15 Graduation Party Dessert Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests

Are you looking for unique graduation party dessert ideas? Here are 15 treats to sweeten your graduation party.

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A collage of three graduation party desserts: wafer roll cookies tied with green ribbons, a variety of frosted cupcakes with graduation decorations, and chocolate cake pops designed as graduation caps with white tassels.

Let’s be honest – one of the best parts about being a guest at a graduation party is all of the free food!

And what’s the best part of any meal? The dessert, of course!

If you want to make sure that your graduation party is a big hit with your guests, you’ll definitely want to have something sweet for them to munch on after the main meal.

Here are 15 perfect sweet treats you should serve up at your graduation party.

The Best Graduation Party Dessert Ideas

1. Candy Graduation Caps

The image features a creative graduation-themed dessert presentation. Mini chocolate candy squares are mounted on white lollipop sticks, resembling graduation caps. A thin, colorful sour candy strip is attached to the top as a tassel, and a single round M&M represents the button of the cap.
Image Source: Turner Family x 4

How adorable are these chocolate graduation caps as a grad party dessert?

To recreate these, you’ll need Reeses peanut butter cups, some chocolate squares, sour ropes, mini M&M’s, and paper lollipop sticks..

Get the instructions for these fun graduation treats here.

2. One Smart Cookie Bar

One of my favorite dessert ideas for a graduation party is a well-decorated cookie bar. Load up on a ton of different types of cookies and add some cute signs to the table.

Make sure to add a big sign that says “One Smart Cookie” for extra cuteness.

3. Set Up A S’mores Station

A rustic s'mores station setup with large marshmallows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers neatly arranged on a wooden board, accompanied by skewers.
Image Source: Pinterest

If you’re having your graduation party outside, you definitely need to set up a s’mores station for your party guests!

This is definitely one of the most memorable graduation party dessert ideas.

Load up a table with s’mores sticks, marshmallows, chocolate squares, and graham crackers. And feel free to add more creative toppings like cookies, Reese’s cups, Nilla wafers, etc.

Then get a bonfire going so your guests can cook up their s’mores! If you don’t have space for a bonfire, you can get one of these super handy tabletop fire pits.

4. Diploma Pirouette Cookies

A white platter filled with wafer roll cookies tied with emerald green ribbons, resembling diplomas for a graduation party dessert arrangement.
Image Source: Karins Kottage

These diploma cookies are SO easy to make but they would look so cute at a graduation party. All you need are some Pirouette cookies and ribbon.

Tie the ribbon around the cookies to look like diplomas and you’re all done! So easy.

5. Ferrero Rocher Grad Party Dessert

Ferrero Rocher chocolates topped with miniature black graduation caps featuring white tassels, arranged on a gold tray, perfect for a graduation party dessert display.
Image Source: Pinterest

Another super easy DIY graduation party dessert are these Ferrero Rocher graduation caps.

Here’s what you’ll need for this cute graduation treat idea:

  • Ferrero Rocher chocolates
  • Black squares of paper
  • Satin string (mini tassels would be cute too!)
  • Hot glue gun

You basically just flip the chocolates upside down and glue all of the pieces on top. So easy and such a cute dessert for a grad party.

6. Graduation Themed Cupcake Stand

A three-tiered dessert stand filled with assorted cupcakes, some with vanilla frosting and others with chocolate, adorned with graduation-themed decorations.

Your presentation matters almost as much as the actual desserts! And luckily, there are some easy ways to make your dessert table look amazing.

This tiered cupcake stand looks great for a graduation party, and you can even top it with a grad cap to make it extra festive.

If you don’t already have a cupcake stand, here’s a really affordable option:

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7. Graduation Themed Cupcake Toppers

While we’re on the topic of cupcakes, let’s talk cupcake toppers!

This is such a cheap and easy way to make your desserts feel more on-theme. And there are so many options for different colors and styles on Amazon!

Here are some of our favorite options for graduation cupcake toppers:

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8. Graduation Dessert Assortment

Elegant graduation dessert display featuring a two-tier cake with a black graduation cap topper and gold floral accents, 'Congratulations Sara' banner, surrounded by a variety of cupcakes and chocolate-dipped pretzel rods and cake pops on clear acrylic stands.
Image Source: Pinterest

Can’t decide on one dessert idea? Set out a whole assortment of treats!

Get a large tiered tray and fill it with treats like chocolate covered pretzels, cupcakes, and cake pops. Add a cake to the top to finish off the whole look.

Large 4-Tier Acrylic Cake Stand
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9. Graduation Cake Pops

Chocolate cake pops designed to look like graduation caps, with square chocolate tops, white icing tassels, and stick handles, displayed against a neutral background.
Image Source: Sweet Bakes By Monique

I absolutely love these graduation cap cake pops. If you’ve never made cake pops before, they’re actually surprisingly simple to make.

Just crumble up a baked cake, mix it with frosting, and roll it into balls. Then you dip the cake balls into melted white chocolate dyed with your school’s colors.

Top the cake pops off with squares of chocolate or square cookies to make them look like graduation caps.

10. Grad Cap Cupcakes

A box of red velvet cupcakes topped with swirls of white cream cheese frosting and adorned with miniature graduation caps with red tassels, ready for a graduation celebration.
Image Source: Tess Milligan

This is one of the easiest graduation desserts to make yourself.

All you need are frosted cupcakes (homemade or store bought) and some mini graduation cap cupcake picks to top them off.

11. Mini Cannoli Cups

An array of mini cannoli cups sprinkled with chocolate chips and dusted with powdered sugar, elegantly presented on a white latticed tray, ideal for a celebratory dessert table.
Image Source

Want a graduation party dessert that’s sure to be a crowd pleaser? Make these yummy cannoli cups from Love Bakes Good Cakes.

If you’re unfamiliar with cannolis, they’re an Italian dessert made of sweet cream cheese filling inside a crispy pastry shell. And they’re insanely good!

These are definitely one of those desserts that will have your party guests asking for the recipe!

12. Graduation Themed Candy Station

A playful graduation party candy bar with assorted sweets in rustic baskets labeled with puns like: 'Class Rings,' 'Nerds,' 'Honor' Rolls, So long 'Suckers', 'Book' Worms, 'Study' Breaks, and Thank You 'Kisses'

Another super easy graduation dessert idea is to set out a themed candy station.

You can find super cute graduation themed signs on Etsy that correspond with different types of candy.

Fill up some metal buckets or clear glass jars with various candy, add the signs, and let your guests dig in!

13. Swiss Roll Diplomas

A platter of chocolate Swiss rolls decorated to resemble diplomas, tied with red licorice ropes.
Image Source: Pinterest

Here’s another super easy DIY graduation party dessert idea. Just wrap a little bow around some store-bought Swiss rolls and you’re all set!

If you want the full thing to be edible, you can use Twizzlers Pull ‘N’ Peel ropes for the bows.

14. Grad Year Desserts

Graduation party dessert table with cupcakes arranged to spell '2019,' frosted in school colors, set against a backdrop of photo collages showcasing memories, with a graduation cap and diploma displayed amongst the photos.
Image Source: Pinterest

Even if your desserts themselves aren’t graduation themed, your dessert table still can be!

You can arrange just about any dessert to spell out your graduation year – cupcakes, cookies, donuts, etc.

15. Graduation Donut Wall

Donut walls are a super popular dessert idea for graduation parties right now.

You could definitely DIY a donut wall, but honestly, it’s going to be pretty time consuming. I recommend just buying an affordable donut wall stand from Amazon.

To make it more graduation-themed, fill it with donuts that are iced in your school’s colors.

This post was all about the best graduation party dessert ideas to serve at your party.

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