50+ Creative White Lie Party Ideas (2024)

Heading to a white lie party soon? Here are 50+ of the funniest white lie shirt ideas to make for your next party.

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What Is A White Lie Party?

A white lie party is a pretty simple party theme to put together.

Basically, everyone comes to the party dressed in a white t-shirt with a lie on it. The lie is typically something funny and inconsequential.

A lot of the white lies people will put on their t-shirts are things related to relationships, physical appearance, or tendencies.

For example: “I won’t text my ex again”, “I’m a natural blonde”, or “I hate attention”.

Looking for more creative party themes?

The Funniest White Lie Party Ideas

Need some inspiration for what to put on your t-shirt? Here are some of the funniest ideas we’ve seen for what to wear to a white lies party.

1. This is my natural hair color

2. I’m not a caffeine addict

3. “Yes I’m sober”

4. I love being single

5. Not a lightweight

6. I don’t have an attitude problem

Image Source: @robbinss36

7. I’m a good driver

8. It’s not you, it’s me

9. I’ll Venmo you back

10. Yeah I’m listening

11. I love being single

12. I won’t make a TikTok about you

Image Source: @ammjam_

13. It was nice talking to you

14. I have common sense

15. I can keep a secret

16. I’m hard to peer pressure

17. I don’t wish I were at home

18. I don’t kiss and tell

19. “Sorry my phone died”

20. I’ll be ready soon

Image Source: @leahnm3

Clever White Lie Party Ideas For Girls

21. I don’t have daddy issues

22. I date guys my age

23. I’m never late

24. I have a fat a$$

Image Source: @maddiinicole

25. I’m only talking to one guy

26. I’m never over-dramatic

27. Height doesn’t matter

28. I won’t cry tonight

29. I hate attention

30. My tan is natural

Image Source: @taylorpolcyn2

31. I like you for more than just your boat

32. I’m not a pick-me girl

33. I’m not into brunettes

34. I have great taste in men

35. I’m mentally stable

36. Low maintenance

37. I’m actually done with him this time

38. I know when to STFU

Image Source: @maddiinicole

Creative White Lie Shirt Ideas For Guys

39. I make good decisions

40. I’m all natty

41. I’m emotionally available

42. I don’t have road rage

43. I’m not a douchebag

44. I’m 5’11”

Source: TikTok (@maddiinicole)

45. I have a job

46. I’m not going to black out tonight

47. I’ve never ghosted anyone

48. Just one more shot

49. I hate MILFs

50. I wasn’t flirting with you

51. I have never broken bro code

Image Source: @taylorpolcyn2

How Do You Throw A White Lie Party?

If you’re the host of a white lies party, your main task is making sure everyone shows up on-theme.

Let everyone know ahead of time to put a funny lie about themselves on a plain white T-shirt.

People will typically use a thick sharpie marker to write their white lies on their shirts. However, some people may want to order pre-made shirts online.

You may also want to send people some examples of funny white lies to put on their shirts. Some of your party guests may not have heard of this theme before.

You can send them this post or search up the #whitelieparty hashtag on TikTok for some hilarious examples.

Hopefully this post gave you some inspiration for the best white lie party ideas!

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