15 Fabulous Barbie Halloween Costume Ideas For College

Barbie is having her MOMENT! And if you’re a college student looking for the perfect barbie Halloween costume, look no further. Here are 15 of the most perfect barbie Halloween costume ideas for college.

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Get ready to embrace your inner Barbie and steal the spotlight at every Halloween party!

With Barbie being so popular right now, we know that you’re probably looking for that perfect Barbie costume to rock at a college halloween party this year.

The good news is that even if there are other Barbies there, there are SO many different looks to choose from. So chances are that you’ll still have a totally unique costume!

Here are some of the best Barbie Halloween costume ideas for college:

Barbie Halloween Costumes From The Movie

The live action Barbie movie had to have been one of the most talked-about movies in 2023. And one of the best parts of the movie was Barbie’s wardrobe!

She wore some pretty iconic looks in the movie, which make for some super cute Halloween costumes!

Here are some of the most iconic Barbie movie Halloween costume ideas for college:

1. Sporty Barbie

Sporty Barbie is definitely one of the most iconic looks from the movie.

I still remember when the paparazzi pics came out from when they were filming this scene. People were going wild!

You can easily recreate this fun and sporty look with a retro swimsuit, neon bike shorts, and a visor. Add in some fun neon accessories to top off the look!

Recreate this sporty Barbie costume idea:

2. Vintage Barbie Halloween Costume

One of Barbie’s main look throughout the movie is this adorable vintage checkered dress with floral accessories.

To recreate this look, just pair a pink checkered dress with some daisy earrings and a necklace.

Here are some good options for recreating this costume:

3. Cowgirl Barbie

We are absolutely SWOONING over this cute cowgirl set that Margot Robbie wears throughout much of the Barbie movie.

You can find almost an identical outfit on Amazon! Just pair it with a cowgirl hat and you’re good to go!

Recreate this cute Barbie cowgirl Halloween costume:

4. Sailor Barbie Halloween Costume

sailor barbie costume idea
Source: GoMag

It doesn’t get much cuter or more summery than this sailor Barbie outfit!

Just pair a cute collared shirt with some tailored shorts and sunglasses. So cute and simple – it honestly could be worn as a regular outfit as well as a costume!

Recreate this look:

5. Disco Barbie

It doesn’t get much easier than throwing on a jumpsuit! This disco Barbie outfit is adorable and super easy to throw on for a last minute Halloween costume.

Pair it with some ridiculously voluminous curls to channel your inner Margot Robbie.

Recreate this cute costume from the Barbie movie:

6. Original Barbie

Have you ever seen the original Barbie doll? Her little pinup swimsuit and cat-eye sunglasses are instantly recognizable.

Recreate this iconic vintage Barbie costume idea:

7. Beach Day Barbie

Barbie’s little mini dress and matching sun hat would make SUCH a cute college Halloween costume.

Recreate this Barbie Halloween costume idea:

More Barbie Halloween Costume Ideas

Although the Barbie movie is totally iconic, it doesn’t even include all of the most famous Barbie looks there are.

Here are some more ways that you can dress up as Barbie for Halloween this year!

8. Vintage Workout Barbie

Barbie workout costume
Source: Pinterest

This iconic costume idea is so easy to recreate. Just pair a turquoise bodysuit, pink belt, and some striped leg warmers.

Recreate this college Barbie halloween costume:

9. Pretty In Pink Barbie

cute pink Barbie halloween costume for college
Source: Instagram (@britlynn919)

Going for an effortless Barbie look? Pair a pink skirt with a white logo top.

Add some pink accessories and you’ll be looking like a total doll!

If you’re in a time crunch, you could even just wear a regular white top and print out a Barbie logo to fix to it. The next costume idea is a great example of this!

10. Matching Set Barbie

matching pink outfit Barbie costume
Source: Instagram (styledbymckenz)

It doesn’t get much easier (or cuter) than a little pink matching set!

Just print out a Barbie label and tape or pin it to your top. Super budget-friendly for college students!

Here are some cute two-piece sets from Amazon:

11. Tropical Barbie

Want to look like a Barbie on vacation? Just pair a pink swimsuit with some sheet nylons, a belt, and some sunnies.

If you have a Ken along with you, just put him in a fun Hawaiian-style shirt.

Recreate this tropical Barbie costume idea:

12. Fringe Skirt Barbie

sequin skirt barbie halloween costume for college
Source: Pinterest

How adorable is this little fringe skirt Barbie fit?

It’s SO simple to put together – just pair a pink fringe skirt with a logo tee and some pink glasses.

This would also be adorable as a sorority bid day outfit!

Recreate this cute college Barbie Halloween costume idea:

Barbie And Ken Halloween Costumes

If you’re hitting the halloween party as a couple this year, you’ll definitely want to go as Barbie and Ken! Here are some of the most iconic looks for this pair of dolls:

13. Sporty Barbie And Ken

retro workout barbie costume
Source: Pinterest

This is a classic look for Barbie and Ken, AND it was featured in the new Barbie movie.

Recreate Barbie’s sporty look:

Recreate Ken’s sporty look:

14. Classic Barbie And Ken

Channel your inner dolls with this classic Barbie And Ken costume idea.

Recreate Barbie’s costume:

Recreate Ken’s look:

15. Western Barbie And Ken Couples Costume

Want to put together a cute couple’s costume from the Barbie movie? These western outfits would look so cute on both you and your Ken.

Recreate Barbie’s cowgirl look:

Recreate Ken’s western look:

This post was all about the best Barbie Halloween costume ideas for college. Hopefully this post gave you some inspiration for how to channel your inner Barbie at the next Halloween party!

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