35 Iconic Halloween Costumes For Redheads (2023)

Looking for a good costume idea to show off your red hair? In this post we’ll be sharing 35 of the most iconic halloween costumes for redheads.

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halloween costumes for redheads

You know what they say – redheads have more fun!

You’re probably here because you were either blessed with natural red hair, you’ve dyed your locks, or you’re planning on wearing a wig for Halloween.

No matter what your situation is, there’s a perfect red-haired costume idea out there for you.

There are so many famous redheads to dress up as. Characters like Lucille Ball, Kim Possible, Ms. Frizzle and so many others! The possibilities are seriously endless.

So if you want to celebrate your fiery locks this year, here are 35 of the best Halloween costumes for redheads.

Halloween Costumes For Redheads

1. Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy redhead halloween costume
Source: Instagram (@themodernsavvy)

Poison Ivy is an iconic red-haired superhero that makes the perfect halloween costume for redheads. Her iconic look is an all-green outfit with vines draped around her.

Wear any green dress that you’d like and wrap yourself in faux greenery from Amazon.

You can get vines of leaves for really cheap – and you can even reuse them as bedroom decor later!

Recreate this cute red-headed halloween costume idea:

2. Daphne

Daphne costume for redheads
Source: Pinterest

Daphne is another really great halloween costume idea for redheads.

She’s definitely the most stylish of her crime-fighting friend group.

Recreate her iconic look with a purple dress, pink boots, a purple headband, and a green neck scarf.

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3. Ms. Frizzle

Ms. Frizzle was everyone’s favorite red-haired teacher growing up. She led her classroom on some pretty insane adventures on the Magic Schoolbus.

You can recreate her super cute look with a solar system dress and a stuffed iguana on your shoulder. So fun and creative!

Recreate this fun halloween costume for redheads:

4. Ginger Bread Man

ginger bread man costume for redheads
Source: Pinterest

How funny would it be to dress up as a ginger bread man for halloween? All you really need for this is a loaf of bread and a little sign.

Such a funny halloween costume idea for gingers and redheads.

5. Kim Possible

kim possible halloween costume for redheads
Source: Pinterest

Kim Possible is one of the most iconic halloween costumes for redheads. All you need is a black top and some green pants for this costume idea.

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Recreate this redhead halloween costume:

6. Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit costume
Source: Instagram (@sarettamusic)

Serve up a sultry look in this super hot halloween costume for redheads.

You’ll definitely be turning heads at the halloween party if you dress up like Jessica Rabbit.

Recreate this halloween costume for redheads:

7. Darla From Finding Nemo

Darla costume for redheads
Source: Pinterest

If you’ve seen Finding Nemo, you definitely remember the little redheaded girl who kept terrorizing the fish tank.

This would be such a cute costume idea that’s really easy to recreate!

Copy this halloween costume idea:

8. Vicky From Fairly Odd Parents

Need a super easy halloween costume that you can recreate with normal clothes?

The older sister from Fairly Odd Parents is a classic redhead character that just wears a green shirt and skinny jeans. So easy to do for a last minute costume!

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Recreate this costume idea:

9. Wilma Flintstone

Wilma halloween costume for ginger girls
Source: Pinterest

Wilma is the redheaded counterpart to Fred Flintstone in the classic TV show.

Her classic white dress and stone necklace are pretty easy to DIY, or you can buy the full costume on Amazon.

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Get this red-haired costume idea:

10. Easy A

easy A Halloween costume for redheads
Source: Pinterest

Emma Stone plays the adorable Olive Penderghast in the movie Easy A. Her character famously wears a black corset top with a scarlet A on the front.

This would be such an easy halloween costume to recreate for red-haired girls.

Copy this redhead halloween costume idea:

11. Merida

Merida is the main character from the Disney movie Brave. This spunky redheaded princess is headstrong, heroic, and skilled at archery.

Basically, she’s the most bada** Disney princess – and a redhead! Copy her look with a green maxi dress, brown leather belt, and curly red hair.

Recreate this halloween costume idea for redheads:

12. Jessie From Toy Story

I love any excuse to dress up in a cowboy hat and boots! Jessie is the redheaded cowgirl from the second Toy Story movie.

Her character makes such a cute costume idea for redheaded girls!

Recreate this redhead costume:

13. Ginger Spice

Ginger Spice halloween costumes for redheads
Source: Pinterest

Ginger Spice is one of my favorite halloween costumes for redheads. This iconic orange-haired pop star was a member of the Spice Girls in the 90s.

Her most famous look is when she wore the Union Jack dress at the 1997 Brit Awards.

Recreate this cute costume idea:

14. Wendy

Wendy is definitely one of America’s favorite redheads. She’s the face of the chain fast food restaurant Wendy’s.

Her famous look is the blue dress, white apron, and her red pigtails.

Recreate this halloween costume idea:

15. Max Mayfield From Stranger Things

With how popular the show Stranger Things is right now, Max Mayfield may be one of the most iconic redheaded TV characters.

Recreate her signature look with a colorful striped t-shirt and some paper-bag-waist denim shorts.

16. Anna From Frozen

redhead halloween costume Anna from Frozen
Source: Pinterest

Another super popular red-haired Disney Princess is Anna from Frozen.

Her signature look is a long blue dress and a pink cape. She usually wears her hair in braided pig tails.

Recreate this cute halloween costume idea for redheads:

17. Eliza Thornberry

If you grew up in the 90s, you probably remember the show The Wild Thornberrys. Eliza Thornberry was the adventurous protagonist of this children’s show.

She’s always wearing this funky little yellow dress with red pockets. And you can’t forget her big round glasses!

Recreate this Eliza Thornberry halloween costume:

18. Lois Griffin

The mom from Family Guy is an iconic red head with a very easy-to-recreate outfit.

Just throw on a green button-up and some khaki pants and you’re good to go!

Recreate this halloween costume for redheads:

19. Queen Of Hearts

The Queen Of Hearts is the villain from Alice In Wonderland. The 2010 live action version portrays her as a red-haired queen with a crown and scepter.

Recreate this fun costume idea:

20. Black Widow

This red-haired superhero always looks smoking hot in her black pantsuit and body harnesses.

This is a perfect costume for redheads who want to show off their figure a bit.

Recreate this hot halloween costume idea:

21. Fiona From Shrek

Fiona halloween costume for redheads
Source: Pinterest

One of the cutest halloween costumes for redheads is Fiona from Shrek.

If you’re dressing up with a friend or significant other, you could have them dress up as Shrek or Lord Farquaad.

Recreate this cute costume idea:

22. Cat Valentine

Cat Valentine was Ariana Grande’s quirky character on the show Victorious. She is known for her fiery red hair and her super girly outfits.

This would be such an adorable costume idea for redheads.

Recreate this cute costume idea:

23. Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter is another really creative halloween costume for people with red hair.

You’ll basically just wear bohemian-style clothing and a large top hat.

Recreate this costume idea:

24. Ariel

Ariel is definitely one of the most iconic halloween costumes for redheads.

As you can see, even the biggest celebrities are dressing up as Ariel for Halloween.

You’ll need a sequined mermaid-style skirt and a seashell top to recreate this costume:

25. Chuckie From Rugrats

chuckie redhead Halloween costume

How adorable is this Chuckie costume from the children’s show The Rugrats?

You can easily recreate this with some green biker shorts and a planet T-shirt from Amazon.

Recreate this halloween costume idea for redheads:

26. Meg From Hercules

Meg is the red-headed goddess from Hercules. She wears a light purple dress and rocks a half updo.

Recreate this fun halloween costume idea:

27. Pennywise

Another cute idea is to dress up as Pennywise from It. The character is a bit creepy, but you can make it cute with a white dress, ruffle collar, and clown face paint.

You can make the red buttons out of red craft pompoms. Just pin or glue them to your dress.

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Recreate this costume idea for redheads:

28. Ron Weasley

Any red-haired guy could dress as Ron Weasley for Halloween. Just put on a sweater vest, striped tie, and a white collared shirt.

If you’re a girl, you could go as Ginny Weasley with basically the same costume!

Recreate this ginger halloween costume idea:

29. Dexter’s Laboratory

Dexter’s Laboratory was an animated children’s show that a lot of 90s kids grew up watching.

The main character is an orange-haired boy who wears a lab coat and purple gloves.

Recreate this funny halloween costume idea:

30. Wandavision

wandavision costume for redheads
Source: Pinterest

The main character of this Marvel TV show famously wears a red headpiece and bodysuit outfit. This would be such a cute halloween costume for redheads.

Recreate this costume idea:

31. Chucky (The Doll)

Source: Instagram

Chucky is definitely one of the most famous redheaded movie villains.

To get this look you’ll need a striped shirt, denim overalls, and some horror movie makeup.

Recreate this Chucky costume idea:

32. Cady Heron From Mean Girls

Cady Heron mean girls costume for redheads

Lindsay Lohan’s character in Mean Girls is so iconic. One of her most famous outfits is an oversized polo shirt with blue jeans.

Such a cute and comfortable halloween costume idea!

Recreate this costume:

33. Blossom From Powerpuff Girls

redhead halloween costume
Source: Pinterest

The Powerpuff Girls make a super cute group halloween costume for trios.

One of the powerpuff girls is a redhead named Blossom. She wears a pink outfit and a giant red bow.

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Recreate this cute halloween costume:

34. Lucille Ball

I Love Lucy was one of the most famous American sitcoms of all time. The main character is known for her crazy antics and fiery red hair.

Lucy makes such a good halloween costume for redheads!

35. Misty From Pokemon

misty pokemon redhead costume
Source: Pinterest

Pokemon fans will remember the orange-haired gym owner Misty from the video games and TV series.

She wears denim shorts, red overalls, and a yellow t-shirt. And don’t forget to carry a pokeball!

Recreate this cute costume idea:

This post was all about the best halloween costumes for redheads.

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