23 Graduation Party Centerpieces You’ll Want To Display On Every Table

Looking for ways to decorate your tables at your grad party? Here are 23 perfect graduation party centerpieces that you’ll want on every table.

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Graduation season is approaching quickly, which means it’s time to start thinking about your grad party decor!

One of the easiest ways to make your graduation party look amazing is to decorate your tables.

That’s why I put together this list of 23 of the cutest graduation party centerpieces that you’ll want to copy for your party.

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What Do You Put In A Graduation Party Centerpiece?

Before we get into the best grad party centerpiece ideas, let’s discuss what to actually put in them.

Of course, the exact items you choose will depend on which centerpiece style you go with. But here are some elements that work really well in graduation party centerpieces:

  • Childhood photos of the graduate
  • Their favorite type of flower
  • Graduation year signs
  • The graduate’s senior photos
  • Quotes about the graduate

Or pretty much anything else you’d like! Just make sure that the centerpieces represent the graduate in some way. It is a party for them, after all!

Graduation Party Centerpieces

1. Eucalyptus Picture Frame Centerpiece

eucalyptus graduation centerpieces
Source: Pinterest

This is one of the most gorgeous graduation party centerpieces – and it’s pretty easy to recreate!

Just fill a mason jar with eucalyptus stems and a few flowers. Then add a photo of the graduate onto a card holder and place it in the middle.

If you want to get the full look, place the jar on top of a wooden slice and add a little picture frame with a quote.

Recreate this cute graduation party centerpiece:

2. Gold Painted Wine Bottles

This graduation centerpiece idea is super classy AND eco-friendly!

Re-use your old wine bottles by spray painting them gold and filling them with flowers.

Recreate this graduation party table decor idea:

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3. Personalized Flower Jar Centerpiece

floral centerpieces for graduation party

This is such a sweet and simple graduation party centerpiece idea. Fill jars or vases with a small arrangement of flowers and add these custom graduation signs from Etsy to each one.

You can customize them with your graduate’s name and graduation year, which is totally fun!

Plus, you can send guests home with the bouquets at the end of the party for a super easy favor.

4. LED Balloon Centerpieces

balloons with LED lights

This would be SUCH a fun centerpiece idea if you’re having your graduation party at night.

These balloons seriously look so magical when they’re all lit up. Place one on each table or make a pretty display like what the photo shows.

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5. Photos And Chalkboard Signs

graduation party photo centerpiece

These graduation party centerpieces are a great way to show off your graduate’s accomplishments!

Display photos that show off their senior pictures, portraits for sports, and other things they’ve done throughout their years in school.

I love that they also included chalkboard signs with the graduate’s name and graduation year. You can get these chalkboard signs on Amazon for really cheap!

Recreate this graduation party centerpiece:

6. Giant Balloon Centerpieces

giant balloon centerpieces

How gorgeous and classy do these giant balloons look at centerpieces? They totally elevate the decor of this graduation party.

You can buy the giant balloons from Etsy, but just make sure you fill them with helium so they float.

Head to your nearest party supply store (like Party City) to get them filled.

7. Flowers With Graduation Centerpiece Sticks

vase with flowers and graduation hat decoration

How adorable is this centerpiece idea? I love that it totally sticks with the graduation theme without looking too cheesy or out of place.

These graduation centerpiece sticks are available on Etsy and you can stick them into any vase with flowers.

8. Advice Jars

I’m so obsessed with these graduation centerpiece ideas! You can scatter these around your party and let your guests give words of advice to your graduate.

Make sure you set out pens and small pieces of paper for them to use!

You could easily DIY this centerpiece idea or you can buy them pre-made on Etsy.

9. Rustic Bouquet With Graduation Year Tags

jar filled with white flowers

This is another super affordable graduation party centerpiece idea.

Just take any jars or vases you have around the house (or thrift them!) and add these custom graduation year tags with twine.

You can fill them with any flowers you’d like, but I love this baby’s breath bouquet for a rustic themed grad party.

10. Lighted Mason Jar Centerpiece

lighted mason jar centerpieces

How beautiful would these lighted mason jar centerpieces look when the sun starts going down?

You can buy the completed product on Etsy, or just make them yourself.

Just buy battery operated fairy lights, some mason jars, and eucalyptus or floral stems to stick inside.

Recreate this graduation party centerpiece idea:

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11. Personalized Paper Lantern

personalized paper lantern

This is such a unique table decor idea for graduation parties. These paper lanterns from Etsy can be customized to display your graduate’s name and graduation year.

I recommend sticking a flameless candle inside for a really pretty ambiance.

12. Metallic Burst Centerpieces

Looking for the easiest centerpiece ever? These metallic burst centerpieces from amazon don’t require any assembly and look really nice.

They would be perfect to go with a black and gold graduation party theme.

They’re 15 inches tall, which is the perfect size to still allow for conversation at the tables.

13. Succulents And Candles

This is definitely one of my favorite ideas for graduation party table decor. Set out a few mini succulents and surround them with votive candles for a really pretty and simple look.

You can even give out the succulents as favors when the party ends!

Succulents are actually pretty cheap when you buy them in bulk so this is an affordable party favor idea.

Recreate this grad party centerpiece idea:

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14. Vintage Book Centerpieces

This is the perfect graduation party table decor for anyone who is into books or vintage style! I absolutely love the book stacks with teacup vases as a centerpiece.

Plus, this centerpiece idea would be super easy to recreate with thrifted elements. Thrift stores are always full of old books and vintage teacups!

15. Globe Centerpieces

This is the perfect centerpiece idea for a travel themed graduation party.

You could even add decals of your graduation year to each globe if you don’t plan on reusing them for anything.

Recreate this centerpiece:

white and pink globes

16. The Adventure Begins Frame

I love adventure themed graduation parties because you really are off on a new adventure when you graduate!

This centerpiece idea is so adorable and would fit really well with a travel or adventure party theme.

But no matter what your theme is, you could use this centerpiece idea! Just buy the frames and fill them with any picture or graphic that fits your decor.

17. Candy Jars

I love the idea of setting out candy jars on each table for guests to snack on. It’s a decoration and a snack all in one!

Plus, it encourages your guests to mingle because they’ll have to visit other tables to get different types of candy.

The little graduation themed puns on each type of candy are also so dang cute!

Recreate this table decor idea:

18. Tassel Centerpiece

This picture is actually from a baby shower, but I think this would be the perfect centerpiece idea for a graduation party too!

You could do tassels in the graduate’s school colors for a school spirit themed party.

You can DIY the tassels using this tutorial and then attach them to wooden dowels.

19. Balloon Centerpieces

Want a super classy graduation party centerpiece that doesn’t require much work to set up?

This balloon set from Amazon comes with everything you need for two centerpieces. Buy a few sets if you want a centerpiece on every table.

This is one of the most elegant graduation centerpieces but also super affordable!

20. Graduation Cap Photo Holder

How perfect are these photo holders from Oriental Trading?

They’re in the shape of graduation caps which obviously goes with the theme of the party perfectly! Plus, they’re a great way to display senior pictures at your party.

21. Flowers And Flags Centerpiece

flags and flowers centerpiece

Looking for a super sweet and simple centerpiece idea? Stick a customized flag in a vase of flowers.

You can buy the flags on Etsy and get them customized to say the graduate’s name and graduation year. Such a cute idea for a backyard graduation party!

22. Black And Gold Honeycomb Centerpieces

Looking for the most affordable centerpieces for a graduation party? These honeycomb centerpieces come in a pack of 9 and are under $20.

The design means that they can stand up on their own, but I would be careful if you are having an outdoor grad party.

Make sure you tape them down to the table if you think there will be any wind that day.

Overall, though, these are great centerpieces for a super low price.

23. Wooden Graduation Centerpieces

How cute are these wooden graduation party centerpieces?

They come in a few different colors and they’re surprisingly affordable for a pack of four.

Reviewers have noted that these are extremely lightweight. Make sure you tape them down if you’re having an outdoor graduation party.

This post was all about the best graduation party centerpieces.

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