40 White Elephant Gifts That Everyone Will Fight Over

Looking for white elephant gifts that everyone at the party will want? Here are 40 unique ideas to bring to your next white elephant gift exchange.

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White elephant is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. It’s so much fun because you never know what type of gift you’ll end up with.

Are you looking for that gift that everyone will want to trade for? This white elephant gift idea guide will have you covered.

Whether you’re looking for something popular, funny, useful, or trying to stick to a budget, I’ve included White Elephant gifts for everyone!

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Our Top White Elephant Gift Picks

Want to get right to the good stuff? Here are our picks for the absolute best white elephant gifts this year.

Best Crowd-Favorite White Elephant Gifts

Looking for some of the most well-loved white elephant gifts? Here are some gift ideas that pretty much everyone would love to receive!

You’ll definitely have the most sought-after gift at the party if you bring one of these:

1. Electric Wine Bottle Opener

This is a gift I’ve actually had stolen from me in a white elephant exchange! I love it because it looks way more expensive than it is.

2. Compact Ice Cream Maker

Such a fun idea for a white elephant gift! You can make fresh ice cream, gelato, or frozen yogurt with the push of a button. Plus it’s super affordable!

3. Stanley Quencher

This will definitely be the white elephant gift everyone fights over. These cups keep your drinks so cold, fit in a cup holder, and are so cute.

4. Candle Warmer

I have this exact candle warmer and I’m OBSESSED with it! It makes your candles last so much longer and it also looks gorgeous.

5. Pendleton Picnic Blanket

I have this outdoor blanket and I’m obsessed with it! It’s Pendleton brand so you know the quality is amazing, but it’s still fairly affordable.

6. Pickleball Set

With how popular Pickleball has become, this is sure to be a gift that everyone fights over at the party.

7. Travel Blanket Pillow

We love a good multifunctional white elephant gift. This travel pillow unfolds into a blanket, which is perfect for chilly flights.

8. Bob Ross Heat Activated Mug

I’m pretty sure everyone on earth knows and loves Bob Ross. So who wouldn’t want to get this heat-activated mug that reveals one of his paintings when hot?

9. Electric Salt And Pepper Grinder Set

This is definitely a gift that I’d be tempted to steal! These electric salt and pepper grinders make cooking so much easier and quicker.

10. Aeropress Coffee Maker

I absolutely love my Aeropress and I use it every single morning.It seriously tastes like fancy coffeehouse coffee! I would love to get this in a White Elephant gift exchange.

11. Vegetable Chopper

Anyone who cooks would love to get this as their gift in a white elephant exchange! It seriously cuts cooking time in half. I have this exact one and it’s amazing.

12. AirTags

This is one of the most useful white elephant gift ideas on the list. Throw an AirTag in your luggage, purse, wallet, etc. and you’ll never lose that item again.

The Best White Elephant Gifts Under $20

Need a good white elephant gift on a budget? Here are some options for gifts that people will want that cost less than $20.

13. World’s Smallest Vacuum

world's smallest vacuum white elephant gift

One of my favorite white elephant gift ideas on the list. This is a hilariously small vacuum cleaner that would actually be super useful for cleaning your desk!

14. Mug Warmer

Pretty much everyone drinks coffee or tea so this gift will be a total crowd pleaser. This mug warmer keeps your beverages hot or cold forever so you can sip at your own pace.

15. Microwave S’mores Maker

If you’ve ever made microwave s’mores you know the struggle of the marshmallow expanding and making a huge mess.

This little contraption pushes down on the graham crackers so that the marshmallows don’t puff up too much. Plus, it’s super affordable.

16. Have a Great Day Mug

This mug is cute with just the right amount of sass. It’s the perfect white elephant gift for someone who’s a little grumpy before their cup of coffee.

17. Mini Waffle Maker

One of the cheapest white elephant gift ideas on this list is this mini waffle maker.

You can even use it to make hash browns, paninis, etc. Such a fun white elephant gift that’s also super useful!

18. Smart Stickers

How genius are these smart stickers? You can stick them on boxes or storage containers and just scan with your phone to see what’s inside.

Plus, they’re under $10! This was one of the most popular white elephant gift ideas on the list last year, so make sure you grab them before they sell out!

19. Lightsaber Chopsticks

How cool are these lightsaber chopsticks that actually light up? This is definitely a white elephant gift worth fighting for.

20. Cold Brew Maker

The perfect gift for those people that drink iced coffee year round.

This cold brew coffee maker fits perfectly in the fridge and it’s super affordable.

21. Portable Charger

Everyone needs a portable charger for those random emergencies. This one is under $20 and has great reviews.

22. Silicone Mats

These silicone mats are honestly magical. I use them pretty much every day when I’m cooking in the oven and absolutely nothing sticks to them.

23. Unbreakable Wine Glasses

I love these silicone wine glasses for sitting out on the patio, bringing to the pool, or to take camping.

They’re honestly so useful and shockingly affordable! Such a good white elephant gift for your outdoorsy friends.

The Funniest White Elephant Gifts

Want to get a lot of laughs at the White Elephant gift exchange? Here are some of the funniest gift ideas to bring to the party:

24. Burrito Blanket

This is definitely one of the most hilarious gift ideas. It’ll have everyone laughing but it’s actually functional too! They seal oxygen out and make your wine bottles spill-proof.

25. Tiny Hands

Looking for a hilariously random white elephant gift that’s also under $10? This pack of tiny hands is perfect for taking funny pictures with random objects. Don’t believe me? Just read the reviews and see how amused people are by these tiny hands!

26. Emergency Underpants

Everyone will be laughing when they open up these emergency underpants. It’s less than $10 so it’s the perfect item for a budget gift exchange.

27. Toilet Fishing Game

We all need something to do to pass time time while we go!

This toilet fishing game would be a hilarious crowd pleaser at the white elephant gift exchange.

28. Shower Wine Glass Holder

I know I have this in the funny category but honestly I’d love to get this as a serious gift too!

29. Funny Hand Sanitizer

How freaking funny is this hand sanitizer? Everyone will be dying laughing when this one gets opened up.

30. Carpool Karaoke Microphone

This Car Microphone is all over TikTok right now and it’s such a funny gift to give in a white elephant exchange!

31. People of Walmart Coloring Book

This coloring book is such a funny white elephant gift idea. Everyone’s seen something shocking in Walmart so we can all relate.

This was another one of the most popular gifts on the list last year!

32. Squatty Potty

This is one of those white elephant gifts that starts out being funny but winds up being super useful! I know so many people that swear by their Squatty Potty.

33. Desktop Cornhole

Sometimes we just need a good distraction from work! This desktop cornhole game is a really funny white elephant gift ideas.

34. Bad Dad Joke Book

Who doesn’t like a good dad joke? If you have any dad friends or guys that act like the dad of the group, they’ll think this gift is hilarious.

35. B.S. Button

Such a funny White Elephant gift. There’s plenty of B.S. going around these days so I feel like we all need one of these at all times lol.

36. Money Dispenser Shooter

Make it rain whenever you want. This white elephant gift will definitely be a big hit. It comes with the money shooter and plenty of fake money.

37. Tipsy Tower

Tipsy Tower is basically Jenga but boozier! This would be perfect at a college white elephant gift exchange.

38. Boyfriend Pillow

Do you have a lot of single people in your friend group? This hilarious boyfriend pillow will help them feel a little less lonely during the holiday season.

39. White Elephant Figurine

What’s funnier than gifting an actual white elephant during a white elephant gift exchange?

40. The Screaming Goat

The perfect little desk buddy to always make you laugh. Everyone needs a screaming goat on their desk.

This little screaming goat set comes with a book and a figurine. When you press down on the goat, he lets out a little scream. Such a funny white elephant gift idea!

This post was all about the top White Elephant Gift Ideas that everyone at the party will be fighting over.

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