31 Cutest Homecoming Proposal Ideas That Will Make Them Say Yes

Asking someone to homecoming this year? Here are 31 of the cutest homecoming proposal posters that will basically guarantee they say yes.

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homecoming proposal ideas

Homecoming season is coming up quick, and you know what that means – time to start asking dates to the dance!

If you want to sweep your potential date off their feet, you’re going to need a good homecoming proposal. Ideally one that feels personal and special!

The most popular homecoming proposal posters usually involve some sort of funny pun about hoco. And sometimes they include the recipient’s favorite food or sport of choice.

But the goal is really just to make your potential date feel special!

So if you’re looking for some good homecoming proposal ideas, we have you covered. Here are 31 super cute homecoming proposal ideas that you can copy.

Food Themed Homecoming Proposal Ideas

One way to ensure that your date says yes to your homecoming proposal is to bring them their favorite food!

From a pumpkin spice latte to a Chick Fil A sandwich, there are endless ways to involve food in your homecoming proposal.

Here are some of the cutest food-themed hoco proposal ideas:

1. Starbucks Themed Homecoming Sign

Starbucks homecoming proposal poster
Source: Pinterest

Is your potential date a huge coffee drinker? Grab their favorite Starbucks drink and make a cute sign that goes with the coffee theme!

Such a cute and cheap way to ask someone to homecoming.

2. Crumbl Cookie Hoco Proposal

crumbl cookie themed hoco proposal
Source: Pinterest

Looking for a super sweet way to get a date to homecoming? Grab some Crumbl cookies and let them know that your heart would crumbl if they didn’t go with you!

3. Chick Fil A Homecoming Proposal

chick fil a themed homecoming proposal
Source: Pinterest

If the girl you’re asking is a big fan of Chick Fil A, then this is the absolute best hoco proposal idea.

Bring her a chicken sandwich and let her know that she’s the only “chick” you want to be with at homecoming.

4. French Fry Homecoming Ask

If you want to do a french fry themed hoco proposal, you could write “my heart would be “fried” if you didn’t go to hoco with me.

Make sure you bring your potential date a serving of their favorite fast food french fries!

5. Donut Hoco Proposal

Another cute food-themed proposal idea would be to bring them a box of donuts and say “I donut know what I would do if you say no”.

Or write “Please donut say no. Homecoming?” on your sign.

There are plenty of ways to work in a donut pun in your homecoming proposal sign.

6. Pizza Box Proposal Idea For Hoco

pizza box proposal idea for homecoming
Source: Pinterest

Instead of bringing a sign for your proposal, you could write your message on the inside of a pizza box. Here are some cute ideas of what you could write:

  • “This may be a bit cheesy, but would you go to homecoming with me?”
  • “You’ve got a pizza my heart. Hoco?”
  • “Want to be my homeslice at homecoming?”

Or you could do a combination of those! So many ways to incorporate pizza into your homecoming ask.

7. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Proposal

Who could say no to chocolate covered strawberries??

You could write something like “I’d be berry happy to go to homecoming with you” on your proposal sign.

8. Roll With Me To Homecoming?

Need a really unique homecoming ask idea? Get your potential date a pack of sushi and ask if they’ll “roll” with you to homecoming.

9. Chicken Nugget Homecoming Ask

If your potential date is a fan of chicken nuggets, ask them to homecoming by writing “I’d be one lucky nugget if you’d go to hoco with me”.

Of course, you have to bring them a pack of their favorite chicken nuggets to seal the deal!

Sports Themed Homecoming Proposal Signs

Trying to score a homecoming date? Why not involve sports in your proposal?

You could incorporate either the sport that you play or the sport that your potential date plays. Either way, you won’t strike out with these cute sports themed proposal ideas:

10. Baseball Homecoming Proposal

baseball themed homecoming proposal
Source: Pinterest

If you or your date is a baseball player, this is a very cute way to ask them to homecoming.

Write “I might strike out asking, but it would be a home run if you said yes… homecoming?”

11. Football-Themed Homecoming Proposal Ideas

For a football-themed hoco ask, you can write your question right on a football and give it to your potential date. Or you could just decorate a poster board in a football theme!

Here are some cute messages you could write to ask your crush to hoco:

  • “You intercepted my heart – will you be my homecoming date?”
  • “I’d love to tackle homecoming together.”
  • “Can I score a date to hoco with you?”
  • “You’re a real catch. Homecoming?”

12. Volleyball Homecoming Proposal Ideas

volleyball themed homecoming poster
Source: Pinterest

Here are some cute ideas for volleyball-themed homecoming signs:

  • “I would dig it if I could set up a date to homecoming with you.”
  • “I’d be ‘set’ if you went to homecoming with me.”
  • “The ball is in your court. Yes or no to homecoming with me?”

13. Basketball Homecoming Signs

Do you or your date play basketball? Here are some cute proposal ideas to write on a sign or right onto a basketball:

  • “We would have a ballin’ time at homecoming. Wanna take a shot?”
  • “I finally got the ‘balls’ to ask you to homecoming.”
  • “It would be a slam dunk if you went to homecoming with me.”

14. Swimming Themed Hoco Proposal

swimming themed homecoming proposal poster
Source: Pinterest

There are tons of good swimming themed puns to use in your homecoming proposal. Here are some cute ones:

  • “Will you freestyle it to hoco with me?”
  • “I’m wondering if you are FREE to FLY with me to homecoming. I hope you won’t BACK out!”
  • “Out of all the fish in the sea… will you go to hoco with me?”
  • “You don’t need goggles to see that you should go to homecoming with me.”

15. Track Or Cross Country Homecoming Signs

Here are some cute hoco proposal ideas for if you or your date are into running:

  • “I would be XCited if you ran to homecoming with me”
  • “You’ve been running through my mind all day. Will you go to homecoming with me?”
  • “On your mark, get set, HOCO?”
  • “I would ‘relay’ like to go to homecoming with you.”

16. Soccer Homecoming Proposal Ideas

soccer themed homecoming poster
Source: Pinterest

If you or your date plays soccer, this would be a really cute way to ask them to homecoming.

Write something like “It’s my goal to kick it with you at homecoming” on a poster.

17. Hockey Homecoming Proposal Signs

Here are some cute ideas for hockey themed homecoming posters:

  • “Going to homecoming with you would be like winning the Stanley Cup.”
  • “Scoring a date with you would be ‘pucking’ awesome. Hoco?”

18. Tennis Homecoming Proposal Ideas

tennis themed homecoming proposal poster
Source: Pinterest

Here are some cute tennis themed homecoming proposal messages:

  • “Would you be GAME to SET up a MATCH to homecoming?”
  • “Will you cause a racquet with me at homecoming?”
  • “Sick of playing singles? Play a doubles with me at homecoming.”

Sentimental Homecoming Proposal Ideas

Need a homecoming proposal that will melt your date’s heart? We’ve found some of the sweetest and most sentimental homecoming proposal ideas for you to copy.

These proposal posters would be perfect for if you’re already dating, or if you want to move things in that direction.

19. Picture Us At Homecoming Proposal Sign

sweet homecoming proposal poster
Source: Pinterest

How sweet is this homecoming proposal poster?? If you guys have taken lots of pictures together, this is definitely the best idea on the list.

Just print out a ton of pictures of the two of you together and fix them to a poster board. Then write “can you picture us at homecoming?” in the middle.

Such a cute way to ask a girl to homecoming that you’re already dating or have been friends with for awhile.

20. Something In The Orange Proposal Sign

something in the orange homecoming proposal
Source: Pinterest

Are you two major Zach Bryan fans? If so, this is definitely the sweetest way to ask your date to homecoming.

Bonus points if you ask them at sunset!

21. Teddy Bear Hoco Proposal

teddy bear themed homecoming proposal poster
Source: Pinterest

Want to give your date a sweet gift to go along with your proposal? Bring them a giant teddy bear and tell them that you couldn’t “bear” to go to homecoming without them.

To sweeten the deal, bring them a bag of gummy bears too!

22. Homecoming (Taylor’s Version) Sign

taylor swift homecoming proposal
Source: Pinterest

The perfect homecoming proposal is all about knowing your date well! So if you know that the girl you’re asking is a huge Swifty, then definitely incorporate that into the poster!

Don’t worry if your photoshop skills are lacking, you can actually use this super easy template to create your own version of this poster.

Then just get it blown up and printed at your local CVS or Walgreens!

23. Up Themed Hoco Proposal

Up movie theme homecoming proposal
Source: Pinterest

Up is definitely one of the sweetest Pixar movies of all time. And it makes for a really cute hoco proposal too!

24. Two In One Homecoming Proposal

homecoming proposal poster
Source: Pinterest

Talk about knocking out two birds with one stone! This guy walked away with a homecoming date AND a girlfriend.

25. To The Moon And Saturn Hoco Proposal Sign

love you to the moon & saturn homecoming proposal
Source: Pinterest

Here’s another super sweet Taylor Swift themed proposal idea for if you’re already dating.

Her lyrics “love you to the moon & Saturn” make for a really cute and romantic homecoming poster. This is definitely one of the most beautiful posters we’ve seen so far!

26. Light Up My Night Poster

homecoming proposal with twinkly lights
Source: Pinterest

How adorable is this homecoming proposal poster surrounded by the twinkly lights?

Luckily you can buy twinkly lights super cheap on Amazon, so this proposal idea doesn’t have to cost a lot to look like a million bucks.

Here are some good options for string lights that will give you this same effect:

27. Ulta Homecoming Proposal

ulta themed homecoming proposal
Source: Pinterest

One really thoughtful idea for a homecoming ask is to get them something from their favorite store. For example, this Ulta proposal would be SO cute for someone who is into makeup or beauty.

Get them a few of their favorite little products from Ulta and then write “you’d be the ULTAmate date to homecoming” on a poster. So cute and thoughtful!

29. Marvel Homecoming Proposal

spiderman themed homecoming ask
Source: Pinterest

If the girl you’re asking to hoco is obsessed with Tom Holland, she’ll go crazy over this proposal idea.

Dress up as Spiderman and reference Marvel and Tom Holland on your proposal poster. Pretty much a guaranteed yes!

30. Obsessed With Flowers Proposal

homecoming proposal with flowers
Source: Pinterest

Does your date absolutely love to get flowers? Surprise them with a big bouquet of their favorite flowers and this super sweet proposal poster.

31. Make It One More

sentimental homecoming poster
Source: Pinterest

This is the absolute cutest proposal idea for if you’ve been together all through high school.

Make a poster with pictures from all of he dances you’ve been to together and leave a blank space for this upcoming dance. Then write something like “let’s make it four with one more.”

This post was all about the cutest homecoming proposal ideas that you can use to ask your date to the dance this year.

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