24 Cutest College Halloween Costumes on Instagram (2023)

This post is all about the cutest college halloween costumes on Instagram. We searched all over Instagram to find the absolute hottest halloween costume ideas for you to copy this year!

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Halloween weekend is such a fun time when you’re in college. There are so many events and parties to go to in the days and weeks leading up to Halloween.

You’ll definitely want to have a few costume ideas picked out ahead of time so you’re not scrambling to throw something together when you get that last-minute party invite.

To help you out, we put together a list of 24 college halloween costumes Instagram goes crazy over.

The Hottest College Halloween Costumes on Instagram

1. Space Cowboy

space cowgirl halloween costume on instagram
Source: @jandajaure

The space cowboy is an insanely popular college halloween costume Instagram inspired. Thank you Kacey Musgraves! I love how simple and cute this costume is.

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Recreate this costume:

2. Nurse

Source: @_kmullins

The hot nurse costume never goes out of style. You can find the whole ensemble for pretty cheap on Amazon.

Recreate this college halloween costume Instagram inspired:

3. Dalmation

Source: @summermckeen

How cute is this simple dog halloween costume? Just pair some Dalmatian ears with any black outfit.

Recreate this halloween costume:

4. Devil

It’s almost impossible to not look hot when you dress up like a devil for halloween.

You can pretty much throw on any black or red outfit and devil horns for an easy devil halloween costume.

Recreate this costume:

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5. Paris Hilton

Source: @indyblue_

This Paris Hilton halloween costume is so iconic. As Paris would say, “that’s hot.”

Recreate this college halloween costume Instagram inspired:

6. Disco Girl

hot costume idea from Instagram
Source: @vivianeaudi

This groovy disco girl costume is so popular on Instagram right now.

The exact outfit in this picture is from the kids section but there are tons of cute similar costumes in adult sizes on Amazon.

Recreate this halloween costume:

7. Mermaid

There are so many cute ways to dress up as a mermaid for halloween. I love this subtle mermaid outfit with gorgeous makeup.

Recreate this costume:

8. Bunnies

This bunny costume totally reminds me of Regina George from mean girls. Anyone else? You’re going to see this cute bunny costume all over Instagram this year.

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Recreate this bunny costume:

9. Hippie Chick / Elton John

This is such a chill college halloween costume that anyone call pull off!

Recreate this costume:

10. Pulp Fiction

cute halloween costume from Instagram
Source: @oliviarouyre

This pulp fiction costume is so trendy right now. You also probably already have everything you need to recreate it!

Recreate this trendy halloween costume:

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11. Little Red Riding Hood

Another super easy college halloween costume. Just slip a red riding hood cape over any cute outfit!

12. Power Puff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls is SUCH a popular halloween costume for groups right now. I’ve seen it done so many different ways but I love how simple these girls made it!

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Recreate this group costume idea:

13. Deer

This is such an adorable costume idea and pretty much all you need is a neutral colored outfit and some cute makeup!

The only thing you’ll need to buy is the deer antlers but the rest you can probably just use what you have.

Recreate this costume:

14. Luau Girl

If you live somewhere that’s still warm around Halloween time, the luau girl costume is such an adorable look to wear to parties!

Recreate this costume:

15. The Rock

Everybody has seen that iconic picture of The Rock’s school photo so this costume will definitely make everyone laugh. It’s also super easy to recreate with clothes you already have!

Recreate this college halloween costume:

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16. Racer Girls

This costume is cute enough to wear as a real outfit! All you really need is the checkered top and the rest you can improvise on.

Recreate this costume:

17. Astronaut

Source: @kyliekatich

First of all, this photography is incredible! But this would be such an adorable college halloween costume.

You probably won’t want to lug around a big helmet all night but it’ll be just as cute with just the jumpsuit!

Recreate this costume:

18. Cat

The cat costume is a staple halloween costume that every college girl will go as at one point in her life lol.

Recreate this cute college halloween costume:

19. Cowgirl

Source: @bahahaahaaha

This is another college halloween costume Instagram is obsessed with right now. The cowboy costume is super trendy trendy right now and I love these pink accents.

Recreate this college halloween costume Instagram inspired:

20. Vampire

The vampire halloween costume will never go out of style but it’s definitely having a moment right now! We think it’s so popular because it’s so easy to put together!

Just wear a cute black outfit and some fake blood coming out of your mouth.

Recreate this halloween costume:

21. Barbie

Source: @suzyshattuck

We’re seeing barbie halloween costumes all over Instagram right now.

A ton of huge fashion brands have done collabs with the Barbie brand over the past few years so there are so many places to buy cute merch! I love this simple barbie look.

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Recreate this costume:

22. Flapper Girls

Your whole friend group will look like characters in the Great Gatsby with flapper girl halloween costumes.

We love this costume because there are tons of different styles you can choose from so everyone can find something that fits their taste.

Recreate this costume:

23. Mummy

Source: @myrabowe

This mummy costume is so popular on Instagram for college girls. You can also make it as revealing (or not) as you want!

Recreate this costume idea:

24. School Girl

Source: @jazz_handzz

The school girl costume is definitely a halloween favorite. If you went to a private school you probably already have a uniform skirt lying around somewhere.

Recreate this halloween costume:

This post was all about college Halloween costumes Instagram loves.

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