60 Super Funny Red Flag Party Ideas For 2024

Looking for the best red flag party ideas? Here are 60 super funny ideas for red flag shirts that you’ll want to copy.

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funny red flag party ideas

Themed parties are all the rage right now, and the red flag party theme is definitely one of the most popular.

This theme involves dressing up as your “red flag”, or something about yourself that a potential romantic partner would be put off by.

This party theme is so fun because it gives you the opportunity to poke some fun at yourself and be creative.

You’ll also have so much fun seeing what all of your friends put on their own shirts.

This post goes over everything you need to know about red flag parties – what they are, what to wear to one, and the funniest red flag t-shirt ideas to copy.

red flag party ideas
funniest red flag party ideas

What Is A Red Flag Party?

The trend of the red flag party, popularized by TikTok, involves dressing as your personal dating or relationship red flag.

Your “red flag” is the attribute about yourself that a romantic partner would find problematic. It could also be the reason that you believe you haven’t had luck in relationships.

The point of a red flag party is to poke fun at yourself, so have fun with it and get creative!

Red flag parties are really popular with college and high school aged people right now. You could host a red flag party for a birthday, frat party, or just as a random fun party theme.

P.S. a similar party theme is the white lies party idea, which we wrote a whole post about! Check that out next.

What Do You Wear To A Red Flag Party?

If you’re invited to a red flag party, you’re probably wondering what you should wear.

Partygoers should dress up in red t-shirts with their personal “red flags” written on them.

You can write directly on your shirt with a permanent marker, or just fix a sheet of paper with your red flag onto the shirt.

If you don’t have a red shirt, you could also wear a white t-shirt with red lettering.

The Funniest Red Flag Party Shirt Ideas

One of the best parts about a red flag party is the shirts.

If you’re not sure what to put on yours, here are some of the funniest red flag shirt ideas that we could find:

1. Fitness Insta

red flag shirt ideas
Source: TikTok (@emilyybuys)

2. Mommy Issues

red flag tshirt idea
Source: TikTok (@elizabeth.todd)

3. Always Right

red flag party ideas
Source: TikTok (@emilyybuys)

4. TikTok Famous

red flag shirt
Source: TikTok (@talllgurl)

5. Will Flirt With Your Mom

red flag tshirt
Source: TikTok (@emilyybuys)

6. Tequila Girl

red flag t-shirt idea
Source: TikTok (@emilyybuys)

7. Won’t Text Back

red flag party ideas
Source: TikTok (@elizabeth.todd)

8. Resting B Face

funny red flag party ideas
Source: TikTok (@emilyybuys)

9. Had A Mullet

red flag party
Source: TikTok (@talllgurl)

10. In The Military

funny red flag party idea
Source: TikTok (@elizabeth.todd)

11. Commitment Issues

funny red flag ideas
Source: TikTok (@emilyybuys)

12. Wears Sunglasses Inside

red flag shirt idea
Source: TikTok (@talllgurl)

13. Emotional Rollercoaster

red flag tshirt idea
Source: TikTok (@elizabeth.todd)

14. Bald

guy wearing red tshirt
Source: TikTok (@emilyybuys)

15. Doesn’t Have A TikTok

girl wearing red tshirt
Source: TikTok (@talllgurl)

16. Compulsive Liar

red flag tshirt
Source: TikTok (@emilyybuys)

17. Always Sober

red flag party tshirt idea
Source: TikTok (@elizabeth.todd)

18. Has A “J” Name

red flag tshirt idea
Source: TikTok (@emilyybuys)

19. Frat President

red flag tshirt idea
Source: TikTok (@elizabeth.todd)

20. Can’t Ride A Bike

red flag tshirt idea
Source: TikTok (@talllgurl)

21. I’m In 4 Fantasy Leagues

red flag shirt idea
Source: TikTok (@myahmindus)

22. Spend My Paycheck Before Getting It

person wearing funny red flag shirt at party
Source: TikTok (@myahmindus)

23. Horse Girl

person wearing red flag shirt at party
Source: TikTok (@myahmindus)

24. I Think My Exes Are Crazy

red flag party shirt
Source: TikTok (@hannahtimm_)

25. Constant Back Pain

red flag party shirt
Source: TikTok (@myahmindus)

Even More Red Flag Party T-Shirt Ideas

Need even more ideas? We thought of some additional red flag party shirt ideas that you can copy for your party:

26. Rejected From Every Sorority

27. Vegan

28. Church Girl

29. Miss Independent

30. Uses Plastic Straws

31. Cares About Crypto

32. Only Dates Athletes

33. Sleeps With Socks On

34. Brutally Honest

35. Disney Adult

36. Short Temper

37. Only Child

38. Narcissist

39. Home Wrecker

40. Likes Country Music

41. Wears Sunglasses Inside

42. Has No Social Media

43. Sells Feet Pics

44. Loud Chewer

45. Not A Dog Person

46. Will Stalk Your Social Media

47. Never Been In A Relationship

48. Friends With My Ex

49. Texts Back Immediately

50. Still Play Neopets

51. Banned From Tinder

52. Short Attention Span

53. Chronic Ghoster

54. Daddy’s Money

55. I Snort When I Laugh

56. Mixes Up Your And You’re

57. Uses Apple Music

58. Will Ask For Your Snapchat

59. Has An Android

60. No Drivers License

Red Flag Party Inspiration From TikTok

When it comes to this party theme, TikTok is one of the best sources for inspiration. Here are some of the funniest videos we’ve found from people who have thrown red flag parties:

@asapnorocky_ Red flags party bitch #greenscreenvideo #ColorCustomizer #elfitup #fyp #stitch #MMKx007 ♬ original sound – Anna
@tinahx who's 🚩 is the worst? 👀 #redflags #partythemes #partyideas #themenights #nashville ♬ As It Was – Harry Styles
@brookeekbaileyy our red flags 🚩 #foryou #redflag ♬ Toxic – Britney Spears

Hopefully this gave you some good ideas for red flag party T-shirt ideas.

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