15 Dorm Headboards That Will Make Your Bed Look Way Better

Looking for the best dorm headboards for your college dorm room? Here are 15 insanely cute headboards that will make your dorm bed look way better.

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Do You Need A Headboard For Your Dorm Bed?

If you’re shopping for college, you may be wondering if you need a headboard for your dorm bed.

Of course, a headboard isn’t mandatory, but we highly recommend one!

Here are some reasons to get a headboard for your dorm room:

  • It makes your bed comfier. When you have a soft headboard to lean on, it’ll make it comfier for studying or watching TV in bed.
  • Headboards help keep your pillows on your bed. Headboards can help prevent your pillows from falling off your bed. This is especially important for lofted beds!
  • It will elevate your dorm decor. Headboards can make your dorm bed look and feel a lot more put-together. If aesthetics are important to you, you definitely need a dorm headboard.

How To Put A Headboard On A Dorm Bed

Most headboards that are designed for dorm rooms come with wooden or metal legs.

The easiest way to put a headboard with legs on your dorm bed is by using zip ties.

Start by adjusting the legs of your headboard to your desired height. Then just secure your headboard to your bed frame with zip ties.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of attaching a headboard to your dorm bed, you can also go for an easy headboard alternative!

Pillow headboards are SO easy for dorm rooms because they just sit right on your bed.

You could also do a wall-mounted cushion headboard. These headboards are specifically designed to be hung on command hooks in dorm rooms.

They’re lightweight, easy to install, and make your dorm room look way cuter.

The Best Dorm Headboards

1. Simple White Headboard

white dorm headboard

You can’t go wrong with a simple white headboard for a dorm room! This headboard would go with pretty much any dorm decor style.

Here’s a very similar dorm headboard option from Amazon:

2. Velvet Upholstered Dorm Headboard

Tufted Velvet Twin Headboard
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03/05/2024 07:12 am GMT

Amazon has some seriously cute headboard options for dorm beds! This channeled velvet dorm headboard is one of my favorites.

It comes in several different colors, so you’ll definitely be able to find one that fits your decor style.

It’s also pretty affordable compared to some of the other options I’ve seen!

3. Lofted Bed Headboard

dorm headboards on lofted bed

If you’re lofting your dorm bed, you’re probably wondering how to add a headboard to your bed frame.

Here’s a great example of a lofted dorm bed with a headboard attached!

If you look closely, you can see that this student used the zip tie method we recommended in the first part of this post.

4. Pillow Headboard

Pillow Wedge Headboard, Twin
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03/05/2024 07:37 am GMT

It doesn’t get much easier than this pillow headboard for a dorm room!

It requires no installation or assembly and you can move it around if you need to.

5. DIY Wooden Dorm Headboard

Can’t get enough of the classic wooden headboard look? Luckily, you can DIY a wooden headboard without spending a ton of money.

Learn how to make a DIY wooden headboard here.

6. Cushioned Headboard

tufted cushion headboard on dorm bed

Do you want the coziest bed possible? Add a tufted cushion headboard to your bed like this one!

You can easily attach cushion headboards to your wall with command hooks.

You’ll typically need around 10 hooks to make sure your headboard is super secure on your wall.

7. Preppy Patterned Headboard

preppy patterned headboard in dorm room

If you’re into the preppy decor style, this would be such a cute headboard for your dorm room!

Look for headboards with preppy prints and neutral colors for your room.

8. DIY Boho Cane Headboard

Are you obsessed with the boho aesthetic for your dorm room? This DIY cane headboard would look perfect in a boho dorm room.

Get the full instructions for how to create this gorgeous boho headboard here.

9. Simple Tufted Headboard

tufted dorm headboard in guys dorm room

When in doubt, go for a simple tufted headboard like this one.

Neutral colors like white, gray, and black work in pretty much any dorm room!

10. Crushed Velvet Headboard

This tufted velvet cushion headboard is definitely one of the coziest options for dorm rooms.

It actually is designed to hang on your wall with command hooks, so it’s great for lofted dorm beds.

Make sure you use plenty of hooks so it’s nice and secure on your wall!

11. Rustic Wooden Headboard

wooden dorm headboard
Source: Pinterest

How gorgeous are these rustic, multi-tone headboards? I love all of the different shades of wood they used.

12. Ultra Thick Tufted Headboard

This ultra thick headboard will add comfort AND style to your dorm room.

It’s also insanely convenient for dorm beds – it just rests at the head of your bed so no installation required!

This also means that it’s super portable so it can be used as a floor cushion or back rest in other parts of your dorm room.

13. DIY Pool Noodle Headboard

Can you believe this gorgeous headboard is made out of pool noodles?

Pool noodle headboards are super trendy on TikTok lately, and we can totally see why! It’s a super creative and inexpensive way to decorate your bed.

Get the full instructions for this DIY pool noodle dorm headboard here.

14. Upholstered Round Headboard

How gorgeous is this rounded headboard from Dormify? The arch shape is SO trendy right now and it goes so well with boho or indie dorm rooms.

The coolest feature of this headboard is that it can actually charge your devices.

That’s right, no need for extra long phone cords that just get stuck behind your bed. This headboard has a place to plug in your electronics.

15. Simple DIY Dorm Headboard

Are you a fan of clean and classic decor? This simple upholstered headboard would look perfect with any decor style.

Get the full instructions from Cynthia Harper Living.

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