11 Best Soccer Mom Outfit Ideas To Copy For Spirit Week

Is your school doing a soccer mom spirit day this year? Here are the best stereotypical soccer mom outfit ideas for spirit week that you can copy.

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The soccer mom spirit day is becoming super popular in high schools and middle schools lately.

Typically, the spirit day is called Soccer Moms vs BBQ Dads (or Grill Dads), and students have the choice to dress up as one or the other.

Luckily, most stereotypical soccer mom outfits can be put together with things you already have in your closet.

But in case you need to do a little bit of shopping for this spirit day, we’ve linked some of the best options for soccer mom outfits and accessories throughout this post!

Here are the best stereotypical soccer mom outfit ideas for spirit week in school:

Soccer Mom Outfit Ideas

1. Vests And Flared Leggings

soccer moms outfit
Source: Pinterest

You really can’t go wrong with a pair of flared leggings and a puffer vest for soccer mom day.

It’s a very stereotypical soccer mom outfit but still contains pieces that most high schoolers already have in their closet.

Throw your textbooks in a big tote and top off your look with a visor if you really want to commit to the soccer mom bit!

Recreate this cute soccer mom spirit day outfit:

2. Tote Bags And Tumbler Cups

cute soccer moms outfit
Source: Pinterest

One of the most ‘soccer mom’ things to do is sip out of a giant tumbler cup all day. So a big water cup is a great accessory to carry around on soccer mom day.

Throw on some yoga pants and put your things in a big tote bag and you’ll be good to go for the day!

Copy this soccer mom outfit for spirit day:

3. Visor And Athletic Top

soccer mom and grill dad spirit week outfit
Source: Pinterest

A visor is another key accessory in the stereotypical soccer mom outfit. Throw that on with any athletic outfit and you’ll be ready to scream from the sidelines of a soccer match.

Shop for soccer mom spirit day essentials:

4. Golf Skirt And Travel Mug

soccer moms outfit for spirit day
Source: Pinterest

If soccer mom spirit day falls on a warm day, you can go for a more summery soccer mom look.

A little golf skirt, athletic top, and visor make for the perfect soccer mom outfit. You’ll definitely need to carry around an extra large coffee mug to top off the look!

Shop for soccer mom outfit essentials:

5. White Vest And Baseball Cap

stereotypical soccer mom outfit
Source: Pinterest

Here’s another classic but still cute soccer mom outfit idea.

Yoga pants, an athletic top, and a white vest make for a really comfy outfit for spirit day. Throw on a baseball cap to top off the look.

Shop soccer mom outfit essentials:

6. Soccer Mom With Baby Doll

soccer mom outfit for spirit week
Source: TikTok

Here’s a really funny idea for what to wear for soccer mom day at school. Just put on any comfy outfit, strap a baby doll to your chest, and carry around a big tumbler mug.

Recreate this soccer mom outfit idea:

7. Athletic Wear And A Camera

stereotypical soccer mom outfit
Source: TikTok (@chiawanadanceteam)

If there’s one thing you can always count on, it’s stereotypical soccer moms recording everything their kid does in a game.

So one funny way to dress up as a soccer mom for spirit week is to wear a camera over an athletic outfit.

8. Sunglasses And Fanny Pack

soccer mom outfit idea
Source: TikTok (@chiawanadanceteam)

Soccer moms always need some kind of bag to carry around snacks, sunscreen, and other essentials.

A fanny pack would be the perfect accessory when dressing up for spirit day because it’s not too bulky and you can still wear a cute outfit underneath.

Here are some essentials for this outfit idea:

9. Soccer Pants And A Jersey

soccer mom outfit ideas
Source: TikTok (@dianelacamilat)

Here’s what a more chill soccer mom would probably be wearing to the game. Soccer pants, a jersey, and maybe some cute accessories are all you need to get this look.

Here are some soccer mom costume essentials:

10. Baby Doll And A Belt Bag

stereotypical soccer mom outfit
Source: TikTok (@mya_rizzo)

Here’s another hilarious idea for soccer mom day. Strap a baby doll to your chest by tucking it in to a belt bag.

Then just wear any stereotypical soccer mom clothes like leggings, a zip up, and an athletic top.

Here’s what you’ll need for this outfit idea:

11. Zip Up Jacket And Leggings

soccer mom outfit idea for spirit week
Source: TikTok (@dianelacamilat)

Here’s another cool and comfortable outfit idea for soccer mom spirit day. Just throw on a pair of leggings, a zip up jacket, and a cute baseball cap.

Here are the essentials you’ll need:

This was all about the best stereotypical soccer mom outfit ideas for spirit week. Need more spirit week ideas?

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