22 Cutest Taylor Swift Promposal Ideas You’ll Want To Copy

Asking a Swiftie to Prom this year? Here are the absolute cutest Taylor Swift promposal ideas that will have your date enchanted to go to prom with you!

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Taylor swift prom proposal
Taylor swift promposals

If you want your date to think you’re a mastermind, you should cater your Promposal theme around their interests and passions.

So if the person you’re asking is a huge Swiftie, you’ll want to center your prom proposal around Taylor’s song titles or lyrics.

But we know that sometimes it can be hard to remember all of her lyrics and come up with a fun pun to put on your promposal poster. So we have you covered!

As huge swifties ourselves, we’ve put together a list of the absolute cutest Taylor Swift promposal ideas that you can copy.

The Cutest Taylor Swift Promposal Ideas

1. You Belong With Me At Prom

You Belong With Me Taylor Swift Promposal
Source: Pinterest

You Belong With Me is one of the best song choices to use in a Taylor Swift promposal because it actually takes place in high school!

It’s all about a girl who is in love with a football player from her high school who is dating a cheerleader. Super cute and nostalgic!

It’s also super easy to incorporate this song into a prom proposal. Just write “You Belong With Me… at Prom” on your poster.

2. Invisible String Taylor Swift Promposal

Invisible String Prom Proposal Taylor Swift themed
Source: Pinterest

Invisible String isn’t as well-known as some of Ms. Swift’s other songs, but it’s well-loved among the hardcore Swifties.

Your potential date will be enchanted if you referenced this song in a prom proposal.

Just write something like “Isn’t it pretty to think that this invisible string could tie us all the way to… prom?” and then write your names tied together with string. SO cute!

3. Shake It Off At Prom

Shake It Off Prom Proposal
Source: Pinterest

Everyone knows Taylor’s mega-hit song Shake It Off. And it’s the perfect song to reference when you’re asking a date to prom!

Just write a cute message like “I want to Shake It Off at prom with you!”

4. Reputation Era Promposal

reputation Taylor Swift promposal
Source: Pinterest

Reputation is probably one of Taylor Swift’s most iconic eras. And for a lot of people, it’s their favorite album ever.

If your date is one of those people, they’ll go crazy over this cute reputation-themed promposal.

Just write “It would ruin my reputation if you said no to me to Prom.”

5. Bejeweled Taylor Swift Promposal

Bejeweled prom promposal poster
Source: Pinterest

Midnights is Taylor’s latest album release, and the one that kicked off the iconic Eras tour.

One of the best Midnights songs for a promposal is Bejeweled. It’s all about getting ready and going out, so it’s right on theme!

You could write something like “Best believe we’ll be bejeweled if you say yes to prom with me.” Or if you’re not a fan of that one, we have another quote from this song later on the list!

6. Picture To Burn Promposal

stupid old pickup truck Taylor Swift promposal
Source: Pinterest

You pretty much can’t go wrong with quoting Taylor Swift’s debut album for a prom proposal.

If you have a pickup truck available to you, how iconic would it be to ask your date like this? Just write “can this stupid old pickup truck take you to prom?” on a poster. SO cute.

7. Taylor Swift Lyric Promposal

Taylor Swift lyric promposal
Source: Pinterest

If you want to prove that you’re a true Swiftie, you can mash up some of her song titles to make a super cute prom proposal poster.

On this sign, he wrote “You’re so gorgeous and everyone knows you belong with me so how about we watch sparks fly and you go to prom with a cowboy like me.”

Here are some more cute options:

  • Make my wildest dreams come true and join me in an enchanted evening at prom?
  • An enchanted evening it would be, and the lucky one would be me, dressed up and going out in style, shake it off and answer please, I wish you would go to prom with me.
  • I know it all too well that you belong with me… at Prom?

8. Lover Prom Proposal

Lover Taylor Swift prom proposal
Source: Pinterest

This is a perfect way to ask someone to prom that you’re already dating. Buy them some flowers and write “will you be my Lover at prom?”

Such a sweet and thoughtful way to ask a Taylor Swift fan to prom!

9. Enchanted To Meet You At Prom

Taylor Swift Enchanted themed prom proposal
Source: Pinterest

Here’s another super sweet way to ask a Swiftie to prom. Tell them you’d be ‘enchanted’ to take them to prom!

10. Shimmer Taylor Swift Promposal

"you'd make the whole place shimmer" Taylor Swift promposal
Source: Pinterest

Here’s another perfect reference to the song Bejeweled from Taylor’s latest album. Tell your date that they’d make the whole place shimmer at prom!

11. Love Story Prom Proposal

Love story lyrcs promposal

Once again, you just can’t go wrong with a Love Story prom proposal! Especially since one of the lyrics is “baby just say yes”.

12. Paper Rings Promposal

paper rings prom proposal
Source: Pinterest

We think Paper Rings is one of the most underrated songs on the Lover album! And obviously it makes for such a cute way to ask someone to prom.

Just write “I know you like shiny things, but can I take you to prom with paper rings?” on your promposal poster. Bonus points if you make a paper ring to give to your date!

13. This Is Me Trying Promposal

Taylor Swift folklore promposal
Source: Pinterest

Folklore is severely underrepresented on this list – it’s one of our favorite albums of Taylor’s!

But one cute way to ask someone to prom is to print out the folklore cover and write “this is me trying to ask you to prom” on it.

14. Wildest Dreams Prom Proposal

wildest dreams prom poster
Source: Pinterest

How adorable is this Wildest Dreams prom proposal poster? This cute Taylor Swift promposal will basically guarantee a yes from your potential date!

15. Shiny Things Promposal

Source: Pinterest

Ok, we know we included two Paper Rings promposals, but how could we resist adding this adorable poster to the list? The effort that went into this one is impressive.

16. Love You To The Moon & Saturn Promposal Sign

love you to the moon and saturn
Source: Pinterest

We may have saved the sweetest promposal poster for last!

One of Taylor’s most romantic lines. is “Love you to the moon and to Saturn”, which would be so cute on a prom proposal poster.

More Taylor Swift Promposal Ideas

17. I don’t wanna dance if I’m not dancing with you… prom?

This iconic lyric from Holy Ground is such a cute way to ask someone to prom.

18. It’s a prom story, baby just say yes!

Another cute play on Love Story!

19. Drop everything now… meet me at Prom?

Sparks will be flying with this cute promposal.

20. Want to party like it’s 1989 at prom with me?

And of course you’ll need to print out the 1989 album cover to add to your poster!

21. I’m not much for dancing but for you I will… Prom?

We would be absolutely swooning if someone used this lyric from Last Kiss to ask us to prom.

22. See the lights, see the party, the ballgowns. Prom?

Another Love Story reference. We told you it was perfect for a Taylor Swift promoposal!

This post was all about the cutest Taylor Swift promposal ideas.

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