all night, no need to even shoot your arrows.

Just wear a red and white outfit, put on a heart headband, and carry around a heart shaped bow and arrow!

Recreate this hot costume:

23. Hot Pirate

Source: Pinterest

I love this hot pirate halloween costume because it’s super easy to DIY. Just wear leather shorts, a white top, and a silky pirate bandana.

You can add on some fun accessories like fishnet tights, charm bracelets, and body chains if you want to!

Recreate this hottest college halloween costume:

24. Spring Breakers Halloween Costume

Source: Pinterest

One of the hottest college halloween costumes is this one inspired by the movie Spring Breakers.

All you really need for this costume is a bikini, pink ski mask, and some nerf guns to carry around.

Copy this hot halloween costume idea:

25. Hot Fairy Halloween Costume

Source: Pinterest

I absolutely love this sexy take on the classic fairy halloween costume.

All you really need for this is a dress or nightgown and some fairy wings. You can make this costume as scandalous or as modest as you want it to be.

Recreate this look:

26. Greek Goddess Costume

Source: Pinterest

Another super hot costume idea for college girls is a greek goddess. Wear a white dress, some body chains, and add on some glitter body paint.

Looking for more simple costumes like this one? We have a full post on Halloween costumes you can do with a white dress.

Recreate this greek goddess halloween costume:

27. Space Cowgirl Costume

Source: Pinterest

One of the hottest college halloween costumes of the year is the space cowgirl costume.

This became super popular when Kendall Jenner wore this costume, and it’s been really trendy ever since!

All you need is a cowboy hat, some metallic bottoms, and a cute top.

Looking for more ideas for this costume? We have a full post on how to dress as a space cowgirl for Halloween.

Recreate this space cowgirl costume:

This post was all about super hot college halloween costume ideas.

Looking for more college Halloween costume ideas?

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