10 Perfect Halloween Costumes For A Blonde And Brunette

Need an iconic costume idea for you and your bestie? Here are 10 of the best Halloween costumes for a blonde and brunette.

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Every blonde needs a brunette bestie! If you two are dressing up for Halloween together this year, you’re probably looking for some costume inspiration.

In this post, we’ll share 10 of the most iconic Halloween costumes for a blonde and brunette. Of course, you can also throw on a wig if you want to trade costume ideas!

1. Lizzie McGuire And Isabella

Lizzie and Isabella Halloween costumes for blonde and brunette
Source: Pinterest (@Destiny Amber)

Does it get more iconic than this? Lizzie McGuire and Isabella make the perfect halloween costume for a blonde and brunette duo.

The best way to do this is to dress up like their last scene in the Lizzie McGuire Movie. Lizzie wears a silver and purple pant suit while Isabella rocks a lime green outfit.

Both of them definitely need headset microphones too!

Recreate Lizzie’s Outfit

For Lizzie’s outfit, you’ll need to put together a silver and purple ensemble. She wears some really fun silver metallic flare pants, a purple top, and a silver jacket.

If you don’t already have blonde hair, you’ll want to get a blonde wig to finish off the look.

We’ve linked the perfect ensemble for you below:

Lizzie’s Pants – Buy on Amazon

Lizzie’s Top – Buy on Amazon

Lizzie’s Jacket – Buy on Amazon

Lizzie’s Wig – Buy on Amazon

Lizzies Headset – Buy on Amazon

Recreate Isabella’s Costume

The fashion in these early 2000s movies is absolutely unmatched. I mean, how fun is Isabella’s lime green look?

To pull this costume off, you’ll need a green jacket, green skirt, an overskirt type of situation, and some fun knee-high boots. She accessorizes with fishnet stockings, a choker necklace, and a headset microphone.

Click on the links below to recreate this look:

Isabella’s Skirt – Buy on Amazon

Isabella’s Overskirt – Buy on Amazon

Isabella’s Jacket – Buy on Amazon

Isabella’s Boots – Buy on Amazon

Isabella’s Necklace – Buy on Amazon

Isabella’s Headset – Buy on Amazon

2. Bratz And Barbie Blonde And Brunette Costume

Bratz and Barbie halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest

Both of these costumes are exploding in popularity lately on their own. So how cute would they be do do together with your best friend??

For this costume idea, the blonde friend would dress up as Barbie and the brunette would be a Bratz doll.

Luckily, both of these costumes are SO easy to recreate. You’ll just need some regular outfits and a printout of each of the doll’s logos.

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Recreate The Brunette Bratz Costume

For the Bratz costume, can just go with a regular outfit and a printout of the Bratz logo. One option would be a jean skirt, black top, and black knee-high boots, as pictured in the first photo.

However, we think a more iconic version of this costume is when the Bratz dolls wore colorful plaid skirts, white logo tops, and choker necklaces. Here are links to these items:

Bratz Doll Skirt – Buy on Amazon

Bratz Doll Top (cut into a crop top) – Buy on Amazon

Bratz Costume Necklace – Buy on Amazon

Recreate The Blonde Barbie Costume

For the Barbie costume, we would just go with a hot pink dress and a cutout of the Barbie logo.

You can finish off the look with some white converse and a cute Barbie-esque purse.

Here are links for these items:

Barbie’s Hot Pink Dress – Buy on Amazon

Barbie’s White Converse – Buy on Amazon

Barbie Purse – Buy on Amazon

3. Betty And Veronica From Riverdale

Betty and Veronica from Riverdale Halloween costumes
Source: Pinterest

Fans of Riverdale will instantly recognize these iconic Halloween costumes for a blonde and brunette. Betty and Veronica are the blonde and brunette besties from the hit TV show.

Recreate this iconic best friend costume for blondes and brunettes:

Betty and Veronica’s Shirt – Buy on Amazon

Betty and Veronica’s Shorts – Buy on Amazon

Betty and Veronica’s Knee-High Socks – Buy on Amazon

Betty and Veronica’s White Keds Shoes – Buy on Amazon

4. Blair And Serena

Blair and Serena Costumes for a blonde and brunette
Source: Pinterest

Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen are one of the most iconic sets of blonde and brunette besties.

Blair is known for her classy and put-together looks, while Serena is more of a messy, free-spirit type. One of the most fun ways of doing this costume is to recreate their takes on the school uniform.

Recreate Blair’s School Uniform Costume

Blair goes for a totally classic look with a black skirt, tucked in shirt, semi-sheer tights, and a headband to school.

She always looks super classy and expensive no matter where she goes!

Here are some links to help you put together this look:

Blair’s School Skirt – Buy on Amazon

Blair’s School Shirt – Buy on Amazon

Blair’s Classy Tie – Buy on Amazon

Blair’s Tights – Buy on Amazon

Blair’s Headband – Buy on Amazon

Recreate Serena’s School Uniform Costume

Serena rocks a plaid skirt, untucked shirt, and loose necktie for school most days. She always looks slightly messy but still beautiful.

Here are some links to recreate her look:

Serena’s Skirt – Buy on Amazon

Serena’s School Shirt – Buy on Amazon

Serena’s Tie – Buy on Amazon

Serena’s Knee High Socks – Buy on Amazon

5. Regina And Gretchen

Regina and Gretchen Halloween costumes for a blonde and brunette
Source: Pinterest

If you’ve seen Mean Girls, you already know about this iconic blonde and brunette set of besties. Regina is the head of the “plastics” and Gretchen is one of her top minions.

The most important piece of your costume is that you wear pink, because duh.

Recreate Regina’s Blonde Halloween Costume

Regina’s most iconic look is when she has her shirt cut out in the bra area. It’s done as a prank but she ends up rocking it and starting a trend among her classmates.

You can easily recreate this look with a plain white tank top, dark-colored bra, and a pink cardigan.

Here are links to pieces for Regina’s costume:

Regina’s Tank Top – Buy on Amazon

Regina’s Bra – Buy on Amazon

Regina’s Pink Cardigan – Buy on Amazon

The Burn Book – Buy on Amazon

Recreate Gretchen’s Brunette Halloween Costume

Throughout the movie, Gretchen’s signature look is a pink sweater and a plaid shirt. Her curly brunette hair is most known for being huge and “full of secrets”.

Here are some links to recreate Gretchen’s look:

Gretchen’s Top – Buy on Amazon

Gretchen’s Skirt – Buy on Amazon

6. Cher And Dionne

Cher and Dionne costume ideas for blonde and brunette best friends
Source: Pinterest

The movie Clueless features one of the most iconic blonde and brunette duos ever. Cher and Dionne are a pair of besties with a super recognizable style.

Their plaid skirt suits make for a super cute Halloween costume for blondes and brunettes.

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Recreate Cher’s Costume From Clueless

The yellow plaid skirt suit is instantly recognizable as a Halloween costume. You can buy the full costume as a set like this one, or piece it together yourself.

Here are links if you want to piece it together yourself:

Cher’s Plaid Skirt – Buy on Amazon

Cher’s Plaid Blazer – Buy on Amazon

Cher’s White Knee High Socks – Buy on Amazon

Recreate Dionne’s Costume From Clueless

Dionne wears a super similar costume to Cher. The main difference is that it’s black and white instead of yellow. She also wears a red cardigan underneath her blazer.

Recreate Dionne’s costume:

Dionne’s Plaid Skirt Suit – Buy on Amazon

Dionne’s Red Cardigan – Buy on Amazon

Dionne’s Black Knee High Socks – Buy on Amazon

7. Phoebe And Rachel

Phoebe and Rachel costume idea from Friends
Source: Pinterest

Rachel and Phoebe are two of the main characters in the show Friends.

Phoebe is known for her free-spirit style and long blonde hair. Rachel has shorter brown hair and is often seen wearing her Central Perk uniform.

This would be one of the cutest Halloween costumes for a blonde and brunette.

Recreate Phoebe’s Costume From Friends

Phoebe is a really easy costume idea because you can pretty much wear any hippie clothing items. She’s frequently seen wearing long colorful dresses.

You could accessorize with either a guitar or stuffed cat so people will really know who you are.

Here are links to Phoebe’s costume items:

Phoebe’s Long Dress – Buy on Amazon

Phoebe’s Stuffed Cat – Buy on Amazon

Phoebe’s Guitar – Buy on Amazon

Recreate Rachel’s Costume From Friends

Rachel’s most recognizable look is her waitressing outfit from Central Perk. She wears a black shirt, denim skirt, and an apron.

Here are links to her outfit:

Rachel’s Denim Skirt – Buy on Amazon

Rachel’s Black Shirt – Buy on Amazon

Rachel’s Central Perk Apron And Mug – Buy on Amazon

8. Sharpay And Gabriella

If you’ve seen High School Musical, you obviously know who Sharpay and Gabriella are. While they’re not exactly besties, they would make a super cute Halloween costume idea for blonde and brunette bffs!

Gabriella tends to dress in pretty plain clothing. She’s supposed to be the normal “girl next door” type. Sharpay, on the other hand, always dresses like she’s in a pageant.

Recreate Sharpay’s Look From High School Musical

Sharpay has an endless amount of iconic looks throughout the movies. One of her classic looks is an all-pink getup with a silver sequin shrug top.

Here are links to recreate this look:

Sharpay’s Silver Shrug Top – Buy on Amazon

Sharpay’s Sparkly Pink Skirt – Buy on Amazon

Sharpay’s Microphone – Buy on Amazon

Recreate Gabriella’s High School Musical Costume

Gabriella’s stand-out moment from the first HSM movie is her solo musical scene performing the song When There Was Me And You.

In this scene, she wears blue jeans, a turquoise top, and a funky bohemian belt.

Recreate this look with the linked products:

Gabriella’s Turquoise Top – Buy on Amazon

Gabriella’s Belt – Buy on Amazon

9. Paris Hilton And Kim Kardashian

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian blonde and brunette costume idea
Source: Twitter (@loobixcube)

Did you know that before Kim was one of the most famous people on earth she was Paris Hilton’s assistant? The two were regularly spotted together by paparazzi in the early 2000s.

Both of them regularly rocked the Y2K velour tracksuit during that time. They also wore lots of oversized jewelry, rhinestones, and giant sunglasses.

Recreate Paris Hilton’s Costume

Paris is the queen of girly Y2K fashion. One of her iconic looks is this pink velour tracksuit. She had several of them that she wore often.

Recreate this classic Paris Hilton look:

Paris Hilton’s Pink Velour Tracksuit – Buy on Amazon

Paris Hilton’s Sunglasses – Buy on Amazon

Paris Hilton’s Stuffed Dog – Buy on Amazon

Paris Hilton’s Belt Bag – Buy on Amazon

Recreate Kim Kardashian’s Costume

Kim Kardashian was another celebrity who would regularly be spotted out in velour tracksuits. She also rocked oversized sunglasses and giant silver hoops on the reg.

Here are links to recreate her look:

Kim’s Turquoise Tracksuit – Buy on Amazon

Kim’s Sunglasses – Buy on Amazon

Kim’s Purse – Buy on Amazon

Kim’s Earrings – Buy on Amazon

10. Maddy And Cassie From Euphoria

Maddy and Cassie halloween costume idea
Source: Pinterest

Euphoria is one of the most popular shows on TV right now. Maddy and Cassie are a blonde and brunette duo with a tumultuous relationship.

No matter your thoughts on the characters themselves, you have to admit that their outfits are iconic.

Recreate Maddy’s Look From Euphoria

Maddy is always rocking matching sets in the show. A fan favorite look of hers is her halter top with cutout pants from the carnival scene.

Copy this look:

Maddy’s Cutout Pants – Buy on Amazon

Maddy’s Crop Top – Buy on Amazon

Recreate Cassie’s Outfit From Euphoria

A fan-favorite look of Cassie’s is when she wears a cow print skirt with a turquoise bra top. It’s such a unique look and super easy to recreate.

Copy Cassie’s outfit:

Cassie’s Cow Print Skirt – Buy on Amazon

Cassie’s Turquoise Bra Top – Buy on Amazon

Cassie’s Turquoise Belt – Buy on Amazon

This post was all about iconic Halloween costumes for a blonde and brunette.

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