23 Creative Graduation Party Themes Your Guests Will Love

This post is all about the best graduation party themes for 2022.

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graduation party themes

If you’re looking for a way to take your graduation party to the next level, you definitely need to have a party theme!

Not only are graduation party themes SO fun, but they actually make the party planning process so much easier. When you have a theme, it’s a lot easier to decide what food to serve, how to decorate, and what party favors to give out.

When it comes to picking out a theme for your grad party, you want to make sure you pick something that’s fun without being too cheesy.

To make things easier for you, I’ve put together this list of 23 creative graduation party themes that you need to copy this year.

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Graduation Party Themes

1. Travel Graduation Party Theme

I’m obsessed with travel so this is definitely one of my favorite graduation party themes!

There are so many ways to decorate for a travel themed graduation party. Hang map posters, display pictures on vintage luggage, bake cookies in travel shapes (planes, luggage, globes, etc.). One cute idea is to have everyone take a polaroid “passport” picture and stick it into a guest book!

Copy this theme:

2. Tropical Themed Grad Party

Who wouldn’t want to graduate in the tropics? I love all of the bright colors and tropical elements in this graduation party theme idea.

This would be a great party theme for an outdoor graduation party.

Copy this theme:

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3. Sports Themed Graduation Party

If your graduate is going to continue on with their sport in college, make sure to celebrate it with a sports themed graduation party. Make sure you display their uniform, sports pictures, and trophies on a table.

This is one of my favorite graduation party themes for guys.

4. Blush and Gold Graduation Party

How glamorous does this blush and gold outdoor graduation party look?

I love that they decided to do a coffee bar instead of (or in addition to) a regular bar. Such a good idea for graduation parties that are earlier in the day!

Copy this theme idea:

5. Friends Graduation Party

Friends themed graduation party
Source: Pinterest

This is one of the cutest graduation party themes that I’ve seen. Pretty much everyone knows and loves the show Friends so this party theme will be a huge hit.

Copy this theme:

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6. Fiesta Themed Graduation Party

Taco ’bout a fun graduation party theme! I love all of the bright colors and fun decorations that you can use with this theme idea.

Make a giant taco bar, hang a piñata, serve margaritas for the parents, and blast some mariachi music.

Copy this theme:

7. Tiffany’s Themed Party

If your graduate has a taste for the *finer* things in life, they’ll love this graduation party theme that was inspired by Tiffany & Co.

Use Tiffany blue table linens, give out favors in blue boxes, and decorate with a big blue, silver, and black balloon arch.

Copy this theme:

8. Chic Garden Party

I am absolutely obsessed with this elegant garden party theme for a graduation party. It’s super simple but it looks totally classy! Hang some string lights and lanterns, put some flowers out on the table, and serve classy appetizers.

Copy this theme:

9. Picnic Grad Party

How fun would it be to have an aesthetic picnic themed graduation party? Bonus points if you can find an insanely scenic spot for it like in this picture!

Copy this theme:

10. Nursing Themed Party

If you’re graduating nursing school or about to start it, you definitely need to have a nursing themed graduation party. There are SO many fun things to do with this theme idea. I love the jello shots in the syringes. Not sure how I feel about the apple juice in the urine sample jars though lol.

Copy this theme:

11. Oh The Places You’ll Go Grad Party

You’re off to bigger and better things! This is a classic graduation party theme.

One cute idea is to have everyone write a piece of advice inside of the “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” book. And make sure to decorate with some colorful, “seuss-ical” party decorations.

Copy this theme:

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12. Boho Grad Party Theme

If you’re obsessed with all things boho (who isn’t??), you definitely need to have a bohemian themed graduation party.

My favorite thing about the boho aesthetic is that you can pretty much do it however you want. You can go with all neutrals or have a bunch of super colorful decorations. Have plenty of plants, hang some tassel garland, and maybe even hang up a cute boho hammock chair for pictures.

Copy this theme:

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13. Rose Gold Graduation Party Theme

A classic, girly graduation party theme is to just make everything pink or rose gold! Have tons of pink balloons, tassels, and other party decor hanging everywhere. Obviously you have to have the giant balloons that spell out the graduation year for pictures!

Copy this theme:

14. Donut Forget About Me Party

The *sweetest* graduation party theme idea for 2022! Set out a donut bar with a ton of different flavors and kinds. Your guests will be obsessed with this idea.

Copy this theme:

15. Alice In Wonderland Theme

How magical is this Alice In Wonderland inspired graduation party? I am absolutely obsessed with the hanging greenery and elegant gold sign. See all of the party details on the HWTM Blog.

16. Walk Through The Years Display

How cute is this graduation party theme idea? They added a ton of pictures from every year of the graduate’s life so that guests could take a walk down memory lane. I love this idea because it’s a theme, decor element, AND something for your guests to do during the party!

This would be super easy to DIY with some wooden posts, buckets of sand, and tons of pictures.

17. School Colors Themed Grad Party

We can’t forget what a graduation party is all about – celebrating what’s coming next! If your graduate is heading off to college, make sure to deck out the graduation party with their school’s colors.

You can decorate with balloons, tablecloths, and even candy in the colors of their new school.

18. Party Games Theme

girls playing beer pong

This graduation party theme will definitely be a hit with all of your fellow graduates! Have a ton of party games around for your guests to play.

Some party games could be beer pong, corn hole/bean bag toss, flip cup, giant Jenga, etc.

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19. Smart Cookie Grad Party

This is such a sweet (pun intended) graduation theme idea. It’s never a bad idea to incorporate food into your party theme. Your guests will love snacking on a bunch of different types of cookies.

20. Reach For The Stars Party

Space theme parties are super popular right now and I love this subtle version. Tape some gold stars around the house, hang a banner, and you’re pretty much good to go! Super simple and affordable graduation party theme.

Copy this theme:

21. Vintage Themed Graduation Party

I think this vintage / rustic graduation party decor is so adorable. This would look super cute if you’re celebrating in a barn or backyard.

I love that you can get pretty much everything you need for this party theme at a secondhand store!

22. Flower Themed Party

This is SUCH a glamorous graduation party idea. Flower walls are definitely not cheap but they make such a big statement at any party. Plus, you can reuse them for future parties if you use artificial flowers!

I love that this doubles as decor and a super cute photo backdrop.

Copy this theme:

23. Book Themed Graduation Party

If you’re a big reader, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a book themed graduation party. I am absolutely obsessed with that tablecloth made from recycled book pages.

This is a great affordable graduation party theme because you can just use a bunch of books from the thrift store to make the decor!

This post was all about the best graduation party themes.

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