12 Easiest Classes At TTU: GPA Boosters At Texas Tech University

Need a boost to your GPA at Texas Tech this semester? Here are 12 of the easiest classes at TTU that you can take if you want an easy A.

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easiest classes at TTU
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We’ve all been there – your GPA isn’t where you want it to be and you’re freaking out.

Luckily, you’re probably only a few A’s away from a better GPA. If you need a boost to your grade point average, we recommend taking an easy class that you think you can get a good grade in.

If you’re a student at Texas Tech, here are the easiest classes you can take to boost your GPA:

Easiest Classes At TTU

1.  CLAS 2303 – Sports and Public Spectacles in the Ancient World

The first class on our list is one that will appeal to both sports fans and history fans alike.

How awesome would it be to learn about how ancient civilizations passed time with sports?

You will learn about specifically Greek and Roman athletics, as well as gladiatorial combats in the ancient world. 

This Texas Tech student describes this class as being not difficult and interesting at the same time.

Here is an example syllabus from 2020.

2.  ANTH 2306 – Anthropology at the Movies

If you’re a movie buff, this course is perfect for you. The course content revolves around watching movies and answering short quizzes about them.

The coursework for this class involves weekly quizzes, film guides, essays, a midterm, and a final exam. 

As this student describes, much of the day-to-day work involves watching movies with a Netflix account.

View a syllabus from 2020 here

3.  ART 1309 – Art Appreciation 

For all of you out there that still need your creative arts credit, this class is right up your alley. What’s better is that this class can be taken online!

You will explore general principles of the visual arts, including introductions to art styles and the creative process.

Texas Tech students describe this course as being one of the easiest classes at TTU for you if you still need Creative Arts credit. 

Your grade for this class will be determined from 4 exams, quizzes, writing assignments, and discussion posts.

View a syllabus for the online course from 2020 here

4.  PSS 1411 – Principles of Horticulture

If you are in the science field and are no stranger to a little bit of difficulty, this Reddit user describes this course as having a few difficult assignments in the lab. But overall, the student says the class is fun and easy.

In this class you will gain an introduction to the world of horticulture, with special emphasis on the growth process of plants. 

Your grade in this class will be the result of 4 exams throughout the semester.

View a past syllabus from 2020 here

5.  AGED 2304 – Agriculture and Society

If you’re someone that likes to work ahead or has interest in agriculture, AGED 2304 is an easy A course that will fit perfectly into your schedule.

While primarily online, this Texas Tech student states that he/she was able to work online, and that much of the work involves papers and discussion posts.

The course description for AGED 2304 reveals that you will gain insight into the relationship between humans, science, and agriculture, as well as how technological advancements affect farming. 

Here is a syllabus from fall of 2020.

6.  GEOG 1401 – Physical Geography

How awesome would it be to spend a semester learning about our planet? In this course you will explore the systems that affect Earth’s climate.

Texas Tech students describe this course as being light-hearted and interesting, with not too many difficult assignments.

Your grade in GEOG 1401 comes from 4 exams, lab assignments, lecture reviews, quizzes, and current events assignments. Much of the homework for this course involves creating study guides for its quizzes and lectures. 

View a syllabus from spring of 2020 here.

7.  MUHL 2304 – History of Jazz

For all of you music buffs out there, History of Jazz is a class that will guide you through the evolution of jazz and the different styles of jazz that exist.

Many Texas Tech students describe this course as being both interesting and enjoyable, with not too much of a workload.

You will be assigned small readings before lectures and will be required to listen to audio samples of jazz music. 

Find the syllabus from 2020 here.

8.  POLS 2306 – Texas Politics and Topics

Especially if you are a resident of Texas, this easy A class is perfect for anyone that wants to learn about both the Texas government as well as the Federal government.

You will explore the political structures that govern both Texas and the country and will gain knowledge on the current political issues that our country faces.

This past Texas Tech student mentions that this class does not have a final, and that much of the work is simple and can be completed ahead of time.

View a syllabus from 2020 here.

9.  BIOL 1402 – Animal Biology

If you are someone that needs science credit for your major or minor, BIOL 1402 is the place to look for an easy A.

According to this Reddit user, Dr. Held is a great professor to take this course with. 

The syllabus for the course states that exams will include 3 tests with no final. You will have weekly quizzes, exercises, and will have to maintain a lab notebook.

View the syllabus for Dr. Held’s class here.

10. ATMO 1300 – Introduction to Atmospheric Science

Introduction to Atmospheric Science is described by Texas Tech students as being an easy A, and applies to Natural Science credit.

This specific student says that all of the tests are open book!

You will explore the physical systems that control our weather and climate. 

Your grade is determined from 4 exams and can be boosted by attendance.

View a syllabus from spring of 2020 here.

11. SOC 1301- Introduction to Sociology

For those of you that need an easy A class that applies to Multicultural credit, SOC 1301 is the course.

You will learn about all things sociology, including why people do what they do and why society functions the way it does. 

According to this student, the course is very easy if taken with Rickman.

Here is the syllabus from fall of 2020. 

12. ASTR 1400 – Solar System Astronomy

One of the easiest classes at TTU is Solar System Astronomy, a course about the area of space that we live in!

Texas Tech students describe this course as being light on coursework, with much of the coursework involving actual stargazing.

Your experience in this course will include 4 exams, self-graded homework, and a laboratory portion.

View the syllabus from spring of 2020 here.

This post was all about the easiest classes at TTU that you can take to boost your GPA.

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