15 Cute Senior Overalls Ideas That Are Easy To DIY

Looking for ways to decorate your overalls for senior year? Here are 15 of the absolute cutest senior overalls ideas that you’ll want to recreate.

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A joyful group of high school seniors lying on a football field, laughing and posing in their brightly decorated overalls.
Image Source: Pinterest

In many high schools, there’s a tradition of decorating senior overalls to show off your school spirit and celebrate the last year of high school.

Seniors may wear their blinged out overalls to school during homecoming week, the first week of school, or another spirit week throughout the year. Some people also decorate overalls during or right before high school graduation.

If you’re not sure how to decorate your own pair, here are some of the best spirit overalls ideas that will spark your creativity.

What Do You Need To Make Senior Overalls?

Here are some of the supplies you may need to make homecoming overalls:

  • A pair of overalls
  • Fabric paint
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Iron-on letter decals
  • Gemstones
  • Ribbons, fabric trim, fringe, etc.

The Best Senior Overalls Ideas

1. Simple White Senior Overalls

Two smiling young women wearing customized white overalls with 'SENIOR' and '2019' painted on, along with various other designs like a paw print and ribbons.
Image Source: Pinterest

Going for a clean and simple look for your senior overalls? Just add some decorations to a pair of white overalls.

You can find tons of different types of iron-on decals at craft stores. Top off the look with some bows tied around the straps!

2. Girly Senior Overalls

A young woman wearing decorated denim overalls for a senior year celebration. The overalls are embellished with pink fringe, hearts, and the name 'XIMENA' down one leg. The back legs display the words 'Senior' and '2024'.
Image Source: Pinterest (nenahelm)

Another cute idea is to go all out with girly details like hearts, glitter, and pink feathers.

You can achieve this same look with fabric markers, iron-on letters, and a hot pink feather boa.

3. Bright And Colorful

A young woman showcasing her brightly decorated senior overalls, front and back views, adorned with vibrant symbols, letters, and pink fringe.
Image Source: Pinterest (Kayden Dallas)

Your senior overalls are all about showing off your personality. Make a big statement with bold colors, fun designs, and plenty of texture.

This senior added fun elements like ruffles, fringe, pom pom ribbon, and rhinestones to really make her overalls stand out.

4. Patterned Fabric

Two people wearing customized denim overalls with large letters spelling out 'HOPE' and 'SCAR' on the bibs, surrounded by leopard print patterns. The legs are painted with the words 'SENIOR' in bold red, along with paw prints and stars.
Image Source: Pinterest

Another great way to make your overalls stand out is to add some patterned fabric. This leopard print fabric looks so cute and fun around the pocket area of their overalls.

To recreate this look you’ll need some leopard print fabric, sharp scissors, and fabric glue. Cut out your fabric in the shape that you need it and then just glue it on to your overalls.

5. School Spirit Overalls

Custom-painted senior overalls hanging against a wooden background, with 'Homecoming 2021' written across the top. The legs are adorned with school spirit motifs including the word 'JACKETS', footballs, a volleyball, and a soccer ball, as well as a school logo for AHS.
Image Source: Pinterest

Do you want to go all out and show your school spirit? Decorate your overalls with your school’s colors!

Get tons of patches and iron-on decals with your mascot, graduation year, and sports teams. You could also add some faux fur trim around the ankles in your school’s colors.

6. Block Letters

A smiling young woman stands in a parking lot, wearing customized denim overalls for senior year festivities. The overalls feature her name 'Aims' on the front bib in purple lettering and 'SENIOR' and '2023' down each leg.
Image Source: Pinterest

One of the most popular decorations for senior overalls is to write your graduation year in big block letters.

The easiest way to do this is to use fabric paint. Just make sure you trace out your letters in pencil before you start painting so that you don’t make any mistakes!

7. Big Bows

A young woman posing with one arm raised, wearing white overalls with 'SENIOR' and a school emblem in blue lettering down the leg. The overalls are embellished with blue ribbons.
Image Source: Pinterest

One of the cutest (and easiest) ways to decorate your overalls is to tie big ribbon bows around each strap. Make sure you use your school’s colors to add some school spirit to your look.

It’s also a fun idea to wear a shirt with unique sleeves underneath your overalls.

8. Camouflage Overalls

A cheerful young woman standing in a hallway, sporting customized camouflage overalls with her name 'JULIE' on the bib. The overalls are decorated with red and silver glittering accents and letters.
Image Source: Pinterest

Who said your senior overalls have to be plain denim?

If camo print is more your jam then go for it! Add some cute fabric letters, paint, and cute fringe to finish off the look.

9. Black And Gold Senior Spirit Overalls

A young woman looking over her shoulder, wearing white overalls with black paw prints down one leg and 'SENIOR 2024' on the other.
Image Source: Pinterest

Looking for a super simple idea for senior overalls? Use black and gold paint to create some designs on white overalls.

10. Rhinestones And Glitter

A smiling young woman stands in a school hallway wearing custom-decorated denim overalls. The overalls are embellished with 'SENIOR' and '2020' in bold red and white letters down the legs.
Image Source: BSM Knighterrant

How stunning are these embellished overalls? If you’re into sparkles, you can add elements like rhinestones, glitter letters, and even battery-powered string lights to your overalls.

This senior spent over 10 hours painting, gluing, and decorating these jeans to perfection. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but they even light up!

According to the girl who made them, it took quite a bit of trial and error. “I found a solution. I poked holes through the sides of my overalls, and strung the lights through, hiding the battery for the lights in my pocket.”

11. Decorated Pockets

Close-up of two people wearing intricately decorated white overalls. Details include vibrant patches with inspirational messages such as 'FAITH', 'Have a nice day', and 'Let your light shine'.
Image Source: Pinterest

Another great way to make your overalls stand out is to decorate the pockets. Add a fun design or write your favorite quote on the pocket to make them pop.

12. Simple Stars

Two happy young women posing in front of a brick wall. Both wearing white overalls painted with blue and orange stars.
Image Source: Pinterest

How adorable are these star-studded senior spirit overalls? To recreate these, all you really need are some star stencils and fabric paint.

Paint some stars on one pant leg and your graduation year on the other. Bonus points if you use your school’s colors.

13. Ruffle Bottom Overalls

Two students stand back-to-back, arms raised, showcasing the backs of their colorfully decorated senior overalls. One pair features a name patch and vibrant, playful patterns, while the other displays a monogram and 'SENIOR' spelled out in bold, colorful letters.
Image Source: Pinterest

One really cute way to add some extra flair to your overalls is to glue some ruffles to the bottom hem.

You can find ruffle trim at pretty much any craft store, which makes this a really easy DIY to recreate.

14. Shortalls

Two high school seniors stand hand-in-hand on a football field, wearing creatively customized white overalls with pink trim and colorful designs.
Image Source: Pinterest (Zosia Westman)

Do you go to school in a warmer climate? Opt for ‘shortalls’ instead of long overalls!

15. Stick To A Color Scheme

Two smiling high school seniors on a track field, linked arm in arm, displaying the back of their custom-decorated overalls. The overalls are adorned with various designs, including the word 'SENIOR', stars, hearts, and their school initials 'RCHS', all in a mix of pink, blue, and white.
Image Source: Pinterest

Sticking to a color scheme will ensure that your homecoming overalls look aesthetic and cohesive.

A lot of students will opt for their school’s colors to show off a little bit of school spirit. But if you don’t want to use your school’s colors you could pick another color scheme like black and white or all pastels.

This post was all about the best senior overalls ideas for homecoming or spirit week.

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