35 Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Guys (Quick & Easy)

Did Halloween sneak up on you this year? Here are 35 of the best last minute halloween costumes for guys.

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One minute, you’re buying sparklers for the Fourth of July and then BAM! It’s Halloween.

Don’t worry—you’re not alone. Every year, guys just like you aren’t prepared for Halloween. They either overspend on a last-minute costume or don’t dress up at all.

But this year, you won’t be that guy because you’ve found this list!

Here are the best last minute Halloween costumes for guys that you can use this year:

Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Guys

1. Clark Kent

When it comes to easy costume ideas, Clark Kent might just take the cake. Everyone will recognize their favorite superhero, and it only takes three items!

Just grab your favorite white button-up shirt, a chunky pair of glasses, and a cheap Superman shirt from your local department store.

Make sure to leave the button-up unbuttoned enough to show the Superman shirt underneath and voila—the perfect Halloween costume.

2. Georgie From It

last minute halloween costume for guys

Everybody and their mother knows the Stephen King classic It. Even if they haven’t personally seen the movie, people have seen the memes.

To be instantly recognized as Georgie from It, visit your local department store or thrift shop. Find a long, yellow raincoat and you’re good to go!

If you want to go the extra mile, rip one arm off the coat and add some fake blood (or red food dye).

3. Astronaut

NASA costume for guys last minute

This costume idea is out of this world—literally. To be an off-duty astronaut, all you need is a NASA shirt and some sneakers. Add a NASA cap if you want. No astronaut suit necessary.

4. Johnny Bravo

This beloved cartoon character is instantly recognizable wherever you go for Halloween.

This is definitely one of the easiest last minute halloween costumes for guys. All you need is a black t-shirt, a comb, jeans and hair.

Once you manage to get your hair in Johnny’s perfect sweeping look, you’re ready for a night of fun.

5. Brawny Paper Towel Guy

This underrated look requires a basic red and black flannel shirt, jeans, and one unopened Brawny paper towel roll.

If you have a flannel in your closet and Brawny paper towels in your closet, this costume costs exactly $0. It doesn’t get cheaper than that!

6. Greaser

Everybody knows a Greaser when they see one. Thanks to the movie Grease, all you need to pull off this look is a white t-shirt, jeans, a black leather jacket, and lots of hair gel.

Make sure to slick back only the slides of your hair to truly have that greasy look. Cuff the bottom of your jeans if you’d like, but the jacket will be the center of the costume.

7. Men In Black

men in black last minute Halloween costume
Source: Pinterest

If you’re a businessman, a Men In Black costume will only require what you use on a regular basis—a black suit.

Just add some dark sunglasses to the ensemble, and you’re ready to wipe some memories!

8. Gym Rat

If you have any social media at all, you know “gym rats” are all the rage. But did you know that they’re also an easy last minute Halloween costume for guys?

Just grab your favorite gym outfit or athletic wear and add some mouse ears. Everyone will think you’re clever and fit.

9. Cloudy Sky

There’s nothing quite like a nature-themed Halloween costume. To be a cloudy sky, grab a blue shirt from your closet, glue, and cotton balls.

Glue the cotton balls to your shirt, and you’re a cloudy sky. Not bad for a few bucks worth of materials!

10. Peanut Butter Baby Vine

No matter how old you are, you’ve probably seen the Peanut Butter Baby Vine. This is definitely one of the craziest last minute halloween costumes for guys.

To commit to this costume, you simply need to smear peanut butter all over your face and upper body. Go big or go home!

11. Ace Ventura

You’ll just need a patterned button-up shirt, patterned shorts, and a pink tutu to copy this look.

Tutus are easy to come by and only a few bucks, and everything else is probably already in your closet!

12. Twister Board


EveryoneI can recognize Twister with only a few strategic dots.

For this costume, wear a white shirt with white pants. Then, cut out large dots in red, green, and yellow felt or paper.

Tape or glue the dots on your shirt, grab a Twister board from the real game (or create your own) and you’re done!

13. Marty McFly

Nobody’s forgetting Back to the Future any time soon. To dress up as Marty, you’ll need a red puffy vest, goggles, a flannel shirt, and jeans.

If you don’t want to pay full price for a vest, check out your local thrift shops. Someone’s bound to have donated iconic ‘80s clothes!

14. Peter Pan

For a classic Peter Pan look, all you need is an oversized dark green shirt, green felt or paper, a red feather, and a belt.

Cut the green shirt’s sleeves and bottom hem to get that edgy Lost Boy look. For Peter’s infamous cap, fold a green sheet of paper or felt and stick the red feather onto it.

15. Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean is an icon and perfect for a last minute costume idea. Just grab a white shirt, white pants, and attach cotton balls or white strips of paper to your eyebrows to tie the look together.

16. Arthur

Now, for everyone’s favorite anteater! Lucky for you, Arthur has made an appearance in meme culture in the past few years.

All you need is a white collared shirt, a yellow sweater, glasses, and some costume ears like these ones.

17. Indiana Jones

On top of being a famous adventurer, Indiana Jones is also a fashion minimalist.

This is perfect for you because the costume will be easy and recognizable! Grab a tan shirt, a black or dark brown hat, and a whip to tie it all together.

18. Box

With everyone online shopping these days, odds are you have a cardboard box laying around somewhere.

To be a box, just open up the bottom of one and put it over your head. Beware, this costume might make you look like a square.

19. Bernie Sanders

No matter your political views, you know who Bernie Sanders is. And you know the meme of him sitting in the cold.

To emulate this look, grab some mittens, a winter coat, khaki pants, a face mask, glasses, and a gray wig (optional).

For bonus points, sit with your legs crossed at every Halloween party. Everyone will feel the Bern!

20. Damien From Mean Girls


To dress up as the most iconic character from Mean Girls, you’ll need a gray hoodie, sunglasses, a piece of paper, and string.

Write “She doesn’t even go here!” on the paper and hang it from your neck. Minimal effort, and everyone will know who you are!

21. Error Message

If you’re an IT guy or simply like dry humor, this is the costume for you. Buy or grab a white t-shirt from your closet and write, “Error 404 Costume Not Found.”

People will think you’re clever, funny, and ironically festive.

22. Cereal Killer


There’s nothing quite like a good pun. To be a “cereal killer” this Halloween, grab mini cereal boxes, plastic knives, glue, and a white t-shirt.

Glue the cereal boxes to the shirt with knives sticking out of them. Glue loose pieces of cereal to the shirt for added effect.

23. Egg

Source: The Kitchn

It’s a breakfast food, a great source of protein, and an easy Halloween costume.

To be an egg, you’ll need a white t-shirt, glue, and white and yellow paper or felt. Cut the white and yellow materials into ovals, glue them together, then glue them to your shirt. All done!

24. Fifty Shades Of Gray

Source: yahoo

This costume requires a quick trip to your local paint supplier. That’s right—it’s another pun! Grab as many swatches of gray paint as you can find.

Then, glue or tape them to a shirt of your choice. Congrats! You’re literally fifty shades of gray.

25. Fork In The Road

If you love puns and have duct tape, this is the costume for you. You’ll need a black shirt, black pants, silver duct tape, and a plastic fork.

Place the tape up the center of the shirt to look like a highway. Use one of the pieces to tape the fork down. Not too shabby for a last minute costume!

26. Alfredo From Ratatouille

One animated chef has a special place in all of our hearts, and that’s Alfredo.

If you don’t have a chef’s hat and coat, no worries. You can wear a casual outfit for this costume. Just make sure you have a rat-sized picture of Remy on your shoulder.

Everyone will get the reference, and you’ll save money!

27. The Rock Yearbook Photo

It might be hard to look like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson without spending 17 hours in the gym every day.

Luckily, one particular fashion statement will make you instantly recognizable as The Rock. You just need a black turtleneck, a chain necklace, a fanny pack and jeans.

28. Tacky Tourist

If you’ve ever traveled, you know exactly what look to go for with a tacky tourist.

Hawaiian shirts, straw hats, fanny packs, and socks with sandals will complete this look!  

29. Jake From State Farm

To be Jake from State Farm, grab your favorite red shirt, a name tag that says “Jake,” and KHAKIS. The khakis tie the whole thing together, even if they sound hideous.

30. Harry Styles X Factor Audition Outfit

Harry Styles’ stans will recognize this reference in an instant!

All you need is a red hoodie, a black beanie, and a printed out X Factor audition number to tape to your front. Rock on, Harry.

31. Bob Ross

Bob Ross is a national treasure and has a very particular look. You’ll need a button-up shirt, jeans, an afro, and a paintbrush with a palette.

The paint palette can be made of cardboard, and the afro can be a wig from your local Halloween store. Bob would approve.

32. Adam Sandler

If you haven’t heard by now, Adam Sandler is as iconic for his looks off the screen as he is on the screen.

To copy his effortless dad energy, wear baggy athletic shorts, a baggy graphic t-shirt, tennis shoes, and sunglasses. Throw in a cup of coffee if you’re super committed to the meme.

Seriously one of the easiest last minute halloween costumes for guys!

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33. Ginger Bread Man

ginger bread man last minute costume

If you have red hair, this is the costume for you. Go to the local market for loaves of bread and hang them around your neck.

To make the pun even more clear, you can add a sign that says “Ginger Bread Man.” Put that red hair to good use!

P.s. we have a whole list of great halloween costume ideas for redheads.

34. Starbucks

Source: The Kitchn

As far as clever Halloween costumes go, this one will earn you points with coffee-drinkers. You’ll need a white t-shirt, gold stars, dollar bills, and tape.

Attach the stars to the shirt. Then, attach the dollar bills to the stars. It’s clever, it’s cheap, and you can make it in less than 10 minutes!

35. Happy Gilmore

Of all the Adam Sandler classics, Happy Gilmore is one of the best. All you need is gray sweatpants, a yellow shirt, a flannel, a baseball cap, and a field hockey stick.

Ask around for the field hockey stick—someone is bound to have one! Definitely one of the easiest mens last minute halloween costumes.

This post was all about last minute halloween costumes for guys.

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