60 Fun Spirit Day Themes For High School

Dressing up for spirit week is one of the best parts of high school! In this article, we share 60 fun and creative spirit day theme ideas for high school.

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spirit day theme ideas for high school

Spirit week is one of the most memorable parts of the high school experience.

High schools typically have students dress up in themed outfits during the week before homecoming.

It’s a great way for students to show off their school pride, while bringing the entire student body together.

If you’re looking for some fun and exciting spirit day themes to use this year, look no further!

Here are 60 fun spirit day themes for high school.

The Best High School Spirit Day Themes

1. Adam Sandler Day: Dress up in Adam’s signature look of oversized T-shirts and basketball shorts. Or dress up as one of his movie characters!

2. Album Cover Day: Recreate your favorite album cover as an outfit.

3. Alphabet Day: Dress up as something that starts with the first letter of your name. For example, Dana would dress up as a dog or a doctor.

4. Anything But A Backpack Day: Come to school carrying your supplies in an item that isn’t a backpack. For example, a shopping bag or a laundry basket.

5. Anything But A Water Bottle Day: Instead of a water bottle, come to school sipping out of a different item. Some examples are a bucket or an old ketchup bottle.

6. Beach Day: Wear your favorite summer attire and bring beach accessories like floaties. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

7. Blackout Theme: Dress in all black!

8. Blast From The Past Day: Come to school in clothes from a past time period.

9. Book Character Day: Dress up as a character from your favorite book.

10. Camo Day: Wear something with camouflage on it.

11. Career Day: Dress up as a specific job – construction worker, doctor, barista, etc.

12. Celebrity Theme: Come to school dressed as a celebrity.

13. Classic Movie Day: Dress up as a character from a classic movie like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Wizard of Oz, Clueless, etc.

14. College Attire Day: Show off your future college by wearing their gear.

15. Color Wars: Each grade level picks a color and dresses head to toe in that color.

16. Country vs. Country Club: Students can choose to dress either in preppy country club attire (polos, sweaters, tennis skirts, etc.) or in a country look (blue jeans, plaid shirts, cowboy boots, etc.).

17. Crazy Hair Day: Style your hair in the wildest and most outrageous way possible.

18. Crazy Hat Day: Get creative and wear the most unique hat you can find or make.

19. Decades Day: Each grade level dresses from a different era in history, from the 50s to the 90s.

20. Denim Day: Come to school dressed head to toe in denim!

21. DIY Day: Show off your creative skills by wearing DIY clothing or accessories that you made yourself.

22. Disney Character Theme: Dress up as your favorite Disney character.

23. Dress As Your Type Day: Show up to school looking like someone you would usually date. For example, an athlete, someone preppy, a hipster, etc.

24. Duo Day: Grab a friend and dress up as iconic pairs like Batman and Robin or Mario and Luigi.

25. Early 2000s Day: Wear clothes from the Y2k era!

26. Emoji Day: Dress up as your most-used emoji.

27. Fandom Day: Dress up as something you’re a fan of – a sports team, musician, TV show, etc.

28. Favorite Color Day: Wear your favorite color from head to toe.

29. Favorite Teacher Day: Come to school dressed up as your favorite teacher!

30. Formal Theme: Dress up in your fanciest attire, like a prom or cocktail dress.

31. Future Career Day: Dress up as what you aspire to be in the future, whether it’s a doctor, pilot, chef, business executive, etc.

32. Hawaiian Luau Theme: Come to school in Hawaiian shirts, leis, and grass skirts.

33. Holiday Spirit Day: Each grade level dresses up for a different holiday – Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.

34: Jersey Day: Show up in a sports jersey from your favorite team.

35. Lumberjack Day: Everyone comes to school wearing flannel shirts or overalls.

36. Meme Day: Dress up as your favorite viral meme. Some examples are the Kermit the frog tea meme, Bernie Sanders with mittens, road work ahead meme, and dude with a sign.

37. Mismatch Theme: Students wear mismatched or clashing clothing.

38. Movie Character Day: Dress up as your favorite movie character.

39. Neon Theme: Wear any neon clothing item.

40. Nineties Day: Wear your favorite 90s inspired outfit.

41. Pajama Day: Roll out of bed and come to school in your favorite cozy pajamas.

42. Pink Out: Show up in all pink! This could also be a breast cancer awareness day.

43. Reality TV Theme: Dress up as your favorite reality TV character.

44. Red, White, and Blue Day: Get patriotic and come to school in your best red, white, and blue outfit.

45. Retro Day: Dress up in outfits inspired by the 50s, 60s, or 70s for a vintage vibe.

46. Rhyme Without Reason Day: You and a friend dress up as two things that rhyme but don’t necessarily go together. For example, fairy + dairy, banana + Hannah Montana, referee + bumblebee, etc.

47. Safari Day: Show up to school decked out in safari clothes! Khaki pants, binoculars, a button down shirt, etc.

48. Senior Citizen Day: One of the funniest spirit day ideas for high school! Come to school dressed as an elderly person.

49. School Spirit Day: Show your school pride by wearing your school’s colors and logo.

50. Soccer Moms vs BBQ Dads: students can choose to dress up as either a stereotypical soccer mom or a barbecue dad.

51. Superhero Day: Dress up as your favorite comic book hero.

52. Tacky Tourist Day: Go all out with a Hawaiian shirt, fanny pack, sunscreen on your nose, etc.

53. Thrift Shopping Theme: Everyone comes to school wearing an outfit they thrifted!

54. Tie Dye Day: Wear a tie-dye clothing item.

55. Toga Theme: Make a toga out of a bed sheet to wear for the school day.

56. Twin Day: Find a friend and dress up in matching outfits to become twins for the day.

57. Ugly Sweater Day: Break out your ugliest sweater for this spirit day theme.

58. Western Day: Show up in cowboy boots, jean shorts, a western hat, etc.

59. Whiteout Day: Everyone wears all white.

60. Zoom Meeting Theme: Wear something professional on top and sweatpants on the bottom.

Hopefully these fun spirit day themes for high school gave you a ton of inspiration for your spirit week festivities!

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