9 Creative Graduation Party Guest Book Alternatives

Looking for a fun way to remember all of your graduation party guests? Here are the most creative graduation party guest book alternatives you can have at your party.

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Collage of three graduation party guest book alternatives: a Polaroid guest book with instructions on a chalkboard, a globe with 'The Adventure Begins' signed by guests, and a wooden block structure with 'Leave a Piece of Advice' on a small blackboard.

Guest books are a great way for you to remember your graduation party and who was there celebrating with you. But you don’t need to stick with a basic book and pen!

There are so many creative graduation party alternatives out there now. The options are seriously endless!

If you’re looking for a creative way to commemorate your graduation party, I have you covered.

Here are 9 of the most creative graduation party guest book alternatives that you’ll want to copy.

Graduation Party Guest Book Alternatives

1. Globe Graduation Party Guest Book

A hand signing a white globe with a rose gold stand and the inscription 'THE ADVENTURE BEGINS...' surrounded by handwritten well-wishes and signatures, used as a creative graduation party guest book alternative.
Source: Etsy

One of my favorite graduation party guest book alternatives is this cute globe idea. Have all of your guests sign their name and a little message onto a blank globe.

This is especially cute if the graduate is really into travel! You could even have guests write their top travel tips if the graduate is heading off on a trip or study abroad soon.

All you really need for this guest book idea is a blank globe and some fine tip markers. This blank guest book globe from Etsy (pictured above) works perfectly.

If you’re looking to save a little bit of money, you could just buy a regular globe and paint it white. This globe from Amazon is the same size and would look really nice as a guest book after you painted the face of it.

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2. Polaroid Guest Book Idea

A Polaroid guest book station set outdoors with a chalkboard sign reading 'Polaroid Guest Book - SNAP IT, SHAKE IT, STICK IT, WRITE A NOTE', alongside an open book with Polaroid photos and messages, pens, and a floral arrangement.
Source: Mint Event Design

I absolutely love the polaroid guest book idea for pretty much any event. It’s perfect for graduation parties because it’s something that your guests can do while they’re mingling.

All you need to do for this is have a blank guest book, a polaroid camera, some cute washi tape, and pens for your guests to write notes to the graduate.

It’ll be so nice for your graduate to have a book of all of their favorite people to take with them to college.

Recreate this guest book alternative:

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3. Oh The Places You’ll Go Guest Book

A cozy graduation party where a children's book is open on a coffee table as a guest book, with a sign encouraging visitors to 'Open this book and on any page you see, write something special, just for me.'
Source: My Inspiration Corner

Graduation is a super exciting time in your life because you’re (hopefully) off to bigger and better things.

Oh The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss is the perfect story to double as a graduation party guest book.

Just have your guests open to any page and write a little note for the graduate. Here’s what you’ll need for this fun guest book alternative:

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4. Jenga Graduation Party Guest Book

A guest advice table with a small blackboard sign saying 'LEAVE A PIECE OF ADVICE', surrounded by blank wooden blocks for messages, pens, tea light candles, and a metal bucket, inviting guests to share wisdom.
Source: Pinterest

Another super fun grad party guest book alternative is this Jenga guest book.

Just have your guests each sign a Jenga block with their name and a little piece of advice.

Then, you can send your graduate off to college (or the real world) with a fun game that has little notes from all of their loved ones. So sweet and simple!

Here’s what you’ll need for this alternate guest book idea:

5. T-Shirt Guest Book Alternative

A gray Albion College t-shirt signed with numerous heartfelt messages and well-wishes.
Source: Pinterest

If your graduate is headed off to college soon, have all of your guests sign a college T-shirt for them!

All you need for this is a T-shirt and some sharpie markers.

They probably won’t wear it around at school but it’ll be a really special keepsake for them to hold onto or frame.

6. Framed Grad Party Guest Book

A framed mat surrounding a graduate's photo, filled with handwritten congratulatory messages from friends and family, displayed on an easel outdoors.
Source: Etsy

Want a super easy way to turn your guest book into a keepsake for the graduate? I absolutely love this frame guest book from Etsy!

All of your guests will sign the photo mat and then you’ll put it together with the frame and photo to give to your graduate.

7. Bible Verse Guest Book For A Graduation Party

An outdoor graduation event setting with a chalkboard instructing guests to highlight a verse and sign the Bibles, accompanied by a highlighter and pen.
Source: Pinterest

Want to give your graduate a special guest book that they can take with them to college? This bible idea is so sweet and thoughtful.

Guests can highlight their favorite bible verses and write a little note for the graduate next to it.

Just make sure you have another alternative so your non-religious guests don’t feel uncomfortable.

Not everyone will have a favorite bible verse but you still want to remember that they were there!

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8. Wooden Letter Guest Book Alternative

A large wooden letter 'A' painted in light blue, covered with heartfelt handwritten messages in gold and silver ink, part of a guest signing station at a graduation party.
Source: Pinterest

This is another one of my favorite graduation party guest book alternatives.

Get a large wooden letter (or a few) for your graduate and have all of your guests sign it.

They can hang this in their dorm room or first apartment! It’s a cute decoration and it’ll remind them of all of their loved ones.

Recreate this graduation party guest book idea:

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9. Record Guest Book Idea

A framed vinyl record displayed as a guest book, with signatures and messages written in gold marker on the surface.
Source: Etsy

This is SUCH a unique idea for a grad party guest book.

Get a record from the graduate’s favorite artist and have all of your guests sign it.

Then frame it and they can use it as artwork in their dorm or apartment!

This post was all about super creative guest book alternatives for a graduation party.

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