14 Cozy Dorm Christmas Decor Ideas (Cheap & Easy)

Decorating your dorm room for the holidays this year? Here are the absolute cutest Christmas dorm decor ideas that you can copy for your room.

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Even when you’re a college student living in a dorm, you can still go all out for the holidays.

Decorating for the holidays in college is so fun because it really helps make that tiny little space you live in feel like home.

You can even have competitions for the best dorm decorations with the other people on your hall.

Here are the absolute cutest Christmas dorm decoration ideas that will help get your dorm room looking festive in no time.

Cheap Christmas Decorations

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Dorm Christmas Decor Ideas

Need a little inspiration for how to decorate your dorm room? Here are some really cute ideas for how you can decorate your dorm for the holidays.

Before we get into specific decor ideas, here are some really cute examples of dorm Christmas decorations from TikTok to get you in the holiday spirit.

@sam.smith8501 Some christmas dorm inspiration from freshman year 😍🌲❄️🎅🏼 @jade_ann23 #fyp #christmas #dorm #christmasdorm #dormdecor #babsoncollege ♬ It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas – Michael Bublé
@lydiagtaylor I’m a college student by day and Santa by night 🎄🎅 (yes I added an inflatable snowman and light up wreath) #collegedorm #dormtour #dormroomdecor #dormchristmas #campbelluniversity ♬ Tactical Christmas – Chivi 😘

Now that you’re feeling festive, here are some really creative ways to decorate your dorm room for Christmas.

1. Get A Small Christmas Tree

dorm room Christmas trees

It just doesn’t feel like Christmas without a tree!

A tabletop tree works really well, but we love the idea of getting a super skinny tree and putting it in the corner of your room.

Bonus points if you decorate your tree in school colors!

Here are some good options for dorm room Christmas trees:

2. Hang Ornaments In The Window

christmas ornament window display for dorm rooms

This is definitely one of the most creative dorm room Christmas decorations!

Make your window area more cheerful by hanging ornaments from your curtain rods with fishing line.

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If you have a windowsill in your dorm room, you can add some festive little figurines and garland to really spruce up your window area.

3. Decorate Your Dorm Door

dorm door decorations for Christmas

Unfortunately, most people won’t see the decor your put up in your dorm room.

But they will see your door decorations! Spread some cheer in your dorm building by decorating your door for the holidays.

Hang stockings, add a wreath, and drape some tinsel garland over your dorm door.

Here are some essentials for decorating your dorm door:

4. Add Festive Throw Pillows

Christmas dorm decor throw pillows

A super easy way to add some Christmas cheer is to throw some Christmas pillows on your bed or futon.

If you already have throw pillows, just buy some festive pillowcases to put on for the holiday season!

Here are some cute options:

5. Hang Icicle Lights

Christmas lights hung up in a college dorm room

How gorgeous are these icicle lights draped across this dorm wall?

You can easily recreate this look in your room with battery powered twinkle lights and some command hooks.

Here’s what you’ll need:

6. Make A DIY Fireplace

Christmas dorm decor fireplace
Source: Pinterest

How adorable is this Christmas dorm decor idea?

You obviously can’t have an open flame in your dorm room, but you still have to have a way for Santa Claus to get to you ;).

7. Hang Up Stockings

Get matching stockings with your roommate and hang them next to your bed with command hooks.

Such a cute Christmas dorm decor idea!

8. Make A Dreamy Canopy With Curtain Lights

curtain lights hanging over a dorm bed

Curtain lights have to be one of the most magical ways to decorate for the holidays!

You can hang these lights over your dorm bed, in your windows, or on your wall for a super dreamy look.

Here are the best curtain lights from Amazon:

9. Get An Elf On The Shelf


If you’re not familiar with Elf On The Shelf, it’s a common family Christmas tradition. You move the elf around each night and try to pose them in funny or weird spots.

This would be so fun to do with your roommates! Move the elf around and see how long it takes your roommate to notice it.

Check Pinterest for funny ways to pose your elf! 

10. Make A String Light Christmas Tree

Christmas dorm decor
Source: Pinterest

Want a Christmas tree in your dorm but don’t have any space for it? Make one on your wall with string lights!

All you need are twinkle lights and command hooks to recreate this.

11. Deck Your Room Out in Fairy Lights

dorm room christmas lights

Nothing says Christmas like a ton of twinkly lights all over your room.

You can buy super cheap string lights on Amazon and just go crazy hanging them all over your room!

12. Hang Garland

garland in dorm room

Garland can be hung just about anywhere in your dorm room! Over your TV, under your lofted bed, around your windows, etc.

We love what this student did by hanging their garland over their TV and creating a fake fireplace area. Just search for fireplace videos on Youtube to recreate this!

13. Decorate Above Your Bed

christmas dorm bed

Brighten up the space above your bed with some holiday prints and a fun tassel garland!

Here are some cute options from Amazon:

14. Hang A Mini Wreath

christmas dorm room wreath

Want a subtle way to add some cheer to your dorm room? Hang a small wreath from your window or dorm door.

It’s a nice way to celebrate the holiday season without going overboard.

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